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Don’t listen to her. She’s one of the privileged. If they come down, she’ll have it good. How many of you can say the same? We can take care of ourselves. That wristband on your arm? It makes you a prisoner. We are not prisoners anymore! They say they’ll forgive your crimes. I say you’re not criminals! You’re fighters, survivors! The Grounders should worry about us!


”Cassie, I’m shit with words everything always comes out so crap. But I’ve doing some thinking and everything is getting clearer. The thing is Cass, I’ve woken up this morning, and the sun’s shining through the window and its making me think of you. Cassie it’s not right you hiding away in that clinic you’ve got to get out in the world. Cassie I don’t care if you think your odd, because I feel like singing when I see you, and your beautiful, and I’ve been such a fuckin’ chapstick these past few weeks, and all I want to do this morning is sit on top of Brandon hill and hold you and tell you how wonderful you are, and I love you. Sid x”


house by joe.(atruestory)
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