Kendall was spotted out in LA the other day wearing these exact Re/Done Levi’s “The Short” Shorts ($265.00- limited sizes available), this exact Kendall + Kylie Koenji Leather Backpack ($295.00), these exact Kendall + Kylie Finley Boots ($190.00), and these exact Ahlem Eyewear Concorde Sunglasses in White Gold ($470.00). 


Jade caught wind of their conversation and was beyond furious.

Jade: I’m sorry, but what?

Lance: We were just talking about-

Jade: Bonnie, I get that much. But why are you talking to Bonnie of all people, unless it’s about me?

Lance: Why does it matter to you, whoever you are? You’re not that great. Actually, from what I’ve gathered, you’re quite the bitch.

Jade: What did you just call me?!

Lance: Need me to spell it out for you?

you’re not ready for who’s coming to Chicago… you’ll know some of ‘em