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  • CaRtOoNz *September 21 1982
  • Lui. *July 4 1984
  • Moo snuckel *November 28 1984
  • Delirious *May 2 1987
  • Terroriser *March 23 1989
  • Marcel. *May 8 1990
  • Vanoss. *May 31 1992
  • Nogla. *July 6 1992
  • Wildcat *September 14 1992
  • Mini. *January 7 1995
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anonymous asked:

2/2 i know thats a really dumb question but i really want to read the rest of the books and i cant really figure out how. anyways, i love you blog (and your hair oh my gosh). have a swell day!!! xo

Hi Anon,

That’s not a dumb questions at all! I know there’s generally a lot of confusion regarding the right way to read the books. As far as I know, AR said to read them in the order of their publication, but I also know there are some sites online that suggest alternative ways to read them (perhaps @i-want-my-iwtv might offer suggestions here? I’m sure you can find some more info on the blog, which is obviously totally amazing and a great resource for all things VC!)

This is the publication chronology: 

I read the first three in chronological order, and then I read the rest completely jumbled up. Some of them I’ve only read once, others I’ve ready MANY TIMES… and I’m still working my way through Atlantis atm. The last time I began re-reading I followed the chronology. I’d definitely be willing to try and read them following one of the alternative chronologies, maybe that would offer a different experience? I don’t know.

Hey VC boffins, please feel free to add to this if you have suggestions! 

Hope that was at least a little helpful anon <3 

Can I just make a point about something? Angels are probably one of the most chill fandoms out there, and I’m not saying that cause I am one. But I’ve notice majority of the comments on the ‘Warning Sign’ MV is a lot of “[Fandom Name] here to support Teen Top.” I’m honestly conflicted with my feelings right now cause I’m touched to see so many other fandoms help support OT6, but at the same time I’m hurt cause people still don’t want to acknowledge how talented they are and it feels like “I’m here to help your view count, so when my group has a comeback, you know what to do.” And I’m not saying all of them are like that, some just give off that kind of feel. I also get that Teen Top is an older group and people like to flock to the newer and more popular groups, but Teen Top’s age is ranged from 1992-1995, and that’s the same age range as BTS/EXO, these two came to mind first cause they’re the most popular these days. My point being though, Teen Top debuted in 2010, they were literally babies. I don’t know if I’m the only one that trips over the fact that they’re sunbaes to like 90% of these idol groups that are the same age as them. I’m ranting so much, I don’t even know if my shit makes sense anymore. I’m just, ugh, Teen Top is talented af, okay. People should be checking out the MV with the mindset as “omg, I need to check out Teen Top’s comeback cause I know that shit won’t disappoint”. Regardless I’m happy that other people are checking them out with whatever intentions they have, but the frustration of being an Angel is beyond real right now.