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Our idea of what terrorism is now has been so shaped by 9/11 that it’s really fascinating to look at it both in a more international perspective and to look at it in earlier periods. One topic I have a research interest in is the wave of far-right terrorism in the US in the 1980′s and 1990′s. 

The Order assassinated a Jewish radio host and got into a shootout with feds; the Aryan Resistance Army robbed 22 banks to stockpile weapons and had connections with Timothy McVeigh; The Covenant, The Sword, and the Arm of the Lord set fire to a gay church, a Jewish organization, tried to bomb a gas pipeline, and then a member killed a Jewish shopkeeper and a black cop; WAR got into public brawls with protesters, harassed and in one case killed non-white immigrants, and made strings of bomb threats; the Phineas Priesthood bombed abortion clinics and robbed banks; Eric Robert Rudolph nail bombed abortion clinics and lesbian bars (which the Army of God took credit for) and injured over 100 people by bombing the 1996 Olympics; and on and on. No one remembers any of this. This is all completely forgotten. 


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More stuff from Khorkina’s book

More Khorkina craziness:

-she thinks she was underscored at the 1992 Olympic trials on beam and was really robbed of making the Barcelona Unified team despite being underage lmao

-she thinks she was underscored and should have won vault gold at 1994 Worlds over Gogean

-she thinks the judges should have ignored her step on the landing during the 1994 Worlds bars final because she was young and inexperienced and that she should have won bars gold over Luo Li

-she claims that the Russian and Romanian teams were given longer bus rides/routes in Atlanta to sabotage them so they would be more tired

-she thinks the Americans only won the team gold in 1996 because of the sabotage with the bus thing, a bad crowd, and overscoring

-she says the only reason she didn’t do well in the team final or all around at 1999 Worlds was because of the Chinese equipment being too hard

-she says Produnova was scatterbrained and didn’t care about training, so that’s why she never lived up to her potential

-she thinks people don’t do her eponymous skills because they don’t have the technique or execution

-she thinks that the vault was set too low on purpose to steal her AA gold

-she thinks Raducan would have gotten a bigger punishment for her doping if she were Russian (I think in an earlier chapter she said Kabaeva got a suspension for the same substance while Raducan only had one  medal stripped and didn’t have any suspensions or anything else done)

-even tho she won bars in Sydney, she still thinks the Chinese were overscored on bars and too close to her because they didn’t have the same difficulty, execution, or “emotional impact”

-she thinks Zamo only won floor because she went after Khorkina and scores go up later in the final (lmao Zamo won because her routine was a billion times more difficult, Esther Moya deserved to be ahead of both Amanar and Khorkina ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ )

-Khorkina was being ableist and comparing her limping after injuries to disabled athletes -_-

Some insights into how the atmosphere between the Russian gymnasts, coaches, and federation was:

-the federation was really cheap and got them the worse tickets for 1994 Worlds and they had to train on hard surfaces/not in real gyms for both 1996 and 2000 Olympics

-the gymnasts had their rooms checked for food. pastries and stuff like that were confiscated, but chocolate wasn’t. khorkina always had lots of chocolate so she didn’t get her stuff confiscated.

-apparently before Atlanta some Russian gymnasts were snitching on each other about prohibited foods being in their rooms to the coaches because it would have repercussions and affect their team standing


-Russian gymnasts would all get really drunk after competitions to celebrate despite being underage. Khorkina once passed out in the plane’s bathroom.

-The father of Khorkina’s son was married. He was cheating on his wife with Khorkina for 8 years and finally broke it off with Khorkina when she got pregnant.