Happy birthday to my better half, @mahrmahr23. I am thankful that you were born and I am super, super, SUPER excited to see you today❤️ This is the first year we’ll get to see each other for YOUR birthday in person. Aren’t you so excited!?!? Lol. You make me so mad sometimes but we always get through everything. Thank you for always giving me the strength and being my rock and giving me reassurance every day. Even though I wish all the time that we live in the same state, you remind me that we will soon and that everything/the sacrifices we’re making are for our future. I also want to say thank you for being so patient with me and all my craziness. I love you and see you later <3  #ilyfaeaeaauooushcaea #OF #19hours

Harry Potter marathon

George and I just finished our Harry Potter marathon not too long ago. :) Wow I’m tired but those movies are so worth it. 19 hours and 41 minutes and I feel emotional! Seeing them all grown up at the end makes me so happy and sad. The 19 years later is the year 2016 witch is the year we will graduate muggle high school. Harry Potter is my life, I grew up with those kids, that school, all the magic. I will never forgot it. I can’t wait to show my kids (in a long time) this amazing way of life. (I feel really sappy now, haha). There are some things I wish they put in the movies but they ate totally amazing the way they are. I love them n the books n everything so much! omg I need some sleep. :)
~Fred, Potterhead Always

Time log 12pm-6am 😒 After 19hours of being on the road, driving through rain and high winds; we finally made it to #orlando! I tried to hold out as long as I could, but into the 18th and 19th hour of driving, I was losing steam. So Jamiel took over and I slept for 2hours, but on our agenda this morning was the gym! It put us around our usual 5am schedule so I got my second wind. BUT with this caloric deficit, granted it has me down 6lbs overall, my major lifts are struggling, add that with almost no sleep and barely any food, I’m surprised I was able to unrack #135. This was my second set, on my first one (which wasn’t recorded) I did 2 decent singles w/o assistance. But the plan is to check in, eat, sleep, recoup, and hit the gym again tonight. I am focused, no vacation mode for me, I’m still in #250kchallenge mode.#goodmorning #riseandgrind #teamnosleep @iekomedia by pat.keo https://www.instagram.com/p/BBU2O1XG_DM/