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This is Part II of the August Trilogy so stay tuned and enjoy xx

Louis is sure he’s stumbled upon a secret, underground nightclub, though that is far from the truth. He’s also pretty sure he’s stumbled upon Apollo, which… isn’t very far from the truth, actually.

Modern Greek mythology AU

Harry’s job to investigate and stop any threats to National and International security as MI6’s top operative, which in this case, might just be Louis, over glorified Personal Assistant / Ministerial Diary Secretary to the Prime Minister, no matter how blue his eyes are or what his tight pants might do to Harry.

With Harry as James Bond, Louis as his Bond Girl, Liam as M, Niall as Moneypenny, and Zayn as Q.

Louis is a white witch with a little black cat named Hemlock and a best human friend Liam. When he’s dragged out to a new club Liam’s heard about from a friend and classmate, Louis comes face to face with that which witches do not touch: a charming vampire by the name of Harry.

When Louis goes back for his third year of drama in Manchester, he expects many things. He expects that he will doing his best as the new footie captain, he expects to get great grades and he expects to see his old friends. What he doesn’t expect at all is to meet the boy that will turn his world upside down.

Or the Uni AU where everyone is just a little too oblivious.

Louis works for Niall and somehow gets seduced by his friend Harry Styles. It wasn’t written in the stars or anything.

Louis is his soulmate. Or at least Harry thinks he is. Louis feels the same as Louis. But there are a lot of people named Louis in the world and this Louis might not be the Louis. It’s besides the point though, because Harry knows he can’t allow himself to get close to any boys. He just can’t and he’s told himself this multiple times. He has to simply stay away from Louis Tomlinson. 

But he can’t. Harry Styles can never stay away from Louis Tomlinson. It’s physically impossible for him to.

Louis is the Crown Prince of Camelot and Harry is a druid hiding his magic. It would have been a lot easier if he didn’t also have to deal with a forbidden love, a dangerous quest and a whole lot of trouble.

Louis wanted him so badly. Wanted Harry to pick him up, bite him, and break him. Make Louis his, make Louis cry, make Louis a beautiful, plump, pregnant omega

Harry is the CEO of Flora Corp, Louis is his new secretary.

Prince Harold Edward Styles Lancaster is second in line to the throne of Great Britain. He is also your average Uni student- or he tries to be, anyway.

With a promise from the press (and his father) that they’ll leave him alone for four years, he sets out to be a student at Cambridge, when he meets his very normal, very working class, very handsome suite-mate, Louis Tomlinson.

Louis makes Harry feel more like a person than he ever has before, which might cause some issues later on- ‘cause Harry has a secret that he’s only told his sister Gemma about.

Little does he know though, that Louis has some secrets of his own.

After being blindsided and dumped by his boyfriend Isaac, Louis does the only thing he can do: wallow and mope. But when Harry tells Louis that karma’s going to get Isaac eventually, Louis decides karma isn’t moving fast enough. He takes matters into his own hands, and if he has to drag Harry into his schemes and seduction plans, then so be it.

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Hi, do you know of any fics where either Jungkook, Jimin, Yoongi, or Tae or tattoo artists or they have a lot of tattoos? ...I like tattoos I'm sorry :(

Why are you apologizing? I also like tattoos ^-^

Babysitter by heyhosam [Jikook, T, 24k]

watercolor by TheHalesNyx [Yoonkook, M, 18k]

i say that i’m gonna erase you (but i still can’t let you go) by misanthrpic [Taekook, T, 4k]

Play Dead by merelypretty [Taekook, M, 30k]

Tattooed Heart by miniimin [Yoonmin, T, 3.5k]

As You Are by jonghyunslisterine [Jikook, E, 19k]

Until We Get There by lethallergic [Taekook, M, 13k]

Bubblegum Bitch by snowmoney [Taekook, E, 33k]

hold me like i’m hope by orphan_account [Taekook, E, 27k]

tats'n'thots by Deaths_Impala [Taekook, T, 12k]

Stigma of the Flesh; Tattoo My Intent on You by Takujaepls[Yoonkook, E, 16k]

kiss me, kiss me by skswriting[Yoonkook, T, 2.2k]

Butterfingers by ohdizzy[Yoonmin, T, 13k]

what’s in a name by skswriting[Yoonkook, T, 2.4k]

Fix You by wowoashley (orphan_account) [Taekook, E, 9.8k]

Beauty in all forms by Penjasin[Yoonmin, E, 4.7k]

in between our couple shoes (are a pair of baby sneakers) by sophia7[Yoonmin, T, 11k]

Ripped Jeans and Velvet Skin by strangedesires [Taekook, E, 10k]

i.. got carried away

- N

kylux fic recs

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4


  • In The Days Still Left by carefulben, 53k wip / The instructions are clear, but following them will take more strength of nerves and willpower than either General Hux or Kylo Ren could have anticipated.
  • Know Thyself by theascetic, 92k / Let’s pretend it’s true. Let’s pretend we conspired together to overthrow him.
  • An Advisor To Wake Up To by GreyLiliy, 20k wip / A new job is not quite what Hux had in mind. Dealing with Kylo’s Ren calling to the Light, even less so.
  • You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger by hollycomb, 36k / Hux had a single beloved toy as a child. As an adult, he meets a faceless shadow of a man who reminds him uncomfortably of what was once his prized possession.
  • My Skin Is Theirs by Clarice Chiara Sorcha, 10k / Apparently, Lieutenant Mitaka has quite the collection of saucy softcore Cadet Hux pictures. Apparently, Kylo Ren thinks this is entirely inappropriate in men of their standing. Apparently, General Hux has an idea.
  • Take the Current by lobstergirl, 40k wip / Kylo Ren and General Hux have been left behind to die along with the planet that has failed to serve its purpose. 




  • I Don’t Want Love by saltandrockets, 88k / Captured by the Resistance, Hux lies about being pregnant to avoid immediate execution. There’s only one problem: It turns out not to be a lie.
  • Son Of Mine by ballvvasher, 275k wip / Supreme Leader Snoke gives Kylo Ren a mission to strengthen the Knights’ of Ren hold on the First Order. / content warning!



  • Sweet Home Arkanis by Gefionne, 68k / Hux is engaged to the man of his dreams. There’s just one catch: he’s already married to his high school sweetheart, Ben Solo. Now he needs a divorce, and he needs it fast.
  • Family Values by SpookMouse, 16k / “Alone on Thanksgiving? Mad at your dad? I am a 28 year old felon with no high school degree. If you’d like to have me as your strictly platonic date for Thanksgiving, but have me pretend to be in a very long or serious relationship with you, to torment your family, I’m game.” 
  • Quarry by samzillastomps, 50k / Hux has to move forward, and he finds that while some things are worth running from, certain things are also worth standing and fighting for.
  • Kylux Animal Welfare AU, 57k / Hux hasn’t had a date in six years and Kylo’s been trying to work out how to ask him out for the last four.
  • Reconditioning by JinxedAmbitions, 139k wip / The FBI is looking to take down one of the country’s most elusive prostitution rings, specializing in the types of sex that Ben’s boss has only read about in the novel his wife hides under the bed. 
  • Fanboy by helvel, 19k / Just because Hux works at a Star Wars theme park doesn’t mean he’s some kind of fanboy. 
  • Scattered Silver at Your Feet by MargaretKire, 17k / Hux gets set up with a blind date. Too bad the kid is not his type at all. (Hux might just be lying to himself about what his type really is).
  • Control Risk by littlesystems, 25k / Hux is an auditor who is attracted to hot messes. Kylo Ren is a hot mess.
  • Friends With Renefits by MoonwalkingCrab, 37k / The Rules: 1. Just sex, no feelings, 2. The arrangement lasts as long as is beneficial, 3. Either party can choose to end the arrangement, no questions asked, 4. No kissing
  • Skin Deep by Misaya, 15k wip / Armitage Hux discovers the desire to be held tightly. Kylo Ren, the senator’s son, has just the right frame to provide that protection.
  • Swipe Right for Slow Burn Regret by JinxedAmbitions, 55k wip / Workaholic Hux doesn’t have time for relationships. It’s all fine until he accidentally swipes right on Ben “Call me Kylo” Solo, and they’re a match 
  • breezeblocks by bioticnerfherder, 21k wip / Hux takes a much needed vacation before continuing with his studies. He meets someone who will shake up his life - for good.
  • They Go Wild by GravityDefyingHair, 23k wip / In the aftermath of his father’s death, Kylo Ren tries to commune with nature and work through his problems through hiking the Pacific Crest Trail.
  • All The Way To Your Door by kyluxtrashcompactor, 105k wip / Six months ago, Hux lied to his father. He said the man in the picture he pulled up on his phone was his fiancé. 
  • Take the Dive by JinxedAmbitions, 62k / Hux needs to prove he’s still the best in the world, but more than that he wants to prove to himself that he can move past Ben. 


  • The Secret Heart by slutpunk, 48k / Hux is an up-and-coming actor when Poe comes to him with the script that will make his career.
  • ren, solo by dadcastellanos, 40k / Make Kylo Ren, the mysterious and volatile frontman of the metal band Knights of Ren, a successful solo project. Can Hux juggle Ren’s petulance, insecurities and oddities well enough to get this band off the ground?
  • Bohemian Rhapsody by for_autumn_i_am, 18k / Kylo is a street musician in Prague. Hux is touring with the prestigious First Order Orchestra. They collide. Hard.
  • Pointe Shoes and Prana-Bindu by GenerallyHuxurious, 14k wip / Imagine Kylo dancing in layer after layer of dark sheer diaphanous fabric, shot through with silver and iridescent glitter so every time he spins he looks like a nebula exploding and folding it on itself, he is the birth of universes and the death of everything with each impossibly light and graceful step.




  • None of Your Business by samzillastomps, 20k / Hux is keeping his head above the water with his slightly pretentious bookstore, but just barely. 
  • stet by acroamatica, 17k / All Kylo Ren needs is a good enough monster and a small enough town, a cast of people who are relatable but maybe not very bright, and an editor who will sit back and let him do his thing.
  • Parchment & Vellum by Gefionne, 32k / For Hux, rare books librarian, the reading room is his sanctuary, but when graduate student Kylo Ren arrives, Hux’s ordered world is turned on its head.


  • Does It Have a Name by Arision, 40k / Hux wonders how long it will take him to bend the tantrum-throwing hell-spawn over his knee and give him the paddling he so richly deserves.
  • The Bodyguard by soIiIoquy, 57k wip / Kylo accepted the possibly dangerous but incredibly lucrative position of bodyguard to the son of Senator Brendol Hux


  • Vitas Brevis, Ars Longa by baethoven, 45k / Kylo Ren is a ridiculous student in his “Business And the Arts” seminar. Hux hates whimsical artists and Kylo’s attitude. Kylo hates school and this bullshit class. 
  • Anyone But You by zamwessell, 14k / Hux meets Mitaka’s roommate, Kylo Ren – who is everything he shouldn’t want. 


BONUS! When Hux of one kylux universe meets another:

  • Modern Emperors by fedaykin, GenerallyHuxurious, 62k wip / Two Huxes walk into a bar… Lieutenant General Auren Hux of the First Order just wants to celebrate his promotion with a quiet night out. Instead he finds himself magically transported to modern day Earth where he is practically dropped in the lap of assassin Eamon Hux, a man being hunted for the bounty on his head. Will they act rationally to seeing a clone of themselves in front of them? NO! Will they ever stop groping each other long enough to deal with the serious threats? MAYBE! 

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Can you recommend some High School AUs? By the way I love your blog! ♥

Of course I can! <3 Thank you<3<3<3

don’t wanna dance (with anybody but you) by busan_brat [NamSeok, rated T. 14k]

Pink Sweaters by NastaeTae [TaeKook, rated E, 19k]

i < 3u by jeonify [JiKook, rated G, 4k]

Operation: Get Taehyung a Boyfriend by springrain21 [TaeKook&YoonMin, rated T, 14k]

my heart is beating (like a jungle drum) by euphoriae [JiKook, rated T, 5k]

existentialism on prom night by armutluvotka [TaeGi, rated T, 6.6k]

Badminton Star Catches The Snail by kuragecharms [TaeGi, rated G, 7k]

Confessions by miskeen [NamSeok, rated M, 5k]

You In My Moonlight by dreamshades [YoonSeok, rated T, 7.9k]

43 kisses by yoojung (kyungchul) [YoonKook, rated T, 5k]

there’s no need to play pretend by taetrash [TaeKook, rated T, 3k]

OKay Enjoy <3<3<3<<3<3<3

-Admin Nana


just assume they’re all explicit, most of them are. read all of these before tomorrow so you can enjoy some GREAT fanfics before TFP ruins us, either for better or for worse. ik some of these are long but i usually don’t feel fully satisfied with the 3k ones, and i’m not putting in any novel-lengths. however, if you want to read all of these together, the wordcount becomes a generous amount that can distract you for at least a few hours :^)

all of these i have read more than once, and have loved VERY MUCH. please find yourself this last sweet relief before death. beware i am an angst queen so this isn’t a fluff fix-it rec, but all of these have happy endings ; u;


Between Friends by SilentAuror (18k) - sherlock is naked and tied up and john comes to save him, but sherlock’s body reacts… as does johns. some great john-in-denial, pining-but-frustrated sherlock, and it’s almost like a 5+1 because they keep getting into some compromising positions ;)

Drive by liveonmars (10k) - awesome little fic, it’s not a casefic or PWP or fluff but it has a bit of excitement in it!! basically the boys get stranded out on a deserted road with their car, and end up having to share body heat in the car to keep warm

Shadows on the Wall by AraSigyrn (18k) - now i went into this hoping for some specific/explicit johnlock, and while it IS a johnlock fic, nothing between them happens in it (but it reinforces that they belong together). basically, john becomes psychic in afghanistan. it’s a retelling of S1 and it makes you WISH john was psychic in canon, because it all makes SO much sense!!

The Thin Line by Odamaki (11k) - LOVE THIS basically both of them have to hop in a wardrobe to hide during a case. john gets an erection. it’s delightfully funny, my favorite part is when john is like ‘i need a…’ (moment) and then sherlock gropes him thinking that he was going to say ‘hand’ and john goes OH JESUS CHRIST NOT WHAT I MEANT

A Slowly Dawning Attraction by MitsuruAki (12k) - I HAVE READ THIS COUNTLESS TIMES!! it’s so in character and so so so cute. 5 times john and sherlock almost kissed, and the one time they did… the +1 is my favorite thing EVER my lordt

Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder by cypress_tree (11k) - also known as how much freaking UST can you read in one sitting. for an experiment, john and sherlock can’t touch each other for one month. you can probably guess what happens

We Go Anywhere But To The Ground by geordielover (25k) - i am the biggest fan of john!whump. this is the most angsty rec on this list, john goes to a dark place after TRF but when sherlock returns, they both build themselves back up together. very lovely

The Detective and the Pin-Up by XistentialAngst (16k) - huehuehue this one is great. a secret comes out - back in the army, john watson posed for a pin-up calendar and it effects sherlock VERY MUCH. it’s so hilarious, like everyone at the NSY ends up becoming attracted to john lmao

Their Great Reward by BeautifulFiction (10k) - i know it’s a bit late for christmas fics, but this is too damn good. it’s boxing day, and the electricity is out and both boys are stuck in baker street. the love moment is honestly to great and this is wonderfully in character

A Satisfactory Arrangement by SilentAuror (18k) - now that mary’s gone and john is back at baker street, john proposes that he and sherlock start having sex. no strings attached, of course. really very good, it shows them gradually coming together (pun intended) and i love the fwb-to-lovers trope

More Things Than Are Dreamt Of (Series) by 1electricpirate (38k) - lastly, potterlock, but complies with canon (for the most part haha). the cutest little series. it addresses the thing i want to do EVERYTIME; when sherlock is going to jump off the roof, john yanks him back!! it’s one of the fandom classics, so even if you aren’t a fan of harry potter (i’m not the BIGGEST fan myself), it’s gorgeously written and my personal motivation towards how i want to write a magical realism fic someday :-)

**BONUS: kiss me on the mouth & set me free (but please don’t bite) by chrysanthemumsies (19k) - shameless self-promotion. five times john gets drunk and has sex with sherlock, and the one time sherlock gets drunk and can’t do the same. and if you want to read my other stuff and bully me into updating, then be my guest!!

i hope this helps y’all out. i don’t know how interested i’ll be in reading johnlock after The Final Problem, for whatever reason, so i’d thought i’d put together a little list while i still have the motivation. i hope this can distract y’all from the Fuckening for a little bit <3

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hello!! i was wondering if you know of any famous/not famous fics but specifically where one of them is in a band? thank you!!!!

hmmm … okay, lets say only band member and not solo singer , right?

- Empty Skies : For three years, Harry has been running from his past. Now, he is moving to London and pledges to fulfil his only dream – making it big in the music industry. Not everyone has a place, though, and the competition is tough. As is his past catching up on him.Louis is part of the biggest boy band of the world, and getting there had meant a lot of hard work, as well as sacrificing parts of his heart and soul. He’s still happy. Maybe not as happy as he could be, but who is he to complain? Featuring Perrie as Harry’s adorable flatmate, Niall as his manager, and Liam and Zayn as Louis’ bandmates.     (134k)  

- zipping across the stars : One Direction consists of five people; Louis, Zayn, Niall, Liam, and Gemma. When the band preforms at Wembley Stadium the boys are introduced to Gemma’s younger brother Harry.Louis wishes he had known that before he threw himself at the boy for six hours but he can’t stop now can he? (10k)

- led by your beating heart : AU where Harry’s in One Direction, Louis isn’t, and they reconnect over a game of ‘Call or Delete’. (29k)

- My English Love Affair : The thing about sleeping with a member of a famous indie band is that the inevitability of having a song written about you is most likely a hundred percent. The second thing is that in the end, nobody’s supposed to find out it’s about you. The one where Harry writes a song about his English love affair and Louis sleeps with someone in White Eskimo and all he gets is a stupid song written about him. (19k)

- Thought The Song Was Sung :Louis never auditioned for the X-Factor.  Years later, Harry’s just another gay ex-boybander who lives alone with his cat…   until Niall decides to take matters into his own hands and set up a profile for Harry on a dating website. (12k)

- California Sold    : Notoriously closeted boyband member Harry Styles is famous on a global scale, meanwhile Louis, as his best friend, is back home in Manchester, living the typical life of a 24 year old. When Harry needs Louis with him in LA, a publicity stunt gone wrong changes their friendship forever. A fake-relationship AU between two lifelong best friends. (123k)

- Of Love and Blood and Hate  “You auditioned without me,” Louis says, his voice disbelieving. “How the fuck can you stand there and hurl all this shit at me when you literally left me behind to go audition for the show we’d been dreaming of being on together?”  “What was I supposed to do, Louis? You refused to audition with me unless we were honest about being a couple. I knew we never would have made it past the first auditions. You left me no other choice; it was either audition alone or not audition at all.“  Louis feels his own eyes start to fill with tears. “You chose a fucking reality show over our relationship. If you still don’t see that you made the wrong choice than I don’t think there’s any reason for me to waste another second here.”A Famous/Non-Famous turned Famous/Famous AU where Harry makes the biggest mistake of his life and Louis’ left to pick up the pieces. (24k)

- say you want me : Louist95: @HarryStyles, I’m personally offended that you haven’t invited me to your concert in Leeds next week. Proper fan I am and all.HarryStyles: @Louist95 Proper fan? I’m personally offended on behalf of all our fans everywhere that you’ve lumped yourself with them. ~ A Famous/Not-Famous AU featuring Liam, Zayn, and Harry as the members of Sonic Boom, an English band that unexpectedly sky rocketed to international fame, Niall as their biggest fan, and Louis as the exact opposite. Harry’s a closeted pop star and Louis is the uni student he keeps fighting with on Twitter. It’s all silly banter until it turns into something else. (31k)

- the impossible now :: A wish on Christmas Eve sends Louis to an alternate dimension where Harry is a member of One Direction. (50k)

- you’ve set on me : Harry’s been completely blindsided, is the thing. Like a car without headlights crashing into him. It’s not that he thought he’d never see Louis again in his life. It’s just this. He wasn’t ready for this. au. louis’ in an obscure band. harry’s an international popstar. their paths aren’t meant to cross, not like this, but when louis’ band signs on as harry’s opening act, both harry and louis are forced to confront the open wounds of their shared past. (31k).

- If You Love Me Right, We Fuck For Life       : Harry and Louis loved each other once, it was bright and beautiful, a love that people envied. But Louis took an opportunity he couldn’t refuse and joined a band with Zayn Malik and Liam Payne. Harry and Louis’ relationship took a turn for the worst when their band got signed and the couple broke up as a result, neither too sure if it was for the best. When Louis runs into Harry a couple years later, feelings are rekindled. (7k)

- Obviously: Louis is blind and a fan of One Direction, aka Harry Styles, and when they meet Louis’ life turns upside down. (64k)

- You You You : Or, the one where Harry and Louis meet at a club and Louis takes Harry home, only for him to realize that the boy who just made him breakfast half naked is Harry Styles from One Direction. (137k)

Personal Captain America Civil War fix-it fics rec list

First of all, kudos to lovely @the-vorkosigan, who motivated me to actually put together a list of post-CW fics, without her I wouldn’t manage to do it.

Secondly, this list is entirely personal & based on my personal preferences. I’m sure there are lots of great post-CW fics out there besides those mentioned here.

Thirdly, I’m Tony Stark Defense Squad to the core, and I guess this list made it obvious, so… idk, be informed & prepared? :)

Here we go (in no particular order):

And In The Silence That Follows by lazywriter7

19,5k words, M

It’s not fully-fledged Stony, but it’s absolutely brilliant, full of hidden gems though angsty. Worth reading 100%. Kinda like «Captain America: Civil War theoretical justification of consequences 101». Idk how to put it better, so… just read it, it’s truly beautiful though bittersweet. Oh, and Hawkeye is awesome, as always. And T’Challa is awesome too. And everyone is apparently wiser than Steve (figures) :) And FRIDAY is so sweet & …. oh my I don’t even know why I’m still talking, just go & read it already :)

“He should have an Avenger with him.” Steve murmured, too quiet to be heard.

Evidently not. For Sam smiled next to him, lips twisted, voice filled with a queer, bitter compunction. “Which one? The android or the cripple?”

“Sometime during that battle, the fight stopped being about freedom and the Avengers’ ability to save the world when it needed them, and became about protecting Bucky Barnes instead. And while I’d never back down from saving a man’s life, Captain.” Clint’s eyes flashed, from things brighter than emotion. “We damn well should have had the right to make that choice for ourselves.”

I said to call me when you need me (But it is I who need you now) by rz_jocelyn

Gen, 2k words

Sam Wilson is awesome. And basically every phrase is gold.

‘I was angry, you know, so angry when he kept Ultron a secret from all of us.’ Steve’s laugh was an ugly sound. ‘I was so mad at him. Even though Bruce was also involved, I could forgive him. Even after I found out that it was Wanda who had pushed Tony into such desperate measures through her mental manipulations, I still forgave her. But Tony, I was still so angry with him. Something that big, I trusted him to tell me about it. Instead, he kept it from me, lied to me and only told me the truth when it blew up in our faces.’

‘He didn’t think that we would listen; that we would understand. Sam, he only wanted to protect us.’ ‘I only wanted to protect him.’

An Infinite Number Of Monkeys At Typewriters (Or, Steve and Tony Finally Get It Right) by JenTheSweetie

M, 19k words

Doctor Strange saves the day :)

Now usually I’m not all that interested in parallel universes, dimensions-traveling and all that jazz, but this was like a fairytale, so…

«Steve, come on, it’s not a fairytale»

«Isn’t it?» Strange said, stepping into the office. «And here I was all ready to play the fairy godmother.»

Like a Postcard Phrase by isellys

T, 5k words

Texting. A bit of humor, a bit of reminiscing, a bit of starry-eyed Wanda, a bit of daddy!Clint, Sam is once again awesome, no super angsty angst, and really, really sweet & warm.

Have you ever seen an android powered by a magical alien stone pine? It’s sad. It’s like seeing a normal person pine, except he glows sometimes.

Unknown Number by @copperbadge

Starring: The One And Only Tony Stark, Sullen Surrogate Daughter, Bird Costume & Angriest Bird.

It’s just some excerpts, not the complete fic, but as brilliant as anything copperbadge writes.

In Case of (Coronary) Emergency by @veldeia

T, 1,3k words

He doesn’t expect Steve to pick up, so when that actually happens, Tony almost drops it. His hand is shaking. His other arm, the left, aches fiercely.

“Tony?” Steve’s voice cuts through the ringing in Tony’s ears.

“Steve. I’m sorry,” Tony says. “Also, fuck you.”

Hope for the Hopeless by @owltype

Really, really short series, just ~4k words in total, but so sweet. Post-CW fluff, even.

“How do we always wind up here?” Steve asks.

Tony’s voice catches in his throat. “Because we’re idiots,” he answers, his voice soft, afraid that if he speaks any louder it’ll shatter this tender moment between them.

It’s What You Choose That Counts, In The End by @the-vorkosigan

T, 8,5k words

The whole family is back together, and it’s Halloween and it’s Harry Potter references and it’s perfect. I couldn’t even pick up a favorite quote, it’s just… Fuck it, it’s absolutely perfect.

Never Eye To Eye by @the-vorkosigan

M, 26k words.

As good as you can possibly imagine & even better. Angst, chemistry & tension, sooooo many emotions and, of course, happy ending. This one is imperative to read. It’s classic, and it’s gold, and it’s EVERYTHING.

“Tell me,” Tony said quietly “how is it that I always get the impression you expect the worst from me, in advance, and then, afterwards, you still manage to be disappointed in me somehow, every fucking time?”

Clint is Allergic to Feels by @fangirlingmanaged 

Hawkeye saves the day :) Just a cute one-shot to warm up one’s heart amidst all the post-CW angst.

Our Shared Mutual Destruction by GreenLoki

M, 3,5k words

After all, who did he value more – a few friends who had gotten him through a world he couldn’t even recognise, a few friends who he had fought with, had drinks with, respected, laughed with? Or the one friend he had known since he was just a kid in the early forties? Who had been through everything with him, who had followed him through anything? A friend that he had lost and mourned and found again?

Tusk by @laudatenium 

M, 6,5k words

Beautifully written angst.

Tony knows what he’s doing, he knows what he’s saying. He knows he probably shouldn’t. But for once, he just wants to have the freedom to burn everything. It’s been his job to preserve, to clean up, to repair, to fix. The sour, stinging center of him just wants to be expulsive like he used to be, to blow everything up and leave it behind for everyone else. He wants to rip Steve to shreds, because Steve doesn’t care that he ripped Tony to shreds.

Maybe he can’t burn everything, but maybe he can burn the man who left him the smoldering shell of what they’d built.

Made Of by @killaidanturner 

T, 4k words

Beautiful, poetic even.

I knew it was Bucky and I was selfish, I was too selfish, I wanted them both. 

And by keeping it from him I lost him and I lost Bucky. I lost the Avengers. I lost everything.

Riving Metal and Melting Ice by brown_recluse

E, 22k words

Are you telling me Germany lost a perfectly good airport because you didn’t think my jokes were funny, Rogers?

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can you give me a list of bts a/b/o dom rut ffs? Thanks~

sweeter than sweet by manggae [Jikook, M, 3.4k]

i wanna feel you in my bones by Bangtanbananas [Jikook, E, 7k]

We’ll Find Each Other’s Arms by TaeTea [Taekook, E, 25k]

Idiosyncratic by jiminsfw, tkac [Taekook, E, 19k]

Helpless by Untested_Waters [Yoonmin, E, 11k]

if i get in, i just might drown by fatal (cumrich) [Jikook, E, 12k]


Midsummer Nights Chapter 5, a walking dead fanfic | FanFiction
Rick and Michonne just met but they're already about to spend their first week without each other. We see a bit deeper into their lives and struggles while they are apart... but they are never far from each other's thoughts. Their reunion becomes even sweeter when Michonne meets Carl for the first time, and her interactions with Rick's little boy open her up to share something she's been hiding for a long time with the man that's falling for her.

It’s been a long time; I know. Thank you so much for your patience. Life gets in the way sometimes, but this 19k word chapter is probably another reason why I took so long and I just couldn’t split this up. I think it was worth it. Please enjoy and let me know your thoughts on the chapter if you can❤ And wow, I just reached 500 followers on this account; *consider this a gift and a big thank you!!

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Hiya! I was looking through your fic rec masterpost and noticed you had a bottom harry fic link but not a bottom louis one, so I was wondering what are some of your favorite bottom louis fics?

Oh good question !

- let me make a thing of cream and stars  : It doesn’t explain why he’s lying on the floor, with Harry Styles, of all people, planking on top of him.As in, seventeenth most influential person in London, pop-star-turned-rock-star Harry Styles. The same Harry Styles who has had countless model girlfriends, left, right and centre. Also  the same Harry Styles who has been the subject of Louis’ wet dreams since he was about eighteen.(Or: Louis is a Radio 1 DJ and Harry is a pop-star he interviews.) (24k)

- Our blood is boiling  : [Louis meets indie singer Harry Styles, otherwise known as the bane of his existence, at a pub.] (6.5k)

- like a timebomb ticking  : Louis loses everything. Harry’s still there. (31k)

- (your heartbeat) rang true inside my bones  : Harry goes as Louis’ date for a weekend wedding. He ends up taking the role a bit too seriously.  (32k)

- wherever you are is the place I belong  :  Harry Styles’ mystery bakery date: See photos! What the fuck. What the fuck. What is happening. Louis sits up with lightning speed and presses the article link, and nearly feels his heart stop when he sees a picture of himself through the bakery window.[Louis’ a photographer. Harry’s famous. Things happen.] (28k)

- burn to ash  : Harry is sitting there, so fucking casual, and Louis realizes in a split second he was not ready. When Harry walked out in Detroit and never looked back, he was a boy verging on a man, still only twenty years old, but there’s a man in his place now. Hard and resolute, yes, but still, for the first time in a long time, Louis can kind of see the old Harry in him. The soft, directness of his gaze, the hesitant smile he gives to Lou, the way he wrings his ridiculously large hands in his lap.He’s a little bit the eager sixteen year old puppy dog again, his innocence and sweetness resurrected miraculously, and Louis freezes in place. He was prepared to face the asshole Harry. He was prepared to meet a whole new Harry. Louis is not prepared to meet one of the old incarnations of Harry, and it absolutely tears him up.Or the fic where Harry spirals out of control, the band breaks up, and then he shows back up, five years later. (116k)

- Torn On The Platform  :  AU where harry and louis are strangers but they always get the same train to work in the morning and one day harry falls asleep on louis’ shoulder. louis wants to be annoyed because harry just broke a least seven rules of tube conduct but he looks so soft and peaceful that he just lets him sleep and wakes him ever so carefully when it’s his stop. it happens again and again until it becomes a regular thing where louis will let harry snooze and then gently nudge him awake, hand him the cup of coffee he took from him so it wouldn’t slip and spill everywhere and send him off with a “have fun at work, love” and after the tenth time harry isn’t even embarrassed anymore.   Cue changing work schedules, missing each other for the first time in weeks, panicking because “i don’t even know his name, why didn’t i ask for his name”, dramatic waiting on platforms and finally bumping into each other again when they least expect it (27k)

- Tug-of-War  : Louis’ husband dies suddenly and he is left with nothing. Well, not really nothing. He has Harry. And a St. Bernard puppy named Link, whom his late husband left behind for him. Louis takes care of Link and Harry takes care of Louis. Everything is okay until suddenly, it isn’t.  (63k)

- hear your voice, in the backseat of my car  : Louis gracelessly dropped the back of his seat so he could slide himself into the backseat, the fit tight and cramped and almost too warm.  He was unbuttoning his pants when he paused for a moment and took in the sight before him. “Christ.  Look at you.”  Louis stopped and just took in what he was seeing.  He was speechless and a little overwhelmed but very, very ready to see what would happen next.  Louis drives a cab.   Harry needs a ride. (8.5k)

- Swim In The Smoke  : “What about this, Captain?” Liam asks, nudging the boy kneeling between their feet with the toe of his boot. The boy hisses and swipes at him, slurring out something unintelligible around the makeshift gag Niall had to stuff in his mouth. He misses by a mile and tries again, just as ineffectively.Harry looks down at him, at the way the sun streams over his face and shoulders, at the way the gag stretches his mouth, lips pink and chapped. He’s lithe and pretty, smudged all over with dirt. They had found him tied up below deck, mostly unconscious, next to a barrel full of gold. He’s clearly a prisoner, but there’s something familiar about him, something that niggles at Harry’s brain. Something he can’t quite put his finger on.“Put him in my cabin,” Harry decides, turning back to deal with the rest of the loot. The boys screams out jumbled curse words at Harry’s back, muffled by the gag, and Harry can’t understand any of it. (101k)

- Fire For A Heart  ; The Grey’s anatomy/Chicago Fire AU no one asked for where Louis is the captain of the firefighting Squad 78, Harry is a surgeon, Zayn is Louis’ second in command and Liam is the rookie. Niall and Sam are Harry’s fellow residents and have their own affair going on. (43k)

- 210 Days  : Harry is in the army and Louis is back in New York. Together, they get through Harry’s six month leave by sending a series of letters back and forth. They’ve done it before, and they can do it again. (16k)

- You’re Not Perfect, But I Don’t Care  : Or the one where Harry, Liam, Niall, and Josh are in a punk rock band and Zayn drags Louis along with him to watch them play at a pub. Louis pretty much wants nothing to do with the hooligans. That is before Harry pushes him into a bathroom stall and drops down to his knees in front of him after the gig.Louis is more than persuaded to go back his flat for more.What happens after isn’t what he expected, but then again, Harry isn’t at all what he expected either. (27k)

- Play Me Like One of Your French Girls  : Louis is Hollywood’s ‘Bad Boy and Sometimes Darling’, and Harry is the clumsy, endearingly attractive part-time cellist whose cello gets upgraded to the seat next to his on the plane. They fall in love.Also featuring R&B Superstar Zayn Malik, Olympic Gold Medalist Liam Payne, and Masterchef Niall Horan. (26k)

Update (last update on April 3rd 2017) (under the cut cause it’s too long)

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stoner aus? or ones that they enjoy using recreational drugs in

You can check this out as well

Before You Came Into My Life (I missed you so bad) by downhill_tumble (16k)

close my eyes and feel the crash by crybaby (orphan_account) (2k)

coming up easy by almondmilktea (8k)

drawing circles in water by dangerbears (9k)

From Vanilla to Jasmine by kikikryslee (9k)

I Don’t Care How High You Are by cuddlebugharry (4k)

my only summer by whisperdlullaby (7k)

On Cloud Nine by soft_bucky (1k)

put you on repeat, play you everywhere i go by eversincewefellapart (8k)

Space Oddity by Velvetoscar (14k)

Special Topping by LoadedGunn (13k)

taking tips and getting stoned by alison (24k)

Truly, Madly, Deeply (10 Things I Hate About You) by sunsetmog (54k)

You got a fast car and I got a plan to get us out of here by coolest (19k) (Triggering Content)

you set off avalanches in my heart by excelsors (22k) (TW : Mentions of Past Abuse)

Young & Beautiful by Velvetoscar (227k)

Check tags for triggers

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Hi! I love your writing, it pulls me into the story so effortlessly! I don't want to pressure you but I just wanted to know when the next update will be?

Hi! It’s no pressure at all, thank you for reading! The next update for politics will be sometime before the end of the month for sure, but I’ll be updating some other stuff before that. 

I’m neck deep in my canon fix-it right now; it’s at 19k words and I’m hoping to get to a point in the story that will probably take me to 30k before it’s ready to post–and that’s just part one, of probably four parts. It’s only so long because it’s a bit of a slow start, structuring the story on events we’ve already seen like the bow in 303, but set-up and grounder politics, as well as the the hook by the end of part 1, will be good enough to keep people invested, I hope.

I also have another project that has a complete first chapter of 9k words and just needs a solid edit; I’ll probably be posting that over Comic-Con weekend because that’s when most people will be paying attention. But we’ll see how much writing I accomplish over the next few days and these little timelines could change for the better. I may post some previews of stuff over the weekend as well, if there’s interest.

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Any mpregs? x

Hey !

I’m not a big fan so I haven’t read a lot, and it was mostly not the main plot of the fic , but :

- you can keep me inside the pocket of your ripped jeans : Louis Tomlinson is an English fashion designer. Harry Styles is an American football player. Their paths cross through twitter. (13k, famous!AU)

- We Were Made to Love : “Everything all sorted? Need help with the buckles? I know they’re a bit tricky in this compartment.”The voice startles Louis out of his daze, and he turns toward the voice to let him know he figured it out. When he catches sight of the owner of the voice, though, his response dies in his throat. Whatever he had imagined the conductor of a children’s train that rides around the shopping centre in Leeds would look like, this is certainly not it.Leaning through the window, arms folded across the sill, is a green-eyed angel with cherry red lips stretched wide in a smile and dimples flirting in his cheeks. A black conductor’s hat is the only confirmation that this is not some gorgeous stranger who’s come to flirt with Louis through the window of a children’s train, but is just a man doing his job.[or, Harry drives a kiddie train in the shopping centre for the summer and is obsessed with babies, and Louis never stood a chance.] (16k)

- You Take Me Over, You’re the Magic in My Veins : Louis can feel Harry’s eyes on him as he turns to head toward his seat. He tucks a secretive smile into the palm of his hand while he slides into place beside his sister, his mother’s seat still empty as it awaits the Queen’s entrance. He knows he should be behaving himself a bit more, should be focusing his attention on Gemma, rather than her brother. He’s working on borrowed time, is expected to announce his engagement to the Princess within the next few weeks, but he can’t seem to help himself. Gemma is lovely, kind and witty and beautiful, but he has no interest in being married to her, had no interest in marriage before her arrival, period.Teeth sunk into his bottom lip to disguise his smile, Louis risks a quick glance toward Gemma and Harry’s usual seats, finds Harry already seated and staring steadily back at him. His hair is a mess from Louis’ fingers and his cheeks are still flushed, and Louis’ heart gives a heavy, delighted thud. No, he thinks, he has no desire to be betrothed to Princess Gemma, but he finds he wouldn’t mind being married after all, if it was Prince Harry he was promised to, instead. (36k, Royal!AU)

- wrapped in light, in life, in love : (…) Of all the things to happen while taking care of his niece for a month, falling in love with his boyhood crush all over again is probably the highlight of Harry’s autumn.Well. That, and getting pregnant. (19k)

- We Made These Memories for Ourselves  : Breath held, Harry squints his eyes open and focuses on the first stick. A blue line. Harry breathes out an unsteady breath. He’s pretty sure he read that one blue line is a negative, but he fishes the box from the bottom of the pile just to make sure.“Negative,” he confirms, voice echoing around the small room. “Next.”Now that he’s feeling a little less shaky, he scans the rest of the tests at once, is met with a headache-inducing mixture of pink plus signs and blue double lines. His heart rate picks up until it’s pounding triple-time in the base of his throat and the pit of his stomach, thundering in his ears and throbbing in his temples. He flips over the rest of the boxes slowly, but he knows what they’re going to say before he even looks.[or, Louis is a footballer, Harry owns a bakery, and they’re having a baby.] (17k)

- All About Us  : When Harry and Louis’ teenage daughter bring a boy home for the first time to meet them Louis tries to act as the protective father and Harry just wants everyone to be happy. Throughout the night and protests from their daughter, Louis and Harry reminisce about how they met and overtime share their story with the boy that seems to look at their daughter the same way Louis once and still looks at Harry. (137k):

(and the prequel Back to the Beginning )

Update (Last update on April 14th 2017)

- yes, you make my life worthwhile :  Harry whispers to him that this feels like every dream he’s had for the last three years and Louis kisses his temple, behind his ear, across his cheeks and by the edge of his jaw. He runs the back of his finger across Winnie’s sleep-warm cheeks and sighs, the weight of the world finally off his shoulder. Louis’ a pediatrician, Harry’s a preschooler teacher, and they’re having a baby. (9.6k)

- everywhere (i wanna be with you)  : Harry and Louis meet because they have terrible friends, they fall in love because something feels right in a world of uncertainty and shifting grounds. Louis is an actor and Harry is a model at the top of his game, the best things in life are the most unexpected ones and the things that hit you when you are least expecting it.Featuring winter in London, nights in Paris, early mornings in New York, burning heat in Monte Carlo and an enduring love spent transcending four corners of the globe. (42k)

- Can’t Hide It, You Might As Well Embrace It  : Together since they were teenagers, Harry and Louis are professors at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. They may also secretly be married. (67k)

- Needing You More and More, Let’s Give Love A Try  : ‘Do not get hard, do not get hard,’ Harry chants in his head. It’s working, but Harry still breathes a silent sigh of relief when Louis lets go of his wrists and clambers off of him. He doesn’t move for a moment, just watches Louis fuss nervously with his fringe before saying, “Why don’t we go walk off breakfast?”Harry only hesitates for a second, then nods. He gets to his feet with a quiet, “Be right back,” and heads back to his bedroom to get dressed. Once safely enclosed in his room, Harry glares down at his belly and scolds, “It’s bad enough that you’re messing with my body temperature, do you have to mess with those hormones, too?”There’s no answer from the baby, but Harry takes that as surrender. Pausing by his bed, Harry takes a second to shake off the residual, lingering embers of arousal before choosing an outfit for the walk. He’s already pregnant with a stranger’s baby, the last thing he needs right now is to be lusting after his best friend.[OR when Harry gets pregnant after a one night stand, Louis helps him get everything together, from buying pregnancy clothes to taking him on a babymoon. Somewhere along the way, they realize that their feelings for each other are more than platonic.] (33k)

- Only You Can Be My Alpha  : Louis has never liked being an Omega. As if it wasn’t enough to despise what he was born into, he couldn’t even be what he was correctly. Harry Styles changes all of that.OR The one where Louis is banished from his tribe, and lands himself in Harry’s instead. The alluring Pack Alpha makes Louis question his nature and he doesn’t know how he feels about that. But you can’t fight destiny.(154k)

- a couple months too long : “I mean who wouldn’t be scared when a cute little twink comes to tell a famous rockstar that the great sex in a doorway they had ended with a baby.” And yeah, now Louis is staring at him with wide eyes. Louis is a fan of Harry’s and they fuck and end up with a child. (21k)

- (i didn’t mean to) fall in love tonight  : [or, the American boarding school AU where Harry’s infatuated with Louis and one night flips his whole world upside-down] (35k)

Also you can read all the fics of the Harry Pregnant exchange :)

I haven’t been around to read a lot of HL as I used to, but these are my current favorites, basically these are just the ones I actually managed to finish lately, so here you go; not in a specific order, or category.

You can message me if you want me to find a certain fic, category, theme or even kinks. I’ll try to find it.

Hit The Heartbrakes by orphan_account

With his best friend and eternal roommate Zayn getting married and abandoning him, Louis has planned the world’s biggest stag do to send him off into married life – a week in Thailand showing him all the things he’s going to be missing when he becomes a married man. But Zayn has neglected to mention that Louis’ ex and their old uni friend Paddy will be coming – along with his successful, rich new boyfriend. Determined not to let Paddy ruin his fun once again, he enlists the help of an attractive backpacker by the name of Harry, who good-naturedly agrees to go along with pretending he’s Louis’ boyfriend for the week. A week of sun, sea, booze and no-strings-attached sex beckons, but as always, things don’t go quite as planned…

[13k, side ziam, fake-boyfriends au, one shot, explicit.]

My English Love Affair by isthatyoularry

The thing about sleeping with a member of a famous indie band is that the inevitability of having a song written about you is most likely a hundred percent. The second thing is that in the end, nobody’s supposed to find out it’s about you.

The one where Harry writes a song about his English love affair and Louis sleeps with someone in White Eskimo and all he gets is a stupid song written about him.

[19k, famous x journalist au, one shot, explicit.]

You Come Beating Like Moth’s Wings by supernope

Harry smiles. He’s only known Louis for about two hours, knows nothing about him past his first name, but he’s nice and sarcastic and helpful and so, so pretty. And Harry’s still got a few days left in Barcelona, and he thinks he wouldn’t mind spending them with Louis.

Also known as, Harry takes the summer before uni to travel Europe and meets Louis in Barcelona, and they end up traveling together.

[80k, traveling au, chaptered, explicit.]

So Darling, Just Say You’ll Stay Right By My Side by supernope

Harry is visibly buzzing with excitement as they get into the police car, and Louis laughs, reaches out to put a hand on Harry’s knee and try and calm him a bit. “Relax, McClane, we’re just stopping in on a few of the local businesses to say hello. No need to sit with one finger on the trigger.”

“I don’t think you’ll need to worry about me being trigger-happy, Lou,” Harry says with another one of his megawatt grins, patting the water pistol holstered by his hip.

AU where Louis is the chief of police in a small sea-side town and Harry is his new deputy who’s a bit of a pacifist and a lot wonderful.

[28k, side ziall, cop au, one shot, explicit]

with your love we could breathe underwater by luminescents

Harry’s brow furrows, a look of confusion spreading over his face. “But I am real. I exist, see,” he says, raising a hand out of the water and wiggling his fingers at Louis.

Louis finds himself relaxing a bit. Harry seems harmless really. And he’s quite cute, for something that’s not supposed to exist. If Louis is indeed having a hallucination right now, at least it’s a cute one.

AU where Harry is a mermaid, Louis is a human, and they both discover a lot more than they anticipated.

[28k, mermaid au, one shot, mature.]

cotton candy kiss, can’t wait for my sugar rush by ballsdeepinjesus

“Kind of hard to reach my back with it though, innit?” Louis asks. “I’d need someone else to really reach my sore spots, wouldn’t I? In fact, all of this would be a little nicer with someone to share it with, I think.”

 Harry stares at him for a moment, clearly debating over what to say. Eventually he blurts, “I could draw you a bath.”

 Finally. Louis grins and looks up at a horror-stricken Harry through his eyelashes. “That’s the sweetest come on I’ve ever heard, Harry. Draw me a bath, though, are we sixty years old?”

(harry and louis work at a mall for the summer)

[8k, summer au, one shot, explicit.]

searching for a sweet surrender (but this is not the end) by donnyslouis

Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles, the two most loved coaches on The Voice UK known for their banter on the show and best friendship off. Louis’s determined to win and finally end Harry’s winning streak with Zayn Malik on his team, but Harry’s flirting and Liam Payne have different plans.

— Or an AU based off the Voice where Louis’s Adam, Harry’s Blake, Niall’s Shakira, Zayn and Liam have a cliche Romeo/Juliet love story and Louis’s too old for pathetic pining.

[18k, side ziam, the voice au, one shot, teen and up.]