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What was the coronation of Tsar Alexander I like?

Very elaborate and ceremonial just like any other Romanov coronation. Fascinated by the military, Alexander I designed new uniforms for Russian regiments and wore the uniform of the Preobrazhensky Regiment for his coronation. A courtier noted that “the Emperor’s court came to resemble soldiers’” barracks. The emperor’s office was full of orderlies, messengers and lance-corporals modelling the uniforms of various troops. The coronation ceremony lasted six weeks between August and September 1801. The final coronation service was held in Moscow on 15 September 1801.

Barracks of the 36th Imperial-Royal Landwehr Infantry Regiment Kaserne des K. K. Landwehr Infanterie Regiment Nr. 36

Kolomyia (Kolomea), Ukraine, March 2016 | Nokia Asha 200.

Sadly, the owner of this building neglected it, and none of the old austrian bricks or other materials were retained or catalogued. Following the collapse of the building, it will be impossible to restore it. I think the owner has a business interest (perhaps, he wants to build an apartment building here)…

Na żalj, vlasnik tsíjeji budyvlí zanedbav jeji, i żodnu staru austrijśku czehlinu ci inshí materiali ne zbereżeno ci katalogizovano. Unaslídok rujnaczii budyvlí, jeji bude nemożlivo vydnoviti. Hadaju, vlasnik maje biznes-interes (może, vyn choce pobuduvati tut apartamentovij budinok)…


Carl Röchling (1855 - 1920).

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I can’t believe there are 19th century Victuuri AUs that don’t involve Victor having to retire to a fainting couch multiple times a day over Yuuri just…existing. Chris keeps smelling salts on hand for his oh so delicate friend.

“Oh dear, did poor Mr. Nikiforov fall ill again? Whatever could have happened?”
“I understand that Mr. Katsuki smiled in his direction and Mr. Nikiforov fell into a swoon.”
“Good heavens!”