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  • Imagine Newt finally meeting Percival after he’s rescued, being amused by the grumpy Percival because everyone treats him like glass and tip-toeing around him because you’re still recovering Mr Graves, you need to take it easy.
  • Imagine Newt introducing Percival to his creatures, and seeing the utter delight on Percival’s face as he interacts with creatures he’s only ever seen in textbooks. Imagine Percival stealing glances at Newt who’s dressed only in suspenders and a white singlet as he tends to the creatures, scars layered upon lithe sinew and muscle, and a look that’s tenderly soft on the red-head’s face as he talks to his babies. Imagine him always finding an excuse to visit Newt in the suitcase, and bonding with the creatures who are drawn to the hurt and bone-weary tiredness they can sense within Percival.
  • Imagine Percival personally telling Newt that MACUSA wants him to remain on as a permanent consultant, and smirking at the bout of stammering that erupts from Newt, and the oh so cute blush that immediately covers his entire face. The blush intensifies in colour when Percival, in a sudden bout of courage, leans forward and whispers in Newt’s ear, that he’d like to take Newt out for drinks.
  • Imagine their awkward first date that takes place in a fancy restaurant because Percival wants to spoil Newt. Neither of them know what to do really, because Percival’s not gone on an actual date in years (asides from the occasional romp in bed) and Newt’s been preoccupied with his creatures. They sit at the table, dressed in neat slacks and dress shirts, and just stare at one another like high school students out on their first date. Eventually, Newt quietly asks Percival what his favourite colour is. The conversation grows from there with occasional stutters and constant blushing as they stumble over their words to get to know one another, but as the night grows, so do their confidence and laughter flows more freely. Newt learns that Percival likes to sleep in whenever he can, and that he has a pair of fuzzy stockings he wears every night before bed. Percival learns that Newt can’t sleep in total silence; a habit borne from spending too many nights with his creatures in his suitcase, where the air is always filled with grunts and squeals and whistles. Newt is the one to kiss Percival good night on his cheek, and they both part ways with fierce blushes on their faces.
  • Imagine their relationship going steady enough that they’re comfortable with public displays of affection, within the realms of acceptance of course. Percival does have a reputation to maintain. The gestures grow from little touches here and there, to an arm carelessly slung over shoulders or waists, to little kisses in between meetings and briefings. Percival’s Aurors grow fond of Newt, because of how happy he makes their Director, and whenever someone catches the couple in the midst of a hug or kiss or quiet word of affection, they never fail to compare notes later in the break room. There are soft sighs and coos over how lovely the couple is, and oh do you think they’ll have a spring or autumn wedding? I think Mr Graves is partial to autumn really, and the colours would compliment Mr Scamander’s complexion. 
  • Imagine Percival proposing to Newt. He plans an elaborate set up to surprise his beau, and when they’re in a vast field with only the soft chirping of the crickets for company under the pretense of stargazing, Percival drops to one knee and asks Newt for his hand in marriage. Of course Newt says yes, but not before he laughs nervously and looks around, because he thinks it’s a joke that Percival wants to marry him. The older man shows him just how much he desires Newt when he pushes his fiancee (he relishes the feeling of the word on his tongue; fiancee fiancee fiancee) and kisses him, hard and deep and tasting the part of soul that makes him feel like he’s home. 
  • Imagine the wedding, which is a grand affair, much to Percival’s dismay. Nearly all of MACUSA shows up, and so do the illustrious Scamander and Graves family. Newt has to calm his soon-to-be husband down, less he succumb to his nerves and anxiety because Newt, you don’t understand. Aunt Wilhelmina will keep asking how we’ll have children, and Uncle Amos (who’s half-blind, bless him) will mistake Seraphina as his deceased wife and oh this will be a disaster! Thankfully, the wedding goes by without any incidents. The ceremony is beautiful and so are their vows as they pledge life and love, and there is nary a dry eye in the audience. Queenie catches the bouquet (Newt refuses to hold one, but they still have a bouquet ready for tradition’s sake) and Seraphina blushes when a saucy wink is thrown her way to the catcalls of her subordinates. Aunt Wilhelmina keeps her child-bearing comments to a minimum, and Uncle Amos doesn’t accost anyone, and later on, when Percival and Newt go off for their honeymoon, Newt has to wipe away a tear from Percival’s eyes because they’re married. They’re actually married.
  • Their life together grows, through sadness and pain and joy and celebration. They decide on the use of a surrogate for their first child, and adopt several more. Percival doesn’t tell his husband, but every thin, malnourished child whose haunted eyes yearn for love and family remind him of Credence, and while the boy is now alive and well, and working happily at the Kowalski Bakery, Percival is determined to not let another child down again. An unrealistic aspiration, but one Newt understands because he too, looks for sunken eyes filled with fear like the little girl in Sudan who died far too soon. Their boy grows up fine and strong, with Newt’s fiery red hair and Percival’s steady temperament, and looks after his adopted siblings, all of whom have lost the haunted quality in their eyes and the stutter in their voices in fear of the belt and whip. Theirs is a happy home, and even though horrible, horrible things happen in the world, such as the Second World War, the great duel between Dumbledore and Grindelwald and later, the First Wizarding War, their home is a safe haven for Percival, Newt and their children.
  • When Newt retires at the age of 99 in 1990, Percival is 104 and their eldest son has married and borne a bright boy by the name of Rolf, who also inherits the Scamander’s red hair and Newt’s penchant for magical creatures. Percival rolls his eyes; of course there would be another creature-crazy Graves-Scamander. Their other children go on to leave home, build families and travel the world. There are owls sometimes, and there are visits whenever possible, but for the most part, the elderly couple live a quiet life far from the demands of the wizarding world. Rolf visits whenever he can, bringing news of his travels and discoveries, and Percival despairs because there is always some magical creature sitting at the dining table with them. Rolf visits one day, and shyly tell them of a Luna Lovegood who, they learn, is as crazy about creatures as he is. Eventually, they are married, and everyone laughs when Percival moans to the heavens about yet another insane addition to the family. He has a soft spot for Luna though, who speaks in a soft voice with a lilt that reminds him of the green plains of his long forgotten home, and he’ll Stun anyone who says anything. 


During the 10 years of the 1980s, there were only 4 (FOUR!) matchups in the NBA Finals:

  • 3 x Lakers-Sixers (1980, 1982, 1983)
  • 3 x Lakers-Celtics (1984, 1985, 1987)
  • 2 x Lakers-Pistons (1988, 1989)
  • 2 x Celtics-Rockets (1981, 1986)

The Lakers won 5, Celtics 3, and Pistons/Sixers with 1 each. 

By comparison, in the: 

  • 1990-99 period, we had 9 different matchups in 10 years (only Bulls-Jazz met more than once). 
  • 2000-09 period, we had 10 different matchups in 10 years (no Finals rematch in the whole decade).
  • 2010-today, we have had 5 different matchups already (including the upcoming Finals), and we’re only half way through the decade.

The 80′s was definitely not a decade of parity, that’s for sure.