19k get in there

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you should split the second question into two questions. my family is fine with me being gay but would def not be fine with me not being cis so none of the answers are right

thank you for bringing that to my attention! the problem is that we were only expecting around 100 responses to the surveys, and we’re getting around 19K right now. We didn’t really expect the variety of answers, and personally my computer is being a bit laggy due to all of the refreshing Safari is going through. But i’ll bring it up with Sophie and we’ll think of the best day to deal with this. 

I have left for OSUT

This is a scheduled post.

I am leaving from the recruiting office for MEPS right now, where I will stay overnight and leave to the training location. I’ll be gone for 3 months (10 weeks of basic, 5 of AIT) and won’t be able to post anything once I get my phone back because I don’t have a smartphone. So this blog is going to be frozen until I get back to my computer. US Army, 19K (M1A1 crewman)