Things that seem weird when you go back to West Wing episode 1 after you just watched the whole series (for the millionth time)

1. So much business with pagers. 1999, yo.

2. That the President would ever have even considered firing Josh over an insulting comment he made on TV. 

3. CJ’s hair. Holeee shit.

4. Mandy’s entire existence.

5. That Sam would somehow not know who Leo’s daughter is after spending almost a year on the campaign with him.

6. Bif Naked as a music choice.

7. Not weird, just an observation, but Bartlet still has what is probably the greatest introduction of a character ever in the history of television.

[Review] K-STAR... unending peak, Shinhwa

Oppas are back.

Beating out many younger men this year, strongly showing their dominance as idols, they’re the ‘real’ oppas. No less than 15 years. The young female fans who followed after oppas back then have become office workers; within that time, the government has changed 4 times, and half of the 1st generation idols have become heads of families. Amidst such change, Shinhwa remains as an idol and a “legend (Shinhwa)” to the fans.

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