1:00 pm

You have a thing at 2:00 PM so you set a reminder for 1:00 PM because you don’t want to be late, but you should eat by 12:00 PM. That means you should start preparing food by 11:30 AM, but you want to double check or confirm the appointment before 11:00 AM before everyone goes to lunch. So if you want to finish your other tasks by 10:00 AM, you ought to start at 8:00 AM, which means you’ve got to wake up at 7:30 AM and you may as well get ready to go out then ahead of time, and that’s how something that starts at 2:00 PM effectively starts at 7:30 AM and lasts the entire day.

We’ve partnered with Gallery Nucleus on an exclusive Indivisible print by none other than Indivisible’s Creative Lead, Alex Ahad!

This 13"x19" print will be available at WonderCon this weekend in Booth #2101!

And if you show up between 12:00 and 1:30 PM on Sunday 4/2, you can get it signed by Alex!

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PAX WEST 2017 [Markiplier-Jacksepticeye-Crankgameplays]

DAY 1 - 9/1

● 4:00 PM: JackSepticEye Hour of Delight 
Main Theatre 
(Live at twitch.tv/pax)
 ●5:30 PM: CrankGameplays Q&A
Hydra Theatre 
(Live at twitch.tv/pax2)

DAY 2 - 9/2 

● 2:00 PM Autograph Session: Jacksepticeye
● 12:00 PM Autograph Session: CrankGameplays
Autograph Area

DAY 3 - 9/3 

● 2:00 PM Autograph Session: Markiplier
Autograph Area

DAY 4 - 9/4

1:30 PM: Markiplier and Friends
Main Theatre
(Live at twitch.tv/pax)

I wasn’t able to finish this in my last livestream so I will have another livestream this Saturday in which I will finish it (October 7th at 1:00 PM EST)! Music will be a thing that will happen, I will also probably take requests for it, so no I will not be talking. Thanks everyone for participating in our blog trade!

Even Angels Sin

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Pairing: JoshuaxReader
Genre: Smut. Smut. And more smut.
Summary: He behaves like an angel when you two are around other people, but when you are alone, his personality changes. Nobody knows his true colors, but it is only a matter of time before his secret is released.
Warnings: Daddy Kink, public sex
A/N: Wow I felt weird writing this about my angel. But hey, I write what you guys want.

“Ooh, Ooh, I’m just tryna get you in the mood. Ooh, Ooh, baby just show me what it do. Now blow it like a flute. Ooh ohh. Ooh ooh oooooohh” You sang, making subtle eye contact with your boyfriend Joshua. Through the years, you had become very close with Joshua and all the other members. So anytime they have a group outing, you are always invited. Tonight, Seungcheol decided to treat everyone to a night in a karaoke room, and you being the extra person you are, you had to choose the most sexual song in the song bank when it was your turn.

Your turn was over and you took your seat next to Joshua. As for relationship, he usually took the “I’m a pure innocent child of Jesus” role and you usually took the “lol you said the number 69 I am dying of laughter” role. But when you two were alone, those roles did not apply. None of the other members new how twisted his mind was, the perverted things he constantly thought, or how fucking kinky he was. Yes, Joshua Hong, the pure Christian boy who went to church every Sunday was actually an avid sinner. In front of everyone else he would only go as far as to wrap his arm around your shoulder or hold your hand, but when you were alone, he had no boundaries.

“That was a very suggestive song you chose up there.” He said, cracking open a cold one.

“Yeah it was. I can tell you liked it though. And since when do you drink in public?” You asked him.

“First of all, I don’t approve of a young lady singing such a song in front of men who are older – and younger – than her, and second of all, I am not drinking liquid sin, I am drinking a Fanta Orange Soda.” He said in a matter-of-fact tone.

“Alright.” You said, making yourself comfortable as he wrapped his arm around you. 

“GUYS!!! JOSHUA AND ____ ARE HAVING SEX AVERT YOUR EYES!” Minghao screamed at the top of his lungs. The rest of the guys broke out in laughter while Joshua’s face turned red. To further your boyfriend’s embarrassment, you began to sexually moan as loud as you could.

“Uhhh…Oh Josh….Oh yes….Uhhh!” You sang out as the boys fell over with laughter once more. Joshua looked at you, his eyes were dark. 

“You’ve gone too far, babygirl.” He thought. He was going to wreck you. But not tonight, he knew you would be horny after this, and in order to punish you correctly, he needed to hold off.

“Well, I think that is enough for tonight. ___ and I will be heading home, I’ll see you guys before the concert tomorrow.” Joshua said, standing up. He firmly grabbed your hand and pulled you out of the room and shutting the door. 

“Man…Josh must be on his period.” Jun joked after the door was abruptly shut.

“What the fuck were you doing in there, ___?” Joshua said, shutting his side of the door. You fastened your seatbelt, you knew you were in for a talk.

“Sorry! Is it a crime for a girl to want to joke around with her boyfriend and his friends in a casual manner? I don’t know why you act like such a fucking prude around them, because that is not who you are. Its actually kind of frustrating, you know that? God.” You huffed, crossing your arms and looking out the window.

“Are you talking back to Daddy?” He asked you. You did not respond and continued looking out the window. 

“Oh you are ignoring Daddy now? Look at me.” He said, turning your face towards his. 

“You are already being punished for what you did in there. Unless you want me to fuck you senseless while everyone watches tomorrow, I suggest you start listening to Daddy.” Joshua said sternly.

“What are you going to do, tie me up and fuck me on stage in front of all your fans?” You asked with a tinge of attitude.

“I will if I have to babygirl, so don’t test me.” He said, putting the car in gear. The ride home was silent. He was thinking about what he would do to you tomorrow and you were thinking about him fucking you when you got home. 

“Daddy,” you said, breaking the silence, “Are you going to punish me when I get home?” You said, wanting to know everything he was going to do to you.

“No princess. When we get home, we are going straight to bed.” He said, pushing down harder on the gas pedal. You huffed and looked out the window. Why was he always like this? One minute he is a pure angel, the next minute he is so dirty and sinful. He only shows his true colors to you, his best friends don’t even know what he is really like. It is only a matter of time before they find out, Joshua can’t keep himself hidden for much longer.

You woke up the next morning to the sun shining on your face. You sat up and looked around, Joshua must have left for rehearsal already. You checked the time, it was 1:00 pm. “Fuck.” You said to yourself as you hopped out of bed. You took a quick shower and got yourself ready in a matter of minutes. Joshua would be so mad if you were late to his concert. Rehearsal was already half way over, you needed to get there quick. You got in your car and began to drive to the stadium, only to be met with typical Seoul traffic. “God fucking dammit! I’m in for one now.” You said, as you looked at the never ending line of cars in front of you. The show starts in 2 hours, and you were 45 minutes away from the stadium. You picked up your phone and began to text Joshua. 

Me: Hey, I’m stuck in some really bad traffic. I might be late to your concert.

Joshua: Babygirl I don’t wanna have to keep punishing you. Get here before the concert or you are in trouble.

You sat in the traffic for about 45 minutes before it started to clear up. And as soon as the cars were moving at a decent pace, you made it your mission to get to the concert as fast as you could. You became one of those assholes who dodged and weaved through the traffic, it was almost time for the concert to start. 

You arrived at the stadium with 15 minutes to spare. You ran backstage to see Joshua, to show him that you hadn’t failed him.

“Babygirl! You made it on time!” He whispered in your ear as he gave you a hug. He pulled away and grabbed your hand, “Follow me.” He said. You were lead inside of the wardrobe closet, when you were both inside he closed the door. 

“Pants off now.” He said. You obeyed him and undressed your bottom half. He stuck his finger in between your legs, testing the waters. 

“Alright babygirl, here is whats going to happen. I’m going to fuck you here, and you can’t make a single sound, okay?” He said, voice deep and full of lust. You nodded your head. You heard his zipper unzip and you felt his tip teasing your entrance. Suddenly you felt a sharp slap at your ass, you let out a moan. Joshua’s hand covered your mouth as he pushed into you with one thrust, stretching you out. 

“I said no noises.” He said, roughly pounding into you. Your hands slammed against the wall as he mercilessly fucked you. One of his hands made a fist in your hair and pulled your head back. His pace quickened along with his breathing, you could tell he was close. 

“I’m just getting another bowti- OH MY GOD JOSHUA AND ____ ARE HAVING SEX!!” Minghao screamed as he opened the door. Joshua instantly pulled out and you yanked your pants up. 

“Minghao you used that one last night you can’t use it aga- OH MY GOD.” Seungcheol said as he was met to Joshua’s naked lower half, your messily pulled up pants and both of your red cheeks. Joshua and you were frozen in fear as the other members rushed over to see what the fuss was about. After about 30 seconds of pure terror, Joshua pulled up his pants and briefly exited the closet with you while the other members laughed. 

“Man, looks like we were wrong about Josh. By the way he was holding her by the hair I bet he is pretty kinky.” Jun said. 

With a red face and a hard dick, Joshua walked on stage to perform. You were going to have a long night ahead of you, but that is okay. At least his friends knew his true colors now, but god you would never hear the end of this.

Thank you so much @kpopadmin for the request!

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Hello Mimi! I hope you are well! Could you tell me what the bv schedule is? I want to try to watch the fb live but I don't know when they're happening 🤞


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Charity Stream Times!!

This is just for reference, in vase anyone doesn’t know for certain when Marks stream will start in their area!

10:00 am PST (Pacific Standard - N.A.)

1:00 pm EST (Eastern Standard - N.A.)

6:00 pm GMT (Greenwich Mean Time)

12:00 pm CST (Central Standard Time - N.A.)

7:00 pm (1900) CET (Central Europe)

6:00 pm (1800) IST/WET (Western Europe)

7:00 am NZDT/NZT (New Zealand)

4:30 am ACDT (Australia Central)

5:00 am AET (Australia East)

2:00 am AWT (Australia West)

9:00 pm (2100) AST (Arabia Standard)

10:00 pm (2200) GST (Gulf Standard)

1:00 am ICT (Indochina Time)

2:00 am Singapore Time

8:00 pm (2000) CAT (Central Africa)

9:00 pm (2100) EAT (Eastern Africa)

7:00 pm (1900) WAT (West Africa)

If y'all want any specific times on here, just lemme know! Hope this is useful!!

( @markiplier @lum1natrix you guys have bigger followings, so might as well tag you.)


Hawaii Five 0 8.08 promo pics 

“He Kaha Lu'u Ke Ala, Mai Ho'okolo Aku” – McGarrett poses as a pilot to investigate the cause of a plane crash that led to the death of a pilot in an air race, on HAWAII FIVE-0, Friday, Dec. 1 (9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.


Harvey and co embark on brand-new adventures when season two of Harvey Beaks continues Wed., March 1, at 9:00 pm. (ET/PT) on Nicktoons, during a two-hour Harvey-themed block!!! 🙌🙌🙌

After each weekly premiere, a 90-minute block of encore episodes will follow! New episodes will continue to premiere every Wednesday at 9:00 p.m. through April 5 on Nicktoons.


Some lady came in Friday (9/1) around 7:00 pm. Said she had came in Tuesday and that the employees working that night had messed up each one of her orders (two salads and two sandwiches) and that around 7:00 pm Tuesday night she had called and nice young man answered the phone and told her she could come back and get her food remade.

Problem with all this is there were 4 people working Tuesday, me (female), coworker (male) a trainee (female), and a GM (female). And the one male coworker we had-left at 4:00, also the only two people on the line that day were my Gm and the trainee who are both black women, and when asked this customer didn’t recall any black women on the line. Not only that but none of my coworker’s or I would have a conversation on the phone that involved a complaint. We always hand it over to a shift lead or our GM. So it wasn’t adding up-and it was $35 worth of food. So my shift lead had a conversation with our GM who also felt uncomfortable giving away food to this lady.

So my shift lead goes out to tell this lady that they can’t give her food or a refund because she doesn’t have a receipt and her name wasn’t written down by a manager or anyone. The lady throws a fit out the door. Lo and behold not even a minute later the phone rings-it’s the same women. She’s yelling at my shift lead saying how she’s going to write a complaint and wants to speak to the GM, which my shift lead tells her how to write a complaint, and tells her the GM will be there on Saturday. Lady says she’s gonna call Saturday.

It’s Sunday today, and my manager is laughing about how this lady didn’t write complaint AND didn’t call her.

On June 5th 1980, a man named Zingmund Adamski disappeared while running errands. It wasn’t until five days later, that his dead body was found 20 miles away in a pile of coal. The man’s watch and wallet were missing, but his clothes had no damage to them. He was discovered at 3:00 pm, but he was suspected to have died anywhere between 11:00 am and 1:00 pm. This is odd because the workers at the coal plant did not see him when the area was last used at 11:00 am. The autopsy revealed that Adamski died of a heart attack, and had burns on his neck, and an unidentifiable ointment had been applied to the burns. What is odd about this case is that Adamski had stubble that looked like he hasn’t shaved in a day. The man was missing for five days, and yet didn’t show signs of having a unkempt beard consistent with that amount of time. Many speculate that he was taken by aliens, and tortured. It is believed that when he died the aliens left him at a random location.

Day in the life of my ADHD

8:30 am
Oh good Morning! Yay! I love being awa- *falls back asleep*
10:30 am
Hello world! Let’s go do things! Get ready for this day! Do do do do…. wait, I’ve been singing in the mirror for how long? OH GOD IT’S NOON HOW DID THIS HAPPEN
1: 00 pm
I should message my girlfriend! I’m so excited for everything! Man, what if…
3:00 pm
And then we’d live happily ever after…
4:00 pm
Hello friend of mine! Did I take my meds? Oh GOD NO! Did I eat? Well, no… wait, I had class today?
5:00 pm
Well, I should do some studying to make up for missed class! ….. *five minutes later*
“Lyn, you should probably take your books out.”
Oh Yeah!
*five minutes later*
“Lyn?” Yeah? “You keep looking at the wall again.” Oh! *five minutes later* ..and that’s how we could genetically engineer unicorns for war! “Lyn! Put your headphones in, and use a fidget right now.”
But… “No buts, it’s been 2 hours.” I thought it was 5 minutes? “Lyn you can’t remember how accurately time passes.” Oh yeah.

That’s basically my day. Well, part of it. Lots of excitement (even through my depression and anxiety), forgetfulness to the degree of skipping meals and medication, lack of time management, and an inability to keep on track.