The Walking Dead - Season 7 Episode 1

The Day Will Come When You Won’t Be (2016)


Title:The Walking Dead
First Air Date:Oct 31, 2010
Last Air Date:Oct 30, 2016
Number of Episodes:85
Number of Seasons:7
Genres:Action & Adventure, Drama
Casts:Andrew Lincoln, Norman Reedus, Steven Yeun, Lauren Cohan,Danai Gurira, Melissa McBride, Chandler Riggs, Michael Cudlitz,Lennie James, Christian Serratos, Alanna Masterson

Warlock: I move closer and grip my arcane focus tighter.

Monk (OOC): Ooh, you grip it tighter~

Warlock (OOC): Shut up! Arcane focus is not a euphemism!

Ranger (OOC): It sounds like one. “You wanna see my arcane focus~?”

Warlock (OOC): I’ll give you something to look at. The eldritch blast headed straight for your face.

DM: That could be a euphemism too.

Ranger (OOC): Somebody needs to write a fanfic that includes the line “His arcane focus released an eldritch blast all over her.”


[ENG] 161025 Arirang TV Pops in Seoul 3278 - K-Pop Hot Spot
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The 238th Street Station on the No. 1 line.


A No. 1 train approaches the 207th Street Station.


Good Talk

There was no lure of shed blood to draw him closer this time, just the usual appetizing odor that, eventually, he recognized as the half-demon. But that was cause enough to keep pursuing it, he decided. Thompson had claimed to welcoming his company before… so it seemed like it might be alright to approach him out of the blue again.

Not surprisingly, he tracked the man to a park. Thompson seemed to spend a lot of time in parks when he was out walking, Jacket noticed. He crept through the dark, between trees and foliage, surveying the area for other passerby, but after he was assured they were alone, he trotted over to Thompson - as much as his shape could trot, anyway. It was more of a half-jog. Regardless, he kept his approach to a reasonable pace so as not to startle the man, and his tail wagged some behind him.

Whether that was an intentional effort to look less threatening, or an unintentional show of being happy to find the other man, was up for speculation.