always you - part 27

NSFW kinda –

[ the red - chevelle ]

‘Leave town tonight and I won’t kill you.’

‘That’s a little dramatic isn’t it?’

‘I’m not fucking joking. Get the fuck out.’

‘You’ve really changed.’

‘Cut the shit.’

‘You used to be so much fun.’

‘That was a long time ago.’

‘Was it?’

‘Stay the fuck away from him, Ghost.’

‘Why should I? He’s just like you, but he’s young, tight, naive, and just as stupid as his brother.’

‘You’re disgusting.’

‘He doesn’t know. Does he? That his brother sucked the same dick he’s sucking now?’

‘He’s 17, you nasty fuck.’

‘And you were, what? 15?’

‘You’re a fucking pervert.’

‘It certainly seems that way.’

He cocked the gun, keeping his hand as steady as he could.

His finger shook where it rested on the trigger.

The other man took a step forward, leaning into until the gun touched his forehead.

‘Do it, kid. Get your revenge, save your brother. Be a fucking hero.’

He pulled his arm back, slamming the butt of the pistol into his nose, feeling just a bit of satisfaction as he felt the bone crack.

He didn’t react, he barely moved as blood poured down his face.

The gun weighed heavily in his hand.

He couldn’t do it.

He hated himself for it then, and for nearly a decade after the fact.

If he’d had the balls to do it then, he would have saved everyone a lot of pain.

He spit in his face, kicking him in the chest and watching him sprawl out in his back.

‘Don’t come back, you piece of shit. You’ll regret it.’

‘I’ve heard that before.’

The older He fought the urge to be sick on the sidewalk, while his younger brother sat bent over the toilet, stomach bruised, throat raw.

Eventually, someone was going to do this world a favor and bullet in his brain.

He Tian’s brother sat in his car, hating himself.

Wishing he’d just pulled the fucking trigger

Time passed.

As time tends to do.

Eight years later, he answered his little brothers phone call. Gently placing his daughter back in her crib.

Half a minute later, he watched the call disconnect on the broken screen of his phone where it lie on the floor at his feet.