Read This: Why Hollywood simply won’t let Winona Ryder grow up

At 44, Ryder is still active in television and film, but in the minds of many fans and movie executives, the actress is still associated with her beguiling adolescent image. This is the dilemma at the heart of “Winona, Forever,” a thoughtful and sympathetic career respective by writer Soraya Roberts at Hazlitt.

Ryder became a fashion icon in the 1990s and achieved the peak of her fame as the subject of tabloid fascination during the grunge era, first for her relationship with Depp, then for a string of relationships with rock musicians. Today, Winona Ryder exists in a weird career limbo, not fully accepted as an adult but no longer the teenage girl she once was. Soraya Roberts’ article culminates with a sad anecdote about Ryder trimming her trademark eyelashes because a director didn’t want her character to have “Winona eyes.” The actress, it seems, remains a prisoner of her illustrious past.

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