19th ward

Ayahina time!

Hinami’s scene in this chapter really showed me how she’s such a precious gem, taking care of Akira when she was in coma despite harboring all these thoughts and sorrows by herself. 

But the last time Banjou asked Hinami about Akira, she pretended to be okay and said that she didn’t mind saving Akira since Akira was important to Kaneki. Hinami goes along with the mission to save Akira along with everyone else to support them in saving her. But all this while, Hinami is obviously not okay and she is obviously bothered by saving Akira because no matter how much she’s that nice, sweet girl that brings smiles to everyone, she still has sorrows that she’s carrying in silence. Hinami probably doesn’t want to burden anyone into worrying about her so she’s keeps this from most people.

And the only person (so far) that she’s willing to show this vulnerable side to is Ayato. 

Hinami made it a point to bring him far from the base to talk to him because she wanted it to be in private, between the two of them. And out of all places, Ishida decided on the 19th ward old Aogiri base, the place we first got to learn how close and important their relationship is. We’re brought back to the place Ayato’s rebellion against Tatara/Aogiri starts, where we learn about their first meeting, where the Cochlea raid saw its roots. I’m betting this place is supposed to be some kind of Ayahina Mecca, but we’ll see. 

This scene shows so much about how deep their relationship is. She isn’t close to Ayato just because he reminds her of Touka. Touka’s around now so Hinami doesn’t need a substitute for her anymore. Hinami’s close to Ayato because he cares for her and always supports and protects her. She’s with everyone now. The Ayahina conversation could have happened with anyone now that Hinami is surrounded by the people she loves. But it’s not Kaneki, Touka, Banjou or Tsukiyama she lets to see her at her weakest. It’s Ayato. Because even if Ayahina isn’t romantic, it still is one of the purest, healthiest and most mutually supportive relationship in this series. She knows that Ayato has seen her breakdowns before and despite his ideas on weakness and strength, he has always supported and stood by her. And to me, I think that out of everyone, Ayato’s her best source of comfort right now. Because when she was at the darkest point of her life, when she was all alone in Aogiri, she found a glimpse of light in him and it’s something she’s still holding on to even now.

And just like the other time, he doesn’t judge or complain about her being weak for getting emotional and crying. He just silently comforts her and stands by her. He lets her voice everything out and cry to her heart’s content because there is a chance she might go back to bearing everything in silence where they go back to the base. Not to mention, she’s going to eventually have to face Akira. And I think Ayato’s expression here is precious as well. I want it plastered all over my walls. 

Ayahina brings out the best in each other. Their relationship is like a gem among all relationships in TG, because they bring out the best in each other and is based on mutual support and care. And the best thing is, this relationship came out of two badly damaged, yet very different, teenagers who met in a terrorist organization which prided itself on strength and murders.


Summary: Seeing his parents’ ring around Kaneki’s neck, Ayato gets a little worked up. Also an Ayahina conversation about their parents. (3.2k words)

A/N: Marriage/ Couple rings come in sets of two there is a 100% chance that Touka’s ring isn’t the only Kirishima fam ring around. And since the Kirishima bun buns also come in a set of two, there is a possibility, however slight, that the other ring was given to the smol little black bun. This fic is specially dedicated to the lovely @breakfast-at-anteiku​ who’s like my favorite ever person to talk to about Ayahina and based on these headcanons we came up with a few days ago :D. THANKS FOR EVERYTHING CEY I HOPE YOU LIKE THIS ( ´ ∀ `)ノ~ ♡
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It might be gone for good this time.

Finally. Good riddance once and for all.

He pauses at the thought. Right as it surfaces, he knows it’s crap. He knows he’s full of bullshit just like any other time. Just like back when he first buried it wishing it’d disappear for good, only to come rushing back a few days later to dig it up and stare at it, he’s never going to be able to let go of it.

Fuck. Fuck this… I… He curses his stupidity and attachment as he scrambles to dig more soil up. When he finally feels the tip of his fingers brush a cool smooth surface, he’s already a mess. His clothes are dirtied wit scattered soil. His face is stained brown. His fingertips are itching and his nails are clogged with dirt that had nicely settled within. The ring is in no better a condition. At first glance, anyone might think it’s a copper ring instead of a silver one. It takes Ayato a lot of brushing and a lot more rubbing with the cleaner edge of his t-shirt for him to clear off enough dirt to faintly reveal the English carvings.

He stares at it with burning eyes and an itchy throat. It’s undeniable that the ring around Kaneki’s neck and the one lying in his palm came as a set.

Ayato wonders just how Touka is able to pass it on to someone else permanently, when he can’t even keep it buried in a pot without worrying he’ll lose it. How can she, who always turn to it for strength, easily let go of something like that? He wonders what it means for her now— and what the person she gave it to means to her as well.

He has to wonder, if his sister has moved on from their family, ready to find another one. And if so, what is he supposed to do now? He’s always been alone, but never like this.

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Hi darisu-chan, if you still are taking requests can I ask for a Touken Fic that shows kaneki's reaction at finding out touka´s pregnancy, and off course a little smut will be very much welcome tehee. Thank you so much in advance :)

Sorry for the delay! Here’s the fanfiction. It isn’t smutty, but next time I’ll publish smut. hehe. I also based this one-shot on this post. I figured that after today’s chapter we needed something light-hearted and fluffy. I hope you enjoy it!

Mysterious Illness

Summary: When Kaneki starts feeling weird, he sets up to find the cause of his mysterious illness, which might be contagious, for Touka is feeling bad too.

You can also read it here.

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#TBT to this circa 1863 birds-eye view showing Philadelphia southeast from Frankford Road toward the Delaware River, predominately depicting the open land surrounding the Aramingo Canal, Reading Railroad Depot between Lehigh Avenue and Somerset Street, and the Philadelphia, Trenton, and New York Railroad line.

The view features present-day Kensington, Port Richmond, and Fishtown neighborhoods #PortFishington

Boell, William. Birds-eye view of property on Alleghany Avenue Philadelphia 25th Ward formerly 19th looking S.E. from Frankford Road. [graphic]. [Philadelphia]: Lithographed & printed by William Boell] [c1863] 1 print: chromolithograph; 69 x 100 cm. (27.5 x 40 in.)

Chapter 117: Thumb Up

Feel free to copy and paste my summaries to other sites as long as you give me credit.  Please keep in mind when copying and pasting that I may continue to correct errors and tweak details after it is posted.

Pg 1: Cover page of Kaneki wearing an eyepatch.

Pg 2: Akira awakens and sits up in bed. She wonders where she is. Banjou excitedly begins telling her how glad he is that she finally woke up. She furrows her brow and asks him who the hell he is.

Pg 3: Kaneki sits in a room filled with many monitors. He appears to get dizzy looking at them. Banjou approaches him and tells him that Akira woke up. The scene changes to Kaneki standing at the side of her bed.

Pg 4: Akira begins to tell Kaneki about her memories and emotions but cuts herself off. She asks him if he is someone that she knows. He tells her that his feelings have not changed (likely his feelings regarding her as a mother figure). She interrupts him.

Pg 5: She tells him that the investigator that she knew (Haise Sasaki) would have never turned his blade against Arima. She turns away from him and asks him to leave her alone. Later Kaneki talks to Hirako, saying that he probably shouldn’t have brought up the CCG and Arima. Hirako says that it’s important to get it out now rather than leaving an opportunity for misunderstanding later. Kaneki comments that Akira is more delicate than you would think.

Pg 6: Kaneki asks Hirako if he thinks that things will be okay. Hirako replies that her environment has drastically changed and it will take time to break the ice. Hirako tells Kaneki that according to his contacts (implied to be Tsukiyama and Hori who have broken into the CCG’s database) Akira has been removed from her former role as a CCG investigator and is on the wanted list of “ghoul countermeasures act violators”. He says it’s impossible for her to go back to the way things were. In the background Tsukiyama and Hori discuss hosting a cyberattack on the CCG but Hori says that they will track them down quickly. Hirako says that Akira shielding Takizawa led to the current situation. Kaneki says that he wants to do what he can for her because she is important to him. Hirako says that it will take time but they can possibly shorten the process.

Pg 7: Hirako says that the person who can shorten the process is possibly the one who hates her the most (Hinami). The scene changes to Ayato and Hinami standing in the remains of the 19th Ward Base of Aogiri Tree. Ayato asks Hinami why she brought him there. Hinami tells Ayato that Akira regained consciousness. Ayato realizes that she’s talking about the “spine-wielder” (Akira, in reference to her quinque, made from Hinami’s father). Ayato asks Hinami if she hates her.

Pg 8: Hinami says that she didn’t directly do anything to her but it’s complicated having her in Goat because every time she looks at her she can’t help but to remember her mom and dad (recall that Akira’s father, Mado, was the one who killed Hinami’s parents in the original TG). Hinami says that she will likely eventually get used to it but she thinks that it would be a disgrace to their memory because she wants to remember them when she wants to, not when she is forced to. She says someday she wants to perceive what happened to them in a positive way and file it away with the rest of her memories.  

Pg 9: Hinami begins to cry. Ayato approaches her and reaches his hand out. The scene changes to Touka standing behind the counter of :re.

Pg 10: Amon enters the café. He addresses her as Rabbit. Touka invites him to take a seat and asks if he is there to arrest her. He says that he would if he had his badge. He asks for a cup of coffee. Touka asks if he wants it black and asks if he wants to see Akira.

Pg 11: Touka begins making the coffee and tells Amon that she has woken up. Amon tells her that he’s scared. He says that he is neither human nor ghoul and has wandered so long without saying a word to her. Amon says that he can’t find the words to say to her. Touka tells Amon that she wants to talk to Akira too.

Pg 12: She says that she is scared because she is the one that killed her father, Mado. She tells him that if Amon doesn’t go first then she will be too scared to meet her at all. Amon tells Touka that losing Mado lit a fire in his chest that will burn until he dies. He says that the fire doesn’t burn at her, but instead it burns at the world and the circumstances that gave them no choice but to do what they did. He says that he came to the café to tell her that.

Pg 13: Touka asks Amon if he ever wanted to see Akira while he was wandering about. Amon thinks back to one of his first encounters with Akira. He says that he did. Touka tells him to just go. She says that she would be happy, even if time had passed and if their bodies had changed and he had forgotten her completely.

Pg 14: She says that as long as he comes back home things will be alright (giving Amon advice but obviously she is speaking in reference to Kaneki). Amon drinks the coffee.

Pg 15: Amon tells Touka that she’s pretty nice. The narration states that at the same time Goat was shaken up by the awakening of Akira the CCG was on the cusp of profound change.

Pg 16: Urie, Ui, Juuzou, and Mougan walk down a hallway. Their names are displayed along with their updated ranks and affiliated squads.

Pg 17: Many CCG members are gathered for an announcement of the new chief. The narration states that Ui became the aide and advisor to the new Washuu chief and had distanced himself from his duties as the S1 squad so Mougan took over as deputy leader. Urie was given Matsuri’s position as leader of the S2 squad and had his rank raised to First Class.

Pg 18: The narration states that with the Washuu line almost entirely wiped out there was only one man in the Bureau who had Washuu blood in his veins, Furuta. Furuta now goes by the name Kichimura Washuu and is known as the last Bureau Chief of the CCG (there is a translator note stating that the Washuu Bureau Chief naming system adds “kichi” or “Yoshi” to the appointee’s previous name, I will likely continue to refer to him as Furuta to avoid confusion from switching names too much in my summaries).  Furuta approaches the gathered investigators wearing a sash, party glasses, and a false mustache. Ui stands behind him looking irritated.

(Note that this chapter did not continue off of the Amon/Kaneki conversation where the previous chapter ended at, it will likely be revealed in subsequent chapters).

caged together pt. 2

summary: drabble series. describes hinami and ayato’s regular parts of life together from the start of Aogiri to Goat.

notes: the next part in the caged together series! it’s a few months after the first part, which you can find on my blog in the #ct tag.

Hinami is a little bit over fifteen years old. It’s the second anniversary of her mother’s death and the storm clouds were celebrating it loudly, the thunders raising their voice and the lightning projecting its light. A small part of Hinami wishes she could go mourn over her mother in front of her grave, but another is ashamed to show herself to the stone.

‘You’re not the daughter she is proud of anymore.’

Hinami may have not killed anybody with her own hands quite yet, but she was an accomplice to every single person in her squad. To every single person in Aogiri. And even though she had not liked the act of killing, she knew what it stood for and didn’t actively condemn it.

Even without those facts, though, her attachment to her friends in Aogiri is already too strong to just run away.

She stood by the open window in the newly acquired Aogiri base. It was in the 19th ward, a base filled with flowers. Hinami’s favorite place to be in. Even though the rain drops that entered through the window made her cloths wet, the flowers will flourish from it, she thought, so she didn’t shut it.

“We can’t have you catching a cold. Tatara will be mad at me if I’ll have to tell him you got a runny nose and can’t smell shit.” Ayato interrupted her thoughts. She turned to him with a wistful smile on her face.

“Aah… I’ll go back in a while. I’m just feeling… nostalgic.” Her hand held her skirt, and she must’ve seemed unfocused to him as her memories kept trying to resurface, but she managed to complete the sentence. He frowned.

“Don’t try to make something sound like it’s okay if it isn’t. Being angry and sad are the only things we get to be as ghouls, anyway.” He reminded her bitterly, as a particularly strong bolt of lightning hit the ground.

Hinami bit the inside of her cheeks as her hands rose to hug her sides. She wants, so badly to be able to grow from her mother’s death, but she still can’t bring herself to. The rain in front of her kept falling and as she watched, tears started to fall too.

Ayato sighed and got closer, extending his arm and shielding her eyes from watching the rain with his hand. Her back fell onto his chest while his hand was placed on her as if it was her mask.

“I’m letting you off this time, but if it was another executive that saw this they wouldn’t be nice. So if you are going to keep crying, you better get it all out now.”

Her tears fell faster and faster as she came up with a new resolve for herself.

While it still hurt that her mother was gone, Hinami would only bloom from her death. Like the white roses that will grow strong with the rain that soaked her, she will not let her mother’s sacrifice go to waste.


● According from AC Unity novel, Arno had been raised to be a Templar for awhile - before Elise’s mother passed away. Monsieur De La Sarre educated him, as if he was a boy from a noble family. So, he might able to speak other languages like English, Latin or Spanish.

● His mother’s descendant was Austrian. Before his father had been killed, he had followed his father all along Europe and Northern Africa. His father may have taught him German, also his tutor when he was the house of De La Sarre’s ward .   

●  Before 19th Century, most of French people who lived outside Île-de-France couldn’t speak ‘French’, like French people speak nowadays. They had spoken their dialects; Breton, Occitan, Flemish, Bask, Provencal, Catalan or etc.* 

*(Reference from Sixty Million Frenchmen Can’t Be Wrong by Jean-Benoit Nadeau and Julie Barlow.)


Collected photos of George at the Cavern Club. 

“They played Friday lunchtimes at the Cavern. I worked in Liverpool city centre, and the Cavern was not far away from where I worked. Their gig was from one o’clock until two o’clock, but if you wanted to get in you had to be there in plenty of time to get in that queue, so my friend and I would sneak away from work early and we’d never get back until at least ten-past two, and we got into trouble very frequently. It was impossible to leave before the end because it was so full in the Cavern. There, again, the acoustics in there made that raw sound. It just got into your whole body. They never quite caught on record the sound that was there at those performances in the Cavern and the Casbah. I can only think it was the acoustics there, and our excitement.” 
[Pauline Harrison, George’s sister-in-law and wife of Peter Harrison, from Living In The Material World by Olivia Harrison.]

Pics credits: 

1. Photographer unknown. c. 1961-2.
2. Keystone, c. 1960 (they say, I think it might be a bit later).
3 - 4. Michael Ward, rehearsal at The Cavern Club, 19th February 1963.
5. Michael Ward, performance at The Cavern Club, 19th February 1963.
6 - 7. Dic Matthews, via Sam Leach, 1961.
8. Photographer unknown, source: Tracks Ltd, photo taken on 8th December 1961 when the Beatles performed with Davy Jones. 
9. Mark and Colleen Hayward/Redferns collection. 
10. Bill Connell and/or Les Chadwick, 22nd August 1962

TG Timeline

So some basic timeline stuff, taken from snippets of information we get in the series.

  • October 21st: Kaneki released from the hospital. (Ch.2, Hide’s text.)
  • December 5th: Kaneki meets with Banjou’s group to plan their escape. (Ch. 55)
  • December 10th: The escape attempt, Kaneki captured by Yamori. (Ch. 57)
  • December 19th: 11th Ward battle begins just before midnight. (Ch. 60)
  • December 20th: Kaneki’s birthday and escape from Aogiri. (Ch. 64)
  • July 1st: Touka’s birthday (Ch. 89)
  • Early July: Attack on Dr. Kanou’s lab.
  • Late July: Anteiku Raid.
  •  2 Years later: Tokyo Ghoul Re begins.
  • November 11th: Auction Arc.
Tokyo Ghoul :Re Ch. 101 (Raw Text Spoilers Part 2)

[In the Re Cafe]

Hirako is sitting at the counter drinking coffee, and Yomo talks to him.

Yomo: Hirako Take…. Ken is an open-minded guy. He has he capacity to accept other people. That has it’s own dangers, though…

Yomo: You need to be that open-minded for the world he imagines of “Ghouls and Humans Understanding Each Other”. However, I and many others aren’t like that. Arima… killed my sister… she was Touka and Ayato’s mother.

Yomo: Even if you tell me now that he was on the side of us Ghouls, if he was in front of me now I would kill him. I….

Hirako: When I was a new recruit… Arima-san said something to me.

Arima: You resemble me. You’re empty inside like me.

Hirako: I don’t know what his true intentions were, but he felt something about that part of me. Perhaps that’s why he entrusted the 0 Squad to me. The people around him tried so hard just to hear a single robotic word of praise from him. I’m also here because of that. I always wanted him to recognise me.

He takes a sip of coffee.

Hirako: Arima Kishou is dead. No matter how much you curse him, you won’t ever get a chance to kill him, just like how your sister can’t come back, Yomo Renji. I believe we are “the ones that Arima Kishou chose”. You all believe in Kaneki Ken, isn’t that enough? To understand each other, I don’t think we have to believe exactly the same things. At least that’s what I think.

Yomo: In that case, I think I can do it.

Hirako: I wonder how different human and ghoul sense of taste is… I dunno… But this coffee is delicious.

[0 Squad are watching TV]

0 Squad kid: Take-san!! Look at the TV!!

News: Look, there is black smoke rising from the CCG building in the 22nd ward. The one in the 19th ward is the same. We have breaking news! It appears to be the doing of Ghouls!

Touka: It’s not us.

Hirako: After killing the Washuus, destroying the offices is next. I guess they want to match the appearance of the One Eyed King with the “internal cleaning”.

Touka: That’s the way the “other side” operates.

[22nd Ward: Kuroiwa Squad]

A group of Pierrot are rioting.

Pierrots: Gyahahaha! Toraa!

Kuroiwa comes and mows them down. “Mun!”

Misato: Recover the building! Don’t let a single rat escape!

Takeomi: No matter how many we kill, their morale doesn’t drop…

Itou: What a creepy bunch…

[19th Ward: Suzuya Squad]

Mizuroo: There’s no end to them Nakarai-san  *crying*

Nakarai: There is an end. Just keep fucking killing em! (Since the Rushima attack, attacking our weakened offices certainly makes it seem like they have “insider information”.)

Hanbee: Fierce gravity potential… (After all, “That person” is…)

Suzuya attacks ghouls with Jason’s 13.

Suzuya: Move your hands, not your mouth Hanbee.

[16th Ward: Q’s Squad]

A group of exhausted Investigators see that the Quinx have come. “Qs! We’re saved! Please relieve us!]

Urie: (These bastards sure are flaunting their violence. Aogiri were a lot less fierce.) Release Frame 3! There’s 120 seconds until release. In preparation for attack, stock 300 seconds!

Higemaru: Roger!

Aura: Yes!

Urie: (Is it you… Sasaki!!)

[Watching the city from the top of a building]

Donato: Let the hymns resound! Until I can hear them in every ward!

[Main office control room]

The main office control room is in chaos trying to deal with all the separate attacks.

"Another new attack?”
“What’s the total number?”
“We don’t know.”
“There are 100.”
“Which squad can provide support?”
“Where are the Qs?”
“In the 16th Ward!”

Staff run up to Matsuri.

“What should be do, Acting Director? Director?”

However, Matsuri is dumbfounded and doesn’t react.

“Suzuya’s Squad is available!”

“Roger, send them for urgent back-up.

Matsuri feels that he can’t do anything unless Urie is around.

News: According to the CCG, the attack on the 22nd Ward was ordered by the One Eyed King.

Furuta hears the news. "How sad….”

[In the same meeting hall as last week, Kaneki’s team]

Tsukiyama: They’re making it so that we look evil! Do they intend to crush us like this? Gedoh style. (TN: He says “Gedoh” in English. It means “Demon”)

Ayato: Fuck! We haven’t even started yet, and they’re already in our way….

Miza: If it continues like this, they will keep doing evil deeds in our name. What should we do, Kaneki Ken?

Kaneki: Tsukiyama-san, I have a request for you..

Tsukiyama: I’ll do whatever you like. ….However if it requires a lot of money I can’t. We have some financial circumstances….

Kaneki thinks for a moment.

Kaneki: I want you to prepare a great number of “White Suits”.

Miza: ?

Ayato: What will you use that for?

Tsukiyama: …

[Akira’s bedside]

Banjou: Her fever is terrible.

Nishiki: Her condition isn’t good. It looks like her healing wounds are infected. Perhaps it’s her body rejecting Rc Cells.

Akira is slightly conscious, and calls out the name of her cat.

Takizawa is shocked and concerned.

Nishiki: Her consciousness hasn’t returned much. If it continues like this…

Takizawa: What will happen? Oi!!!!!

Banjou: Wah, stop, my hand is…!!

Akira moans.

At that moment, a man appears.

Nico: Heheh, hiiiiiii Banjou-kun! Long time no see!

Narration: Filled with mystery, the Pierrot Mask Squad! And here is one more….