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@sg69777 : Tomorrow is BULL ZEICHEN’s new single “Kasa” furage day! <3
I can’t help being excited ♪ヽ(´▽`)/
Everybody, get excited for tomorrow !

By the way, I haven’t met Ken-chan during a tour in a long time.
#PlasticTree #SatoKenken

Pla_kenken : tayon ♪

Pla_ryutaro : An official twitter account has been opened
regarding Arimura Ryutaro’s personal work.
We will send you various information.

(・ Personal ・)/↓



armr_r_official : 【Off shot】
Arimura Ryutaro’s Personal Work 1996-2013 “Demo” will be released the 23th November (Wed). A glimpse of the work in progress.
The track “Manegoto” is flowing in the studio。○

ARI MURA (Side)「I’m surrounded by various papers」

          “——–This is it,” He murmured, staring at the window with a cigarette in his left hand. He barely touched it since he’s lit it, His concentration, since that event, has been falling to pieces. “——–I don’t know how to fix this anymore…”