The Legend of Aang movie poster - by baelor

here finally is my mockup fanmade live action Avatar: The Last Airbender movie poster! it also doubles as the poster for my atla movie edit project, now titled The Legend of Aang, where i’m editing the first season of atla into an animated movie which is now officially coming in 2017!! i’ll also be doing lots more fan edits of both atla and lok including movie versions, alternate cuts of the show, etc

see the huge FULL SIZE poster HERE (recommended! but warning it’s about 50mb! dat quality)

i’ll post a progress video soon, because a LOT of work went into this, and i’m SO happy with how it turned out!

((*Inhales* I’ve planned to do this story for a while now and I finally managed to draw it. I wanted to finish the first page today so here it is. The birth of Paper Crane. More page coming soon. I don’t expect you to understand what’s going on right away since Crane is a rather complex character.))

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Art & Paper Crane© @little-noko


Happy Birthday Tre Cool

Frank Edwin Wright III (born December 9, 1972), known professionally as Tré Cool, is a German-born American drummer, best known as the drummer for the American punk rock/pop punk band Green Day. He replaced the band’s former drummer, John Kiffmeyer, in 1990.Cool has also played in The Lookouts, Samiam and the Green Day side-projects The Network and the Foxboro Hot Tubs”


Okay, I’ve noticed a LOT of people misinterpreting the timeline in Re: Episode 1-Post: Episode 10 The Drunken Yuri Debacle™ so can we just. Clarify???? TL;DR at the end.

The current timeline for Episode 1 (when the fuck does that first bit happen, idk) starts with the end of the Grand Prix Final’s Men’s Award Ceremony.

Which means the competition has not ended yet.

Which means the banquet hasn’t happened yet.

While the award ceremony is happening the announcers segue directly to Yuri checking the news, to which he then goes to the bathroom where he gets wrekt by Yurio. Following me? Okay? Cool.

The very next bit happens IMMEDIATELY. Everyone’s still in their post-skate outfits. Meaning they’re still in the same building, the competition building. There’s even wide shots of the outside of the building with the giant digital marquee giving us the event titles in both Russian and English.

Okay, so Yuri rejects the pictuuuuuurrrree NOW.

And then leaves the competition arena.

He is now sufficiently depressed enough to need Celestino to cheer him up.

By dragging him to the banquet.

Which would only happen after the competition was finally officially over.

Queue up episode 10’s The Drunken Yuri Debacle™ .

Still with me? Good. Now then! The next few things that happens we don’t actually see, but Yuri goes on to the Japanese Nationals and loses there too (which Victor won the Russian Nationals). That and Yuri’s abysmal GPF score means he wasn’t chosen to do the 4 continents or the World Championships. But Victor did, substituting the European Championships for the 4 Continents. So his skating season is still going.

But wait! Remember, the GPF is in December. Yuri doesn’t return to Japan until March. Yuri informs Yuko, i.e. us, that once his competitions were over he started working on learning Victor’s FS “Stammi Vicino”.

(Also also, Yurio later informs us that during this time, “before the season even ended”, Victor already starts choreographing his short program for next year, Eros and Agape. And y'all know I recognized the drunk dancing at the banquet as flamenco. Which, HEEEEY, is the same kind of dancing Eros is styled after WE KNOW YOU CHOREOGRAPHED EROS AFTER YOUR DRUNK DANCE WITH YURI DON’T TRY TO DENY IT VICTOR).

So now it’s March, the day of Yuri’s return is also the exact day of the World Championship’s Men’s Free Skate in Yoyogi, Tokyo. Victor and Yuri unknowingly simultaneously skate “Stammi Vicino”, and then…

A little time skip many of us missed.

When Yuri gets the notification from Nishigori about the video, his phone says April 10th. But Yuri arrived in Hasetsu in March, and on that very same day, also the day of the World’s Men’s FS, the triplets recorded him skating. So it’s actually been at least a couple of weeks since he skates Stammi Vicino before it becomes viral enough for Victor to see it, at home chilling with Makkachin. By the next day he’s there with Yuri in Japan.

To recap!

TL;DR! Award ceremony, Yuri’s ass is handed to him in the bathroom, then Picture Rejection leaving skating venue, THEN The Drunken Yuri Debacle at banquet, (start of Yuri learning Victor’s FS, Victor starting choreography for his SP), Nationals for everyone, European Championships for Victor, Yuri comes home in March, just in time to simul-skate with Victor, a few weeks later on April 10th Yuri is a viral video star, and Victor finally decides to come for dat ass.

“The great war was hell, wasn’t it pappa?” 

  *cuts to protagonist wearing a suit of armour mowing down austrians with a heavy machine gun while a dubstep remix of 7 nation army plays*

"yes sweetie, i still havent recovered”