And How, Exactly, Would You Know That?

So our ranger just got wrecked by an ettin before the rest of the party managed to kill it. We soon encounter his replacement character, a goblin rogue, waking up in a different room.

Human Oracle: Oh, you poor elf child! Please, let me take care of your… rather advanced jaundice!
Goblin: I ain’t no elf, lady! Look at the ears and the green skin!
Aasimar Cleric: Oh, it’s the Ettin’s goblin cocksleeve!
Rogue: WHAT!?!
Oracle: No he is not! He would not be alive! Do I need to draw you a diagram?!

Desperate Times
  • Desperate Times
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And… here we go. The beginning of the end of Season 3. The plunge. Hope you are all ready, because Episode 44: Desperate Times is now live!

Part one of two. Still reeling from recent revelations, the crew plans to neutralize Colonel Kepler and the SI-5. But it’s not long before different factions insist on conflicting ways to overcome their enemies - and about the level of force the situation calls for. Plus, clinical descriptions, war crime fuel, different approaches to weasel-popping, situations of absolutely elephantine proportions, and a lovely set of steak knives.

Tonight’s episode was written and directed by Gabriel Urbina.

As always, a very special thank you to everyone who helps us to produce the show and to get it out there to find an audience. An especially loud shout out to all of our monthly backers at the Wolf 359 Patreon campaign. If you enjoy the show and want to help us close our third year in style, please consider signing up for a monthly donation - or at least leaving a review on our iTunes page!  

Stay tuned - there’s two more episodes left before the end of the season, and things are only going to go faster and faster…

Kiss The Bride

TITLE: Kiss The Bride

CHAPTER NO./ONE SHOT: Chapter 1 of 6

AUTHOR: MaliceManaged

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine waking up after a night of heavy drinking in Vegas, to find you’re married to a woman named Loki…


NOTES/WARNINGS: This fic is about AOA Loki and has a few references to it here and there. If you haven’t read those comics, I cannot recommend them enough.


    Kali was never drinking again.

    That was her first decision as she reluctantly resurfaced from what had been a very strange and confusing dream. Her head was pounding, her throat was dry as a desert, and she was fairly certain that if she moved the last meal she’d had would make a sudden reappearance. She tried to open her eyes and gave up halfway with a slight moan. Her second attempt was more successful, though it still took a third try to free her blue eyes from behind her eyelids.

    Without moving her head, she looked around as much as she could through locks of her ash blonde hair and came to the realisation that this was not her hotel room; she shifted a bit to try (and fail) to lift herself from her position on her stomach and only then realised that she was quite naked under the sheet haphazardly draped over her. A glint from her left hand caught her eye and she looked at it, discovering to her horror a very expensive-looking silver ring studded with what she really hoped were not diamonds.

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