1997: episode 12

First things first: it is indescribably weird to me that Bakura is not British, but thankfully, Ryou still sounds like an adorable delicate flower.

Anzu is apparently the only one who noticed that he’s been around since they got on the boat. She did try to point him out both times, but no one else caught sight of him. Observational skills are valuable when you are on an island owned by a megalomaniacal soul-stealing madman, guys.

Bakura doesn’t talk much in this version, he barely says anything when he shows up and just lets the chatty Nerd Herd fill in information for him. He does the bare minimum to get them started talking about their favourite cards, and then suggests a nice friendly little duel. Yugi is all for it!

Oh sweet summer child.

They sit down, Bakura immediately goes all evil on the situation. In a genuinely creepy touch, they start to hear chimes - like the points of the Millennium Ring are gently clinking together, before they see the Ring appear and have their souls stolen. Yami Bakura goes for the Puzzle as if he considers that job done, but also doesn’t seem phased by the appearance of Yami as he takes over. So it’s not clear yet how much Yami Bakura knows of Yami.

And then one of my favourite screenshots in the show:



Guren has better handwriting than me what the fuck and why is he writing in English?