Arnold Genthe. The Street of the Gamblers, Devil’s Kitchen by Night, Dragon Festival, The Gambling Hall, The Gang, The Street of the Slave Girls, The Balloon Peddler, The Toy Merchant, Holiday, An Unsuspecting Victim (top to bottom). The Chinatown Series. 1896.

Сет Flats from McQueen/Watch from Westwood/Chanel #5 пользователя sweetnovember19 с sequin slippers

Floral dress / Alexander McQueen sequin slipper / 19th Street colorful bag / Vivienne Westwood watch, $245 / Betsey Johnson colorful earrings / Marie Hélène de Taillac yellow gold jewelry / Vintage jewelry, $28 / Chanel perfume

IT’S TIME FOR THE 19th STREET CINEMA MARQUEE!!!  On today’s episode of cinema mash-up we have….

THE COUNJURING 2GUNS SPECTACULAR!!! (2003) Starring David Blaine.  A documentary of his latest magic stunt in which he is sent into a warehouse full of warring gang members hanging upside down, in handcuff and wearing a sign insulting both of the gang leaders’ Moms in graphic detail.  His only chance is using the guns which imbedded deep within his anus to shoot his way out.

S3: SMURFS PARANOIA (2016) Neil Patrick Harris loses it when Vanity Smurf calls him out for not doing enough for marriage equality and snaps his neck.  When NPH gets back to his NYC apartment, Papa Smurf has left a note of his impending vicious murder.  Now NPH can’t sleep or go outside.  Never knowing where or when he will meet his blue death or will he. And is his paranoia the true death?