Happy birthday to my better half, @mahrmahr23. I am thankful that you were born and I am super, super, SUPER excited to see you today❤️ This is the first year we’ll get to see each other for YOUR birthday in person. Aren’t you so excited!?!? Lol. You make me so mad sometimes but we always get through everything. Thank you for always giving me the strength and being my rock and giving me reassurance every day. Even though I wish all the time that we live in the same state, you remind me that we will soon and that everything/the sacrifices we’re making are for our future. I also want to say thank you for being so patient with me and all my craziness. I love you and see you later <3  #ilyfaeaeaauooushcaea #OF #19hours

Harry Potter marathon

George and I just finished our Harry Potter marathon not too long ago. :) Wow I’m tired but those movies are so worth it. 19 hours and 41 minutes and I feel emotional! Seeing them all grown up at the end makes me so happy and sad. The 19 years later is the year 2016 witch is the year we will graduate muggle high school. Harry Potter is my life, I grew up with those kids, that school, all the magic. I will never forgot it. I can’t wait to show my kids (in a long time) this amazing way of life. (I feel really sappy now, haha). There are some things I wish they put in the movies but they ate totally amazing the way they are. I love them n the books n everything so much! omg I need some sleep. :)
~Fred, Potterhead Always


DAY 7- 08/02/16


Happy New Year! (Take 2).

This morning we were leaving Hanoi to head down south to Hoi An. Because of the new year we needed to get out as soon as possible because we didn’t have time to be stranded in Hanoi.

This meant we were to venture on a 19hour train journey down south leaving at 6am. However a fault in our plan came quickly, as the taxi we were promised did not turn up. This lead to a small panic as we really needed to get this train.

The two men working at the hostel couldn’t get hold of a taxi because of the new year, so decided to take us personally on their mopeds. No time to think, or for Beth to argue our bags and Beth were loaded onto one moped and Liam and I were loaded onto the other and we headed to the train station.

It probably wasn’t the wisest idea that the two tallest people were put together, but we still managed to get there with plenty of time. It was pretty chilly on the bike and the driver had to be extremely careful when going over bumps and wet bits to ensure we didn’t go flying. It was a very funny start to the morning, and we were lucky the hostel workers were willing to take us.

We made it with plenty of time. Found our cabin. And set up camp for the next 19 or so hours.

We sat on the way and literally watched the world go by.

We arrived in Detrang at 10.30pm. After hours of sleeping, eating and one pub quiz. We caught a taxi to our hostel, checked in and went straight to sleep.