19th century british literature


Thomas Francis Dicksee (1819–1895, Engand)

Characters from Shakespeare

Thomas Francis Dicksee was an English painter, primarily a portraitist and painter of historical, genre subjects — often from Shakespeare. He exhibited at the Royal Academy from 1841 until the year of his death. His brother John Robert Dicksee was also a painter, and his children, Frank and Margaret likewise became painters. In The Dictionary of Victorian Painters, Herbert Dicksee is given as his son also, but according to the City of London School, where Herbert taught, he was the son of John Robert Dicksee.

Edmund Leighton (1852-1922)
“The King and the Beggar-maid” (1898)
Oil on canvas
Currently in a private collection

“The King and the Beggar-maid” tells the story of King Cophetua and his love for the beggar Penelophon. According to tradition, Cophetua was known for his lack of any sexual attraction to women. One day while looking out a palace window he witnesses a young beggar (Penelophon). Struck by love at first sight, Cophetua decides that he will either have the beggar as his wife or commit suicide. Walking out into the street, he scatters coins for the beggars to gather and when Penelophon comes forward, he tells her that she is to be his wife. She agrees and becomes queen. The couple lives a “quiet life” but are much loved by their people. Eventually they die and are buried in the same tomb.


The original badass mofo Jane Austen.  She has a bad rap because so many people blame her for giving us every rom-com plot ever. Yeah okay, sure.  You know what else she did?  Wrote about real women and men, in real life situations.  If you want to say that her heroines are too perfect, I say NAY.  That’s the point of literally ALL her books–the heroine has this flaw that would be tragic, except she LEARNS from it because she isn’t FUCKIN HAMLET (I hate Hamlet) she’s a real person who is capable of developing and changing and growing and can also be a total bitch (LOOKIN AT U EMMA) but can also end up being a good person because real people change.  Psychological realism in lady characters was practically not a thing until Jane Austen.  They were figures and plot devices and, like, allegories and shit.  A lot of scholars place Jane Austen on the same level as Shakespeare, because she revolutionized the modern novel–the novel as we know it now didn’t really exist until Jane Austen because HOLY PSYCHOLOGICAL REALISM AND CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT, BATMAN.  Yeah.  You wanna read endless novels about flat, boring characters?  Didn’t think so.

Then we have the Brontes, who were all fuckin badass and also like the most talented family ever jfc.  Because they couldn’t get published because they were ladies, all three sisters decided, fuck it, let’s publish under male pseudonyms.  (Full disclosure: have yet to read Anne, but am told she is actually the most badass)  Okay, Wuthering Heights is kind of weird.  Like, really weird.  But when you get into it and start ripping it apart you realize how amazing that shit is, like the entire novel?  The fuckin thing is a palindrome.  And don’t even get me started on the brilliant narration oMG SO MANY LAYERS OF UNRELIABILITY.  Emily Bronte ilu.  

and JANE EYRE OMG JANE EYRE.  Let’s just give Charlotte a round of applause.  This novel legitimized first-person narration, specifically first-person female narration.  Most first-person stuff was epistolary and the ladies were all like “tralala I bought a dress and flirted with a guy oh wow now we’re engaged yadda yadda” and Jane is complex and kind of broken and not romantic in the least.  Also she is a total badass.  She is a self-made woman, everything she has, she has because she literally built herself from the ground up.  And then there’s this whole scene where Jane is like “ladies can do the same shit guys can do but nobody will let us which is stupid.”  and, unlike any of the other ladies in governess plots, she actually ditched her super rich boyfriend because she respected herself too much to stay with him after shit got real.  And then she becomes super rich not because she marries him, but because, well, deus ex machina kind of, but still, it has nothing to do with Rochester!  Yay!  Also a really big deal–Jane and Rochester are both super flawed but they love each other anyway and it doesn’t end up being a tragedy because guess what, people can have flaws and not die horrible deaths. Also also–neither of them is hot (this brings me joy).

anD FUCKIN MARY WOLLSTONECRAFT SHELLEY.  (I cry every time someone leaves out her maiden name because google her mother holy shit, so badass)  She invented sci-fi.  nuff said.

Elizabeth Gaskell!  (She wrote North and South, the one with Richard Armitage?)  SO MUCH SOCIAL COMMENTARY OMG.  And Margaret will take no shit from nobody.  She basically runs the house when her parents are alive and then after they’re gone she is still TOTALLY CAPABLE of taking care of herself because she’s FUCKING AWESOME.  She faces down an angry mob, for fuck’s sake! (Also, for the record, though I love the miniseries, book!John is even dreamier and less of an ass than series!John)

Okay and Mary Elizabeth Braddon.  I had never heard of this badass lady but DAMN IS SHE COOL.  Everybody was like “ugh whatever she’s a silly lady writer writing sensational lady stories ahahaha how dumb” SHUT THE FUCK UP.  If you want to read a super badass 19th century murder mystery by an awesome lady, read Lady Audley’s Secret.  The main character is a lawyer who is really smart but too lazy to actually lawyer so he just sits around and smokes all day and he kind of accidentally becomes a detective (like…that’s literally what happens…)?  Also, spoiler alert, the villain of the story is a lady, which I am all in for.  Yeah.  And!!! The bumbling lawyer-man is a feminist! He has this huge inner monologue about how women are just as capable as men but they actually get shit done because they are awesome and motivated and, well, okay this is not always a good thing because hello lady villain, but still. [edit: alas, I spoke too soon, he is not a feminist. turns out he hates women. Robert Audley, we could have had it all, why’d you have to go and fuck it up.  there are, however, many interesting and varied ladies in this book and it is also beautifully written Mary Elizabeth Braddon iluuuuu] READ THIS BOOK I’M CRYING RIGHT NOW

Also cool things were happening with lady writers worldwide in the 19th century, but, uh, I specialize in Brit lit and I just tend to like it better so, sorry.  My bias is showing.


The Difference Between Zuko and Aang IMO

Let me preface this by saying that I do not hate Aang and I’m not shitting on him to support my ship. This is merely my observation so if you don’t like it, fair enough. 

But anyway, this is not actually revolutionary. There are far better meta writers in the fandom who have touched on this but it’s in my head and I wanted to write it out. 

Zuko has grown up with men and women who see power as something to revere and exploit and use to intimidate and conquer other people. It’s practically the basis of Fire Nation culture. Those who can firebend are more well-respected and elevated than those who cannot. Power is what drives the Fire Nation but also what corrupts it. He’s seen firsthand how power can be exploited and how it can warp a person’s mind a la his father, Azula, Zhao, etc. It’s not like Zuko is indifferent to this culture either. He wants power just as much but he’s also motivated by his need to belong, to feel loved and by his sense of honour to his family and nation. He wants power because he thinks it can give him that. 

When Zuko sees the height of Katara’s power on their journey to face Yon Rha, he sees just how frightening she truly can be. From the bloodbending to the rain scene, Zuko can see just how powerful she is but he also sees restraint. She has every right to kill that man in his eyes and he wouldn’t stand in her way if she chose to because he understands her reasoning, but I think what’s awe-inspiring to him is her restraint. She has power, unimaginable power, and she chose to hold herself back even though she was still just as angry and hurt as she was at the start. Zuko respects her for it.

While Aang, on the other hand, doesn’t even attempt to really understand where Katara is coming from with regards to her mother and finding the man who killed her. Throughout the seasons, he never once asks her, never once has a heart to heart with her where the focus was on Katara and not him. He acts morally superior to her, judges her for it and doesn’t offer any support. It’s because he can’t fathom a Katara who would go to such lengths because the Katara he has built in his mind lives in a glass palace on a pedestal. She’s his guardian angel, who is always there for him when he needs her. What she is, in fact, is a term coined in 19th century British literature as the ‘Angel of the House’. It’s used to refer to female characters who are there as a plot device to offer redemption and healing to the man who has been ‘corrupted’ in the colonies. She’s merely a tool and not an equal. Considering how Katara ends up in the comics and LoK, this is basically what they reduced her to, and that’s some kind of messed up, considering this is not 19th century Britain. 

– whereas Zuko respects her as his equal, probably even more than his equal in fairness considering how little he sees himself, but he doesn’t romanticise Katara. She is flawed and I honestly believe that that’s what draws him to her in the first place. Before he joined the Gaang, he probably saw her as that annoying girl who seems to be just too perfect. I mean we all know that person that never seems to do anything wrong and is always so nice to everyone, who while we know it’s wrong to dislike them, we do anyways. Katara probably was that person for Zuko, so for him to see her flawed and morally conflicted like he is most of the time was probably what made him respect and like her even more. It’s the knowledge that even someone as good as Katara is susceptible to what ails all humans. 

Also, in all fairness to Aang, he’s not evil for feeling that way about Katara considering his age. I remember crushing on people at 12 and thinking they were the most perfect person in the entire damn world, repressing any sort of fault I saw in them. But you grow out of it. Unfortunately, the writers never let Aang grow out of it and they disregarded Katara’s feelings in the whole matter and reduced her into a trophy for the hero. 

“The Windhover”- Gerard Manley Hopkins (1844-1889)

I caught this morning morning’s minion, king-    
   dom of daylight’s dauphin, dapple-dawn-drawn Falcon, in his riding    
   Of the rolling level underneath him steady air, and striding  
High there, how he rung upon the rein of a wimpling wing  
In his ecstasy! then off, off forth on swing,  
   As a skate’s heel sweeps smooth on a bow-bend: the hurl and gliding
   Rebuffed the big wind. My heart in hiding  
Stirred for a bird,—the achieve of; the mastery of the thing!
Brute beauty and valour and act, oh, air, pride, plume, here    Buckle! AND the fire that breaks from thee then, a billion
Times told lovelier, more dangerous, O my chevalier!
   No wonder of it: shéer plód makes plough down sillion  
Shine, and blue-bleak embers, ah my dear,    
   Fall, gall themselves, and gash gold-vermillion.

Greenland Falcon, George Stubbs, 1780


“I have heard men talk about the blessings of freedom,” he said to himself “but I wish any wise man would teach me what use to make of it now that I have it.” 
- Sir Walter Scott, Ivanhoe

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Favorite Whouffaldi AU Fanfic reads

So, sometime ago I made a list of AU Fanfics for someone to read and I had coplete forgot about it until a kind person brought it up. I never really though anything of it but now I wonder if anyone would like a list of a few good fanfics to read. The original list was made a while ago so new fics are out- I have included some but I have not gotten all of them. Now, i didn’t put in any Colepaldi ones but there are tons out there- so look them up. This range stretches 3 different sites: Fanfiction.net , Ao3 , and wattpad. (This orginally occured on a comment thread on xXdreameaterXx’s “The Art of Loving”)   

Teachers AU’s: (These were first on the list) 

1. Teachers Pet by Incendia Glacies
Summary: Basically just a Professor!Twelve and Student!Clara AU…I’ll come up with a better summary later, but that really is the main premise of this…Enjoy! Rated strong T for a few scenes, but it’s nothing too graphic…
(This is my first Whouffaldi Teacher AU and it is amazing)

2. Down the Middle by mrboogie94
Summary: AU. “So students like myself are a lost cause?”
(Smaller but still will make you smile)

3. Anything Goes by phantomofgallifrey
Summary: AU Clara Oswald is still suffering from the death of her boyfriend [Eleven] when her roommate Rose convinces her to join the Universities musical to remove her from grieving. There, Clara meets the Doctor. Chapter Twelve is Rated M.
(An amazing idea, and i love musical, it is long, and it is well written (and there is smut(; ))

4. Gold & Silver Line My Heart by xXdreameaterXx
Summary: After the death of her boyfriend Clara Oswald decides that it is time for a change. However when she accidentally ends up in bed with her new professor Doctor John Smith, who has a reputation of sleeping with his students, she might find her life changing a lot more than she would have liked. Twelve/Clara. Professor/Student. AU. Rated M for later
(I had to put this here)

5. Mistletoe by perverted monk slayer
Summary: Clara gets caught under the mistletoe with a friend, but the ‘Doctor’ is having none of that. Teacher AU Clara/12 with abit of one sided 11/Clara
(Cute, little funny one)

6. Snowbound by Turn_of_the_Sonic_Screw
Summary: In which Eleven, Twelve, River, and Clara are road-tripping professors who make some new friends while stuck in the snow.
(Never read it but I know that author and If you read it you should tell me how it goes)

*** 7. Lay us down, we’re in love by mrscartoon ***
Summary: NOT a teacher AU BUT it is soooo good, you will love it! Sunday Mass had finished and the crowd settled in front of the church to chat. It was then that John Smith laid eyes on Clara Oswald for the first time.
(Twelve is a priest in a small town and Clara comes and teachers- I swear it is one of my favorites)

8. On The Concept of Good by demagogue12345
Summary: 'To secure one’s own happiness is a duty’ - Kant, Theories of Ethics. Clara can’t stop thinking about her dissertation supervisor because she hates him. Those butterflies in her tummy every time he smiles are wrong, and must be trampled.
(Cant remember this one to well but…)

9. Twelve Nights by lotuskasumi
Summary: Combined two prompts from Tumblr: “can you maybe do a college AU where Clara and the Doctor are the only ones who stayed on campus for Christmas break?” and Clara and the Doctor being professors with a casual relationship who want more. (Whouffle/Twelve x Clara)
(They are both teachers but unknown to each other)

10. Silent Night by lotuskasumi
Summary: Sequel to Twelve Nights. They’ve done the talking — several hours of it in fact, and through a wall no less. Now comes the real challenge: finding the same kind of comfort face to face. (Whouffle/Twelve x Clara)

Give It All by: dronspy
Though she’s still teaching at Coal Hill School, Clara Oswald returns to Eastminister College to complete her MFA degree. She meets her supervisor, John Basil Smith. He is considered a genius but often has trouble being comfortable around people. Yet, Clara feels challenged by him. Eventually, she realizes how similar they both are. So the question becomes, how far will their relationship go? Words:13632 INCOMPLETE BUT WAIT (it gets updated everyday, not sure if I showed you this but you might know it)

Love and Deceit by eicosanoids 

“Behind every exquisite thing that existed, there was something tragic.” Clara Oswald is teaching 19th Century British Literature. She thinks handling a bunch of undergraduates will be easy pickings compared to everything else she’s experienced in her life. She would’ve been right until the Doctor joins her class. (Professor Clara & Student 12 AU) Words: 24,439 (So good) 

They Don’t Teach you love by xXdreameaterXx

The Doctor thought that taking in his old college pal Joe, a professor who is teaching at the same university and who is unable to keep his hands off the female students, was the worst mistake of his life. But then Clara Oswald sets foot into his class and he is torn between his personal ethics and making an even bigger mistake when the race for Clara’s heart is on. Prof/Student AU Words: 38,953 COMPLETE (awesome- just go to xXdreameaterXX’s page please) 

Make this chaos count by: kissmeinnewyork
All Clara wants to do is pass her Russian Literature module so she can finally write her dissertation. Professor John Smith, however, is seemingly doing everything and anything in his power to stop that from happening. (just your average twelve/clara au.) Words:1751 INCOMPLETE (sorry, I missed this before but sadly its short and not done)

Okay, so there are many AU’s out there and I will try to put down as many as I can (I will miss a few). I will include compleated and incomplete fics.

Puncture Repair by: Azertyrobaz
AU story. The Doctor is a doctor in contemporary London and Clara Oswald is the au pair for his nine-year-old son. A son who was dropped on his doorstep by a dying River Song two months before the story starts. Words: 78,140 COMPLETE (One of my favorites but a slow burn) 

Paper Hearts by: Little Miss Insufferable
Whouffaldi AU. Whouffaldi AU. A chance advertisement in a newspaper leads to a phone call that brings two unlikely people together, but how does anyone cope when they start to fall in love with someone they might never set their eyes upon again? Words: 10,346 INCOMPLETE

The Nutcracker by: pieces-of-jade

The Nutcracker!AU Twelve/Clara with appearances by other characters later on. This story just wouldn’t leave my head, so here is my dramatic return to writing fanfiction with a Whouffaldi flavouring! Words: 10,430 INCOMPLETE

In Want of An Heir by: Nehszriah
The aging Marquis of Kasterborous and Gallifrey takes a second wife with a clever plan: in need of an heir, he plans to make his new Marchioness into his successor. What he doesn’t know is that even the cleverest plans don’t always run smoothly. [vague nobility/arranged marriage Whouffaldi AU] Words: 16,458 COMPLETE (Amazing!!! One of my Favorites and definitely a good read) 

Stars in A Sky of Blood and Blue by: Nehszriah
Sequel to In Want of An Heir: the lives of the Marquis Johan and Marchioness Clara, together the Twelfth Doctor of Gallifrey and Kasterborous, and their children throughout the years. [nobility/kids Whouffaldi AU; prior reading of IWoAH is recommended] Words: 56,707 (Sequal-ish to I want an heir)

The Time That We Love Best by: Nehszriah
Clydebank, Scotland, 1940. John Smith is just trying to get through the war while making himself useful, trading in his paintbrushes for a rivet gun. After a bad day at work, he meets a young English girl at the pub who reads him a bit too well and lingers on his mind a bit too much. [Lots of fluff, slice-of-life, currently post-war] Words: 223,523 COMPLETE (A must read, so so good) 

Who’s on First? by: Nehszriah
The Doctor is one of the best coaches in the game of baseball, but runs into something he never expected when his team hires a new GM. MLB baseball AU; M for swearing. Has nothing to do with the joke. Words: 16,110 COMPLETE (another one of my favs and has a equally good sequel) 

Who Came Out of Left Field? by: Nehszriah
Sequel to 'Who’s On First’; Clara Oswald, hot-shot GM of the first-year Quad City Gallifreyans, and John Smith, the oft-cantankerous manager, are now officially a couple. What will this unique relationship bring to the table and how long will it last? [MLB baseball Whouffaldi AU] Words: 18,414 COMPLETE (: 

Take a Picture, It’ll Last Longer by: hotdadtwelve
After an agonizingly long moment of silence, he asks, in the witty manner she wishes she could have voiced, “What? What are you looking at? Take a picture, it’ll last longer.” Clara blurts out, all words and no thinking behind it, “Can I? That would actually be really great.” (twelveclara university au) Words: 3,882 INCOMPLETE (beautiful but not finished) 

Ocean of Memories by: hewasimpossible
Twelve/Clara Titanic AU Clara Oswald is forced to leave her family behind. The Doctor is running from his. Neither count on finding a new family in each other on board the Titanic. Words: 4,038 INCOMPLETE (oh, how I would love to see this done) 

All Moving Parts Stand Still by: TwelfthDoctvr
John Smith was expecting this festival to be like the other hundred he’s done throughout his career until he meets The Impossible Girl. Rockstar/Music Festival AU Words: 6,560 (Okay so this person wants to have another chapter but I can stand alone fine. I LOVE THIS ONE- it just fills be with happiness!) 

What If? by: xjustkeepwritingx
AU. Clara meet this mysterious man in a pub and starts a complicated relationship with him. But what will happen when she finds out he’s her father’s friend? Words: 16,689 COMPLETE (drooling over this right now, you will love it.) 

Mr And Mrs Smith by: Crazyfangirl23
Whouffaldi au Clara and Twelve are both spies, but neither of them know the other is I’m really bad at summaries. Basically it’s Mr and Mrs Smith done Whouffaldi style. Photo and insp. credited to rotanitsarcorp Words: 17,385 COMPLETE 

**Personal Favs: 

Everest by: frombluetored
AU. The Doctor, recently promoted to CEO after the early passing of John Smith, enters his new job with short-lived surety. And then he meets the COO, Clara Oswald, who’s just as determined to show the Doctor who’s really in cha rge as she is to show him he’ll never live up to his predecessor. Unfortunately for them, control doesn’t exist in matters of the heart. Words: 120,790 COMPLETE (I could write you paragraphs about this story PLEASE READ!) 

Banged Up by: frombluetored 

There were many things Clara Oswald expected when she entered prison. Catching the eye of the prison’s most notorious inmate was not one of them. [AU. Rating will change to M later on.] Words: 67,353 INCOMPLETE BUT WAIT! ( Please read this, it is soooo amazing, one of my favorites and you will love it!) 

Death and Flowers by: Steampunkmagic
When the young goddess Clara’s life is threatened the Doctor, God of Death, takes her to the Underworld. Who had the power to kill as goddess? And who stands to gain when the Doctor’s actions are called an abduction? Clara and the Doctor must find the answer to these questions and more if they ever have a hope of staying together. Hades/Persephone AU. Words: 8,499 INCOMPLETE (definitely a good read) 

The Man that Once Was by xXdreameaterXx

The Doctor has reigned Gallifrey as Lord President since the Time War. Driven mad by power he has one goal in mind: the utter and absolute extinction of the Daleks. Until one day a seemingly ordinary human girl attempts to steal his most precious possession just to bring a little hope to the entire universe. Words: 8121 COMPLETE (unfathomably good, just so amazing and made me cry) 


Falling Slowly by: Loki’s-Phantom-x
AU. Clara Oswald hesitantly signs up for online dating and is immediately infatuated with a man who calls himself 'the Doctor’. Whouffaldi, some scenes with Jack/Ianto. Warnings for eventual smut, rating may change. Words: 8,737 INCOMPLETE (but it will make you smile) 

James Dean Daydream by: katierosefun
[Modern day spy Whouffaldi AU.] Clara Oswald has one of the most interesting jobs in the world. She works for the government, goes on a few missions to get through to possible moles, et cetera. In other words, Clara had a somewhat stable environment built around herself. That all changes, however, when Clara finds herself with a new partner – a man who goes by 'the Doctor’. Words: 54,501 INCOMPLETE (A current fav. and just got very good) 

Dreams of Freedom by: Number 947
Number: Slave 947. Unable to speak, but works well in and outdoors. Bit of a temper to it. Its bidding price was 5,000- eventually worked up to 20,000,000. Sold to the Doctor. Name given to it: Clara Oswin Oswald. Words: 9,136 INCOMPLETE (Lovely read) 

like you never lost a war by: dorothymcshane
Clara works in a bookshop while she’s trying to figure out what she wants to do with her future. The Doctor is a miserable former punk rock singer who’s been trying to forget his past. The two of them hate each other, but maybe, just maybe, they’re also exactly what the other needs. Words:11,058 INCOMPLETE (Good, frustrating but good)

Tale As Old As Time by: playitagainsam
AU, where Clara is Beauty and Twelve is the Beast.
She stepped closer, and saw his face more clearly in the glow of the faint light. It was narrow and covered in silver fur, and his eyes were bluer than the sky on a spring day. She raised her hand as if to touch his face, but she put it down at once.“Have you always been a Beast?” she asked, and he looked at her sadly. “Perhaps.” he answered, and he said no more. Words:3181 COMPLETE (Good but I will also give you another one)

***Another PF 

The Devil Dances by: lucelafonde
Rock Star AU "On her 21st birthday, Clara goes back to the bar in Glasgow and makes a promise to herself. On her 22nd birthday, she is managing a few minor gigs for the label her father also works for. Before her 23rd birthday, she has seen The Doctor and the Time Lords live no less than eleven times. Her twelfth she spends backstage with the small warm-up band she is managing at the time.“
The Doctor is the frontman of a famous rock band, and Clara has been in love with him for years. Words:13863 COMPLETE (ahhh, this one gives me the feels, read please! I would love to talk to you about this one.) 

Say something like you love me by: owedbetter
Inspired and followed by the events of the fic "The Devil Dances” by lucelafonde (a rock star!au inspired by Peter Capaldi’s punk rocker days – 100% would recommend, 'tis a glorious piece), The Time Lords are on their last show of their current tour and, ever rightly so, things end with one hell of an announcement and a bang. Words:2297 COMPLETE (So good to, must read after The Devil Dances) 

Fate’s Game  by SirJoker

Professor John Smith had accepted his fate of leading a lonely life - that was, until Clara Oswald came into the equation. Words: 10,069 INCOMPLETE (I love this one so much, it is a new fic that gets updates daily- PLEASE READ!!) 

Six Years from now by PausedInTime

Clara Oswald is young and ready to live her life. On her travels around the world, she happens to bump into aspiring business owner John Smith. They spend the night together and six years later, they happen to cross paths again. Should be M rated …  INCOMPLETE BUT- (this is getting updates daily- It is an amazing read and REALLY GOOD SMUT) 


The Marriage Sentence by: sparksearcher
Con Artist AU. Clara and the Doctor are best friends and roommates who have a habit of getting engaged in public for free meals. When they take it too far, Clara’s family finds out and instead of coming clean, they decide to pull off the ultimate con. After all, how bad could it be to get married to your best friend, even if it means marrying into a crazy family? Words:35711 INCOMPLETE 

Mr and Mrs Smith by samchandler1986 

She’s a BBC production assistant with delusions of grandeur; he’s a photo-journalist with the same. Neither of them have time to moonlight as private investigators, but here they are. Words:7346 INCOMPLETE (getting updates regularly)

Over The Hedge by: marcasite
Clara finds the home of her dreams, but will the neighbor be as welcoming? Doesn’t seem to be off to a good start…
“What are you doing? I told you to leave the hedges alone.”
Clara took a step forward, “See, the thing is, this hedge is encroaching on my property line here.” She pointed down with her clippers at an invisible line. “So anything over on my side, has to go.” Words:6999 COMPLETE (quite good in a way) 

*******PLEASE READ***

The Game Keeper by: RebelDrFerguson
Upper Class well bred Clara lives in a huge mansion, she is bored with all the young sutors her father tries on her and fancies a 'bit of rough’, enter Mr Smith the new Game Keeper, a slightly grumpy and callous 48 year old , yet still a gentleman of the countryside, has Clara found the man she was looking for or is this just some silly crush. Words:8740 COMPLETE (I re-read this about every 3 months, IT IS SOOO GOOD) 

The Wall by: antennapedia
Art school AU: “they painted over that one wall in the main staircase again so i was going to paint some cool graffiti on it but you got there first”.
It’s his wall this time, darn it. Peter is going to paint it and nobody’s going to beat him to it. Words:7721 COMPLETE (more Colepaldi than Whoufaldi cause of the names but still!)

As You Wish by: Turn_of_the_Sonic_Screw
In which Clara is Buttercup, and Basil, aka the Doctor, is Westley, aka, the Dread Pirate Roberts. Words:118 COMPLETE (short but oh, so good!) 

Once by: oswhine
A whouffaldi Beauty and the Beast AU basically. Words:10772 COMPLETE (Really, really good and worth your time) 

Flybe Nights by: gingerjay (fhestia)
Clara’s holiday is waylaid by a sudden storm, a delayed flight, and an unexpected friendship with a cranky fellow passenger. Airport/Travel AU. Human Doctor AU. Words:5021 COMPLETE (Cute One Shot) 

We mus have met somewhere before by BlindedKnight

“Oh please call me John and I don’t know honestly it depends on how this conversations goes, could be for a night or could be till the end of time with you,” he paused giving her another grin before speaking her name once more. 

Clara smirked, “till death do us part huh?” 

“Don’t believe in death.”

She started to laugh, it was the first time she heard the weirdest kind of nonsense in her life, “kind of hard to not believe in death when we grow old and die.”

“Oh yes there’s that death but a soul doesn’t die, keeps living as something else. I could become a owl in my next life or a rose for a beautiful woman to smell, of course I could be another person as well.” He leaned in smiling, “it’s why I sat down here I feel we’ve met before Clara.” Words: 21,295 INCOMPLETE (I haven’t read this but I love this author) 

How far down the rabit hole are you willing to go? by BlindedKnight

Matrix AU “Ugh, why do you drones like to keep calling me that? I’m the Doctor and you know exactly where they are, gone from your little metal hands being picked up right now.” He smirked looking around at the group of heavily armed men before staring towards the camera a slight grin forming.

“We will find them Mr Smith. You’re breaking the peace —”

He frowned shaking his head to the agent, “To hell with that agreement, you know even my side dislikes me for what I do. They all need to be set free, including you. I bet to you it even gets boring in here, especially with dealing with people like me.” He sighed, “Anyway enough talk you’ve almost got my signal haven’t you?”“Yes.”“Time for running then.” Words: 37,665 COMPLETE (So good if you like The Matrix!) 

Spotless by DaisyofGalaxy 

John Smith has one aim when he decides to again enrol his alma mater. He wants to regain memories a tragic accident stole from him. Will however life among students young enough to be his children an easy task? And will it work at all? He has no clue but somehow company of Clara, a postgraduate student of History of Art makes everything better. Whouffaldi AU with hints of Doctor/River. Words: 7,708 INCOMPLETE (Never read it- actually waiting for it to finish or get more chapters until I get overemotionally attached )

Second and Third Chances by PausedInTime

John Smith finally goes to parents evening with his failing son, Ben. He immediately takes a liking to his young teacher, Clara Oswald. Clara returns his affections and soon they become a couple and neither of them are entirely sure how they are going to tell John’s teenage son. Words: 11,603 INCOMPLETE (I really like this story- it based of a edit too) 

Rainy Mood by avespika 

John Smith’s bad day gets worse when he trips over a young woman in the rain. Words: 1217 COMPLETE (Adorable little One Shot, I love it!) 

Unsatisfied by avespika 

Basil Smith promised his late sister that he’d raise his nephews and help them find spouses. When he throws a ball to attract suitors for Troy and John he encounters the first woman in decades to hold his attention. Unfortunately Troy is also smitten.

The story where Twelve forces himself to ship Eleven/Clara. BUT it does twist a bit- Words- 3403 INCOMPLETE (I love this one- ofcourse this is due to Jenna and Victoria but this is great and has some Whouffaldi but hopefully more Whouffaldi as it goes on- just read it!)


Preservation by avespika 

Alternate Universe- Clara is a small town lawyer. The Doctor owns an island full of rare species- and a great deal of natural gas the Nestene Corporation will do anything to get. Can Clara help him save his adopted home from destruction? Words: 14,876 COMPLETE ( I adore this fic, it has recently become one of my favs- it is just sooo good) 

The Thief and the President’s Daughter by infinite_regress 

‘Really?’ Jax spluttered, ‘You? You’re the thief who took a time ship, stole the President’s daughter and stopped the Time War?’
The Doctor blushed. ‘Well, not on the same day.’

In some sectors, the Time War has not been forgiven or forgotten and time technology is illegal. Of course stories of the Time Lords are still told, but people often get them wrong. When the Doctor and Clara make an emergency landing in Devonian space the Doctor is soon recognised as the legendary hero who stopped the Time War. Who else could Clara be, but his lovely wife, the President’s daughter?

To save their skins they have to pretend to be married. Will they also face up to how they really feel about one another? Words: 16,836 COMPLETE (AHH I LOVE THIS ONE- I mean, it ranks up there right beside Everest and it also won for xXdreameaterXx’s contest!!) 

Crescendo by xXdreameaterXx  

He has loved music once. He has loved life once. Now John Smith, the Doctor, a famous conductor only seems to be drifting through life, always on the verge of a mental breakdown in his shallow and pointless existence. Until he stumbles across a street musician, a young cellist named Clara, and suddenly it all makes sense again. Orchestra AU. Words: 6,748 COMPLETE (I adore this one too- I can’t even with this one) 


Heart Of Steel by xXdreameaterXx 

David Oswald is dead, killed by his enemies. The Doctor, his right hand man, sets out to find his daughter Clara to protect her but once she realizes what kind of business her father was in she is determined to have her revenge. The Doctor is torn between protecting her from her father’s enemies and giving her everything she wants. Mafia AU. Words: 44,542 COMPLETE (seriouly, just go to xXdreameaterXx’s acount and you will find Heaven) 

Just Roommates by ThatFuckerTucker 

John Smith is a college student with a major in Physics and a minor in History. He decided to go back to college to pursue a major in Arts. Needing a roommate, he chooses none other than Clara Oswald. Will they get on well or scratch each other’s eyes out? Words: 7,410 INCOMPLETE (I like it) 

Physicians and Phonographs by whouffaldigarbage 

A Victoran AU. Clara is a maid overseeing the children of a large estate. Struggling with her own desire for freedom and the suitors pursuing her, she feels a profound lack of something in her life. One day, circumstances out of her control lead her to require the services of the mysterious and ostracized Doctor, and a friendship grows between them that leads to something more. Demons from their past come back with a vengeance, society seeks to tear them apart, the supernatural rears its ugly head, and their future stands on the precipice of extinction. Together or alone they could face it all, but the choice is not a simple one.
Rated M for future chapters. Slow burn fic. Angst, humor, the supernatural, and stuffy Victorian romance, with a dash of the original tale of Beauty and the Beast. Words: 55,212 COMPLETE AND SECOND SERIES Wow- this fic will always have a special place in my heart. It is an absolute masterpiece) 

Petty Revenge by ThatFuckerTucker 

Basically Clara wants to spite her family and goes on Craiglist where she finds an add posted by someone called The Doctor. Words: 3484 COMPLETE (bad ass fic) 

The Class Trip by xXdreameaterXx 

Clara has been looking forward to this school trip for months – almost 2 weeks on the Isle of Skye. If only it wasn’t for the obnoxious, irresponsible father of one of her students who only wants to be referred to as the Doctor and unfortunately has volunteered to accompany them on the trip. While one part of her is still considering if she could just push him off a cliff, another can’t help but think that he looks quite attractive. Rated E for later. Words: 26,837 COMPLETE (Amazing as always- awesome) 

Whouffaldi Pride and Prejudice Prompt Fill by Breakingthestandards 

The Doctor, a wealthy older gent and best friend of the also (but less) wealthy Mr Smith, has clapped eyes upon young Miss Oswald. Her parents encourage her to marry; But not him. Words: 13,279 INCOMPLETE (Why can’t this be dooonnneeee *cries in a corner* This is so good though- sadly not updated) 

The Doctor and the Princess, or, A Duty of Care by TaleasOldasTimeandSpace 

Once upon a time, Clara traveled with a man named Basil, until he was murdered by pirates. Five years later, trying to escape her engagement to Prince Rupertpink, she falls in with four men who are trying to start a war between Florin and Guilder. But they are being followed by a mysterious Man in Black…PRINCESS BRIDE AU Words: 10653 INCOMPLETE (Why can’t this one be complete too *cries even harder*- an amzing movie now with an amazing ship) 


Maybe if i loved you less by owedbetter

He has been a best man too many times and the worst man just once. She’s a wedding photographer who doesn’t quite know where she’s going.

Neither of them believe in love, they’ll say - except they do. They do. Words: 29,997 INCOMPLETE (So f*cking good- I adore this fic) 

Pasion Play by CrazyFangirl23

Clara Oswald is an experienced ballet dancer transferring to a production theatre with much different styles of dancing, and she soon meets the enigmatic John Disco, a confident and daring dancer that might just sweep her off her feet. Words: 30,130 COMPLETE (breathtakingly gorgeous) 

Turning Pages by twelveisagoodone

Clara Oswald expects lots of things of her new life: enjoy her independence, be successful at her new job, make new friends and forget the pains of the past. What she doesn’t expect is to fall for the guy next door. Alternate Universe where Clara is basically Clara and the Doctor is a University professor who lives in the same building. Words: 42,606 INCOMPLETE (Absolutely Fantastic) 

Changing Tides by bgeiner (yours truly) 

The streets of Gallifrey were not meant for midnight strolls. You will not find any couples or children out past 12 o’clock on these streets, only shadows that creep in the night, filled with darkness and terror. Sadly, Clara Oswald didn’t know this…Alternate Universe - A Gang AU, boiled down to the Timelords vs. Daleks   Words: 13058 INCOMPLETE (By no means is this self promotion, I am simpluy stating an AU fic- it’s not the worst thing you will ever read but the other fics on here are better than this rubbish) 


While going through these- There are sooooo many, may I just give you the ones that are my favs-ish? There are so many out there, non-AU and Colepaldi- explore! So many beautiful people write these amazing works of art and need to be appreciated, so please, love your authors, comment, kudo- talk to them and say what you loved, hated, what you want more of or what drove you crazy! 

PS: If you want to know other Fics- please don’t be afriad to ask. Yes you can just go on these sites and look them up but If you need anything, you know where to find me!


August 16th

My dear Shelley,

I am very much gratified that you, in a foreign country, and with a mind almost over occupied, should write to me in the strain of the Letter beside me. If I do not take advantage of your invitation it will be prevented by a circumstance I have very much at heart to prophesy – There is no doubt that an english winter would put an end to me, and do so in a lingering hateful manner, therefore I must either voyage or journey to Italy as a soldier marches up to a battery. My nerves at present are the worst part of me, yet they feel soothed when I think that come what extreme may, I shall not be destined to remain in one spot long enough to take a hatred of any four particular bed-posts. I am glad you take any pleasure in my poor Poem; – which I would willingly take the trouble to unwrite, if possible, did I care so much as I have done about Reputation. I received a copy of the Cenci, as from yourself from Hunt. There is only one part of it I am judge of; the Poetry, and dramatic effect, which by many spirits nowadays is considered the mammon. A modern work it is said must have a purpose, which may be the God – an artist must serve Mammon – he must have “self concentration” selfishness perhaps. You I am sure will forgive me for sincerely remarking that you might curb your magnanimity and be more of an artist, and ‘load every rift’ of your subject with ore. The thought of such discipline must fall like cold chains upon you, who perhaps never sat with your wings furl’d for six Months together. And is not this extraordina[r]y talk for the writer of Endymion? whose mind was like a pack of scattered cards – I am pick’d up and sorted to a pip. My Imagination is a Monastry and I am its Monk – you must explain my metap [for metaphysics] to yourself. I am in expectation of Prometheus every day. Could I have my own wish for its interest effected you would have it still in manuscript – or be but now putting an end to the second act. I remember you advising me not to publish my first-blights, on Hampstead heath – I am returning advice upon your hands. Most of the Poems in the volume I send you have been written above two years, and would never have been publish’d but from a hope of gain; so you see I am inclined enough to take your advice now. I must exp[r]ess once more my deep sense of your kindness, adding my sincere thanks and respects for Mrs Shelley. In the hope of soon seeing you (I) remain

most sincerely yours,
John Keats

“Sweet and Low” (from “The Princess”) - Alfred, Lord Tennyson (1809-1892)

Sweet and low, sweet and low,
        Wind of the western sea,
Low, low, breathe and blow,
        Wind of the western sea!
Over the rolling waters go,
Come from the dying moon, and blow,
        Blow him again to me;
While my little one, while my pretty one, sleeps.

Sleep and rest, sleep and rest,
        Father will come to thee soon;
Rest, rest, on mother’s breast,
        Father will come to thee soon;
Father will come to his babe in the nest,
Silver sails all out of the west
        Under the silver moon:
Sleep, my little one, sleep, my pretty one, sleep.

Sea-Coast at Night, near the Beacon, Ivan Aivazovsky, 1837

I want to love Edgar Allen Poe’s Murder Mystery Dinner Party. I do. But there is one thing about it that is driving me crazy and I need to get it off my chest. I need to talk about Charlotte Brontë ’s costume.

I get that the costumes are not supposed to be period accurate. I do! 

Look at Louisa May Alcott

and Mary Shelley

Their costumes are great! Not remotely period accurate, but they look like a vaguely modern interpretation of what these characters might have worn. Fine.

Some of the characters are wearing clothes more inspired by their period, like Annabel Lee

A fictional character from a poem which was published in 1849. This dress isn’t that bad, it’s obviously not period accurate but the neckline and sleeves are reasonable.

Even Emily Dickinson

Her costume works. Cloak is fine, nondescript dress is fine, lace is fine. It doesn’t have to be accurate. (and is presumably from before the time in her life where she started wearing only white)

But then there’s Charlotte Brontë .

That is clearly meant to be a Regency gown. Look at the silhouette! But Charlotte Brontë wasn’t born until 1816! By 1830 this dress was already well on its way out. I don’t know how old Charlotte is supposed to be here, but if she’s at least 20 then we’re looking at late 1830′s to 1840′s and this dress just doesn’t make any sense! Why would they choose such a distinctive style that was confined to a very specific period for a character who doesn’t belong in it??

Also, why is Charlotte posh and wrinkling her nose at her character being ‘poor’? The Brontë’s were poor! (Well, they weren’t wealthy.) Charlotte had to work as a teacher and governess!

I’m not a real fashion historian, I just have an interest in 19th century British literature and history, and also I like dresses. Please, someone, correct me if I’m wrong. Or help me come to terms with this so that I can enjoy the rest of the series.

P.S. George Eliot was just a pen name, Mary Evans didn’t live as a man. But it’s funny so I’ll let it pass. 

“Magna Est Veritas”- Coventry Patmore (1823-1896)

Here, in this little Bay,
Full of tumultuous life and great repose,
Where, twice a day,
The purposeless, glad ocean comes and goes,
Under high cliffs, and far from the huge town,
I sit me down.
For want of me the world’s course will not fail:
When all its work is done, the lie shall rot;
The truth is great, and shall prevail,
When none cares whether it prevail or not.

View across Frenchman’s Bay from Mount Desert Island after a Squall, Thomas Cole, 1845

“The ‘Moses’ of Michael Angelo”- Robert Browning (1812-1889)

Note: Mizraïm = the Hebrew name for Egypt.

And who is He that, sculptured in huge stone,
   Sitteth a giant, where no works arrive
   Of straining Art, and hath so prompt and live
The lips, I hasten to their very tone?
Moses is He—Ay, that makes clearly known
   The chin’s thick boast, and brow’s prerogative
   Of double ray; so did the mountain give
Back to the world that visage, God was grown
Great part of! Such was he when he suspended
   Round him the sounding and vast waters; such
      When he shut sea on sea o’er Mizraïm.
And ye, his hordes, a vile calf raised, and bended
   The knee? This Image had ye raised, not much
      Had been your error in adoring Him.

Moses, Michelangelo Buonarroti, 1513-15.  Sculpted for the tomb of Pope Julius II in the Church of San Pietro in Vincoli, Rome.  Photo credit: Jörg Bittner Unna/Wikimedia Commons.

“Silence”- Thomas Hood (1799-1845)

There is a silence where hath been no sound,  
   There is a silence where no sound may be,  
   In the cold grave—under the deep deep sea,
Or in the wide desert where no life is found,
Which hath been mute, and still must sleep profound;  
   No voice is hush’d—no life treads silently,  
   But clouds and cloudy shadows wander free,
That never spoke, over the idle ground:
But in green ruins, in the desolate walls  
   Of antique palaces, where Man hath been,
Though the dun fox, or wild hyena, calls,  
   And owls, that flit continually between,
Shriek to the echo, and the low winds moan,
There the true Silence is, self-conscious and alone.

Monastery Ruins at Eldena, Caspar David Friedrich, ca. 1825