elevenperalta  asked:

What do you wanna see happen with Doug Judy in the Christmas episode?

oh my gosh okay i’m!! glad you asked!! i’m gonna keep an open mind since the doug judy episodes have consistently been in my top three favorite episodes per season and i have full faith that this one will be no different regardless of what they do with him!!

but if i got my way…….okay this is going to take some set-up from the episodes airing between now and then tbh. i get the feeling that the episode airing this tuesday (the overmining) might be the catalyst that gets the squad off the night shift - maybe in solving this big case, CJ “earns” another promotion and holt is reinstated as the main captain and immediately moves his squad back to the day shift or something. and then in the one after that (captain latvia) i’d really!! love for jake and charles to talk about what’s going on with charles and genevieve, and maybe charles says something about not wanting the relationship to stagnate, which sets of the realization in jake’s mind that he and amy have sort of stagnated since he came back from florida. basically i kind of want, at some point in this episode, for jake to acknowledge that he and amy were supposed to be living together by now, and possibly even might be engaged had he not been forced to leave for 6 months. i want him to realize that he’s ready for more, but isn’t sure how to go about bringing it back up with amy, since she hasn’t said anything about it since he came back and seems perfectly content with what they have.

NOW ONTO THE DOUG JUDY EPISODE. from the picture i reblogged it almost kind of looks like they’re at the reception of a funeral based on the fact that they’re both in suits, there are people talking in the background, and there are flowers in the very bottom of the frame (i could be wrong though). my theory right now is that a friend of judy’s has died, which brings judy back to new york and of course he runs right into jake (who at this point is still trying to come up with a way to bring moving in together up with amy). jake insists that judy go back to the precinct with him so that he can finally arrest him but judy begs him to wait until after the funeral, and at the funeral judy sees one of his old “business associates” who probably wants to kill him (based on the fact that he appears to be hiding behind two kebabs and hissing something to jake while jake peers around him with a mixed curious-concerned look on his face). the “business associate” spots judy with jake and assumes that jake is actually judy’s business partner, which automatically makes jake a target, and immediately sets out to kill them both.

so the rest of the episode is jake and judy hiding out somewhere while the nine nine is in motion, and while they’re waiting, judy starts asking for updates on everyone and is genuinely shocked when jake begrudgingly reveals that while he and amy are still dating, nothing else has changed. so of course there’s going to be a moment where the bad guy finds them and is about to kill them when the nine nine busts down the door and it’s kind of chaos. and in my wildest daydreams we get to see jake and amy have another Partners For Life Moment and take the bad guy down in tandem, which will further highlight what judy insisted, which is that they’re obviously perfect for each other and it’s stupid that they haven’t taken it to the next level yet.

i HOPE he gets away again, and once jake is done howling in defeat, he shouts something at them about “gettin’ a move on already” while wiggling his eyebrows meaningfully. which leads to an awkward segway into jake finally saying that they never really got back around to the moving in together conversation they had before the summer. and in a perfect world amy admits that she’s been trying to think of a way to bring it up, and the only reason she hasn’t is because she thought he deserved some time to readjust back to new york and didn’t want to make him move to her place when he’d only just moved back. and the finale ends after a few days have passed with the whole squad hauling boxes of jake’s things into amy’s place, and maybe they have a sweet domestic moment like the one that happened at the end of mr. santiago where they hug, but amy darts out of the room at the sound of something falling in the next room, leaving jake alone. and then charles comes in (possibly with nikolaj, maybe alone) with that same calm and knowing smile he had in the bar when he first told jake that jake had feelings for amy and says, “so did you get it?”

jake glances at the doorway amy just disappeared through and fishes something out of his pocket. he’s got a nervous smile on his face as he presents a small black box to charles, who takes it from his hand and pops it open, revealing a simple, dainty engagement ring. charles assures jake that amy will love it and that she’ll definitely say yes and then someone shouts charles’ name in the next room, once again leaving jake alone. he stares at the ring for a second, smiles to himself, and then shoves the box back in his pocket and reaches for something out of frame. he’ll turn his back to the camera, clearly hanging something on the wall, and then he steps away, presumably to go back outside and grab more boxes. but the camera stays fixated on the wall, on the thing that jake just hung

and it’s the picture of him and amy right after they defeated the vulture back in season one

another thing that makes me happy – last year i didn’t have any friends. for the whole year. I left my old one because it was bad for me to stay there and it was a whole year of transitioning. this year I found my group, and I’m so comfortable with them, I love them and they do little things that show that they genuinely care for me and ARE friends with me that some people take for granted but fucking blow me away. like buy me presents for my birthday. like how yesterday, I said I was going to the bathroom and they could go on without me and when I got out of the stall, all FIVE of them were crammed in there waiting for me. none of them wanted to go the bathroom they were there just because they didn’t want to go to lunch without me. I smiled so hard because of that. I nearly wanted to cry. I’m in a better place than I was last year , this just makes me so happy