19th birthday today

I got surgery yesterday morning and all I can do is lay in bed and fight off this fever and try not to die. The surgery went well but around 1 pm yesterday I had to go to the emergency room bevause my uvula and my throat were swelling up and I couldn’t breathe. I was throwing up by the time I got into a room at the hospital. They gave me an iv and lots of drugs. I kept falling asleep but my oxygen level was so low the nurse had to keep waking me up. She finally put me on an oxygen tube to make sure I was breathing. Alex sat with me the whole time but he didn’t feel good and I think he was upset because he doesn’t like hospitals either. I’m thankful Shae-Lynn showed up because she’s the only one who truly understands how much I hate hospitals. I slept in the room until the swelling went down and I could go home. Now I’m home and alex is giving me my medicine at the scheduled times and I’ll I can do is lay here helplessly until I feel better. I’m so sad. Happy fucking birthday to me.


Made these Johnson lock screen in honor of his 19th birthday today 💕

I’m so proud of all that you’ve accomplished, and I love you more than you could imagine. 

You’re going to go so far in life, Angel. I love you. 

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i recall a long farewell
and a time to choose
so we part like rivers baby
yeah, like rivers do

for emmie! happy birthday sweetheart!!

whentheskytouchesthesea  asked:

STEIFVATER - please help me! It's my 19th birthday today, which means that I'm legally allowed to down as many beers and shots as my liver can handle (I'm in Canada). The problem is, I don't drink for extremely personal reason that i don't like sharing. How can I tell people that don't want to just hear "I don't drink" that I WILL NOT be participating in the alcoholic merriment, without dumping my soul on them?

Dear whentheskytouchesthesea,

I also do not drink. 

It is not for any special reason — at least, no reason more special than why I don’t play tennis. I have nothing against tennis. I know how to play tennis. I don’t care if other people play tennis. I myself have even played tennis in the past, enough to know that I don’t really care if I ever play tennis again. I have discovered through thirty-four years of life that I’m just as capable of having a good time if I’m not playing tennis and it’s cheaper to not have tennis equipment.

People don’t seem to care that I don’t play tennis. People seem to care that I don’t drink. A lot. 

They’ve urged me to loosen up, asked if I’m pregnant, guessed that I’m a recovering alcoholic, bought me drinks to sit in front of me, told me one of these days we’re gonna get you drunk and see how fun you really are. 

Sorry, boys, I’ve done the science previously and this is as fun as I get.

I used to explain myself. I had gotten it down to a very short explanation that brought my companions gently to the understanding that I would not be drinking, that I wasn’t judging their drinking and that I was going to have a fine, uninhibited time. 

Now, however, I am thirty-four and crotchety. Now I just order a milk and let them draw their own conclusions. I’m bored with people who think it’s amusing or acceptable to pressure other people into looking like them, whatever looking like them might be at that thematic moment in time. You get to captain your own ship, whentheskytouchesthesea, and that means you and you alone get to decide what you want to put in your body and when and how you want to shed your inhibitions. Anyone who suggests otherwise, even in a jocular, well-meaning way, is actually asking to take the helm of your ship.

And I’ve long since lost interest in letting other people drive.

I suppose you are thinking, as teens often confess to me, that if you appear to be a lousy drinking partner, you will lose your friends. But if their idea of fun is going out drinking and your idea of fun is something else, you were going to wander away from them eventually anyway. The hard fact of friendship is that you need to make time for new friends by first stripping out the people who are using your energy in an unsatisfying way. You have to take that risk of being friendless to make room in your life for others who will be your new best friends.

This has wandered from your question. The answer to your question is: “I’ll have water.”

Happy birthday.



ciphersnazzy  asked:

Hug each other! Hug! Hug! Hug! Hug! Hug!

((WOOO! Have some fluff in celebration of Admin Hana’s birthday today (19th) and Admin Clover’s birthday tomorrow (20th)


It would’ve been Trayvon Martin’s 19th birthday today. Don’t waste your time with people who see his unaccidental killing as an abstract arguing point, devoid of emotion and the acknowledgement of a material reality when its been ingrained in black youth (both boys and girls) since adolescence that police brutality and our race being a valid enough reason to be stalked and shot, otherwise with no legitimacy. These people are walking parasites who pride them on being “objective” and “not PC”, who think antagonizing a community of people in pain is a worthy stance to take while police and overzealous vigilante take out our youth every 36 hours. They’ll zap all the energy and hope you have. Fuck them.

Take this time instead to make sincere prayers for his soul and his family that’s left to cope with this tremendous loss.