Ya’ll want some space froot? VOID TRIP #1 is out next week, and it’s a helluva psychedelic journey! #ryanosullivan #plaidklaus #ncbd #newcomicbookday

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abqchick  asked:

Hi I'm easytheresatan (tumblr won't let me use that blog for some reason). I was scrolling through notifications on my posts when I saw you reblogged my BNHA comic (the "You know what's not lame? Safety" one with Iida and Bakugou) in June. I just wanted to say thank you SO much! You are a fantastic artist and I've followed you for a while now, so it means a lot to me that you enjoyed my comic! I know you must get 100s of asks a day, but I just wanted to say thank you and have a great day!!


you’re welcome!!!! and thank you for sending this!!! i really enjoyed that comic a lot and aaaahhh jkdl;ahkl;gsakhl; you are too kind khlds;ahgla;g

hope you have a great day too!!!