Something really interesting about the worldbuilding of Harry Potter that is never outwardly discussed but I find to be extremely likely and often think about is that

Harry and his friends are likely going to see the end of the Wizarding Statute of Secrecy within their lifetimes and honestly, it’s already on its last threads while he’s at school. With everyone so busy with what Voldemort is doing, the entire Wizarding Community fails to see what the Muggles are doing.

It’s the 90′s. Our 1990′s. The internet is starting to grow and comes into nearly every UK and US household. Video cameras are becoming thinner, sleeker, more user friendly, and above all, cheaper. By the time Voldemort is dead, the first camera phone is only three years away from being made.

Yes, these things don’t work in Hogwarts, or likely in the Ministry either, and maybe even the biggest Wizard towns block electronics, too.

But Muggleborns exist. They exist and canonically are able to do uncontrolled magic, with eleven years of life before their questions about how and why are even begun to be answered.

It’s 2015 and there are more than a few eleven year olds who have their own cellphones, which now almost all come standard with cameras. Or they have older brothers and sisters who have them.

YouTube exists in the modern world and anyone with an internet connection can post to it easily.

Even if the Ministry has a new special division to monitor the internet for leaks, they don’t REALLY understand most Muggle technology and this isn’t likely going to be any different. They won’t be able to get every video and picture and post.

It starts with a video of some kid blooming a flower in their hand like little Lily Evans did in front of her sister some forty years ago. People will just think these are pranks, tricks of editing and lighting like that one guy does with his Vines. But then some other kid sees it, and recognizes it as real because they can do this same thing, too, and no one believes them, either.

Muggleborn children start finding each other on the internet long before Hogwarts finds them.

Hogwarts is still, quite literally, in the Dark Ages. They’re too slow. They’re too outdated. They can’t keep up unless they change.

The world is different and a big secret like the Wizarding Statute of Secrecy isn’t going to stay hidden for much longer.

Maybe not even “19 Years Later.”


(McKirk fanfictions recs)

> And If I Stand Next to You by arrowinthesky (restfulsky5)

“Bones, why did you, really, bring me with you?” Jim asked. “I’m in the way, even here in Georgia.” Bones was quiet as the porch swing rocked back and forth, the gentle rain also lulling Jim to sleep. As his eyes closed, he heard Bones’ soft voice. “You’re not in my way, or anyone else’s, Jim. You’re here so I can remind you, once and for all, that I just can’t leave you behind.” (favourite)

> I Got Your Note by knightinwritingarmor

James Kirk is living in slow motion. He has no friends, no real relationships, and works the kind of job that makes the adventurer in him want to gag. When he jumps at the chance to fix up the plantation-house of an grumpy country doctor, he has no idea that he has jumped into the greatest adventure of his life. Modern-Setting AU. (favourite)

> In the Event of an Accidental Marriage, Please Fill Out Form 27b-6 by toastfic

What it says on the tin.

> Worth It by mangochi

The new kid next door is all of six years old and the biggest pain in the ass Leonard’s ever known.

“Play with him,” his ma tells him reproachfully over breakfast. “The boy’s lonely.”

“He’s six.”

> Why Won’t He Date Me? 50 Things You Can Do to Maximise Your Sex Appeal by liionne

Jim liked the library. Jim liked the library enough to want to spend his entire day in it, and then go home to his own personal library. As if it wasn’t enough that he worked in a building lined where the walls were lined with books, but he liked to go home to one too. He also liked the guy who sat in the big red chair by the window.

> Let’s Waste No Time by orphan_account

Okay, so what if Jim sometimes crashes in Bones’ quarters if he’s too tired to make it to his own? And sure, sometimes they’re share a tray in canteen, but half the time it’s the only way he can get Jim to eat something that isn’t a Snackpack on the run to the bridge. A story in which Bones doesn’t know he’s in a relationship with the Captain.

> Take These Broken Wings and Learn to Fly by JenTheSweetie

Or, It’s Never Summer in San Francisco.  Leonard McCoy moves west after his long-time-coming divorce and adjusts to missing his daughter.  Jim from the other side of the hall and his son David don’t mind when he shows up with dinner on Tuesday nights.

> transatlanticism by orphan_account                 

Leonard McCoy and Jim Kirk meet for the first time in a little over two years of internet dating.

>> “Jim,” Leonard McCoy says, and it’s reverent, wanting and knowing in the same pull and push and they stand for a moment, simply staring at each other in a distant kind of awe. This is the closest they’ve ever been.

 “Bones,” he says, pushing up his glasses and wishing to God he’d forgone them today. He smiles shyly, ducking his head at the older man and staring at him through his lashes. Leonard looks a little stunned, eyes wide and mouth somewhat slack. He clears his throat loudly.<<

> I Took the Stars from My Eyes (and Then I Made a Map) by canistakahari

At the end of their first year at the Academy, Jim decides he’s taking Bones for a beach vacation.

> Keep Your Head Up (Keep Your Love) by knune

Leonard McCoy is just an average guy, working at a hospital in San Francisco. He doesn’t plan on meeting Jim Kirk, Starfleet cadet, and he sure as hell doesn’t plan on falling in love with someone who is going to graduate and sail off to the nethermost regions of the galaxy sooner rather than later. He doesn’t plan it, but it sure as shit happens anyway.

>  Can’t Judge a Book by Its Cover by emluv

Written for the Reel Love Challenge at the Jim_and_Bones LJ Community, this fic imagines Jim Kirk and Leonard McCoy in the setting of the 1998 Warner Brothers film, You’ve Got Mail!, which starred Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan. Like the film, my story is set in the late 1990s, when internet dating was not yet a common thing, very few people owned a cell phone, and chain bookstores and independents were at war. Takes place between fall of 1997 and late summer 1998, in New York City.

> Switch by Ceres_Libera

The life and times of Leonard H. McCoy MD/PhD … If Leonard McCoy’s life could get any fucking weirder, it would be … Jesus, he didn’t even want to think what that could possibly mean, because it’s already been too fucking weird to make any kind of rational sense. A Starfleet Academy story, set in the ST:XI universe.

miraculoussparrow  asked:

Could you do Tobias for the headcanon thing?

Can I just say: I’m so glad that human society has evolved to this point where I can share my Animorphs headcanons with like-minded strangers from the comfort of my own sofa. Viva la social media.

Gender identity headcanon

I’m not the first person to say this but: Tobias is a trans girl. She tells the other Animorphs after spending a LONG TIME struggling against the feeling that her personal feelings should take backseat to the war. She comes out to Rachel first; Rachel’s response is to scour the 1990s-era internet for information on being trans, then print it out and leave it in the meadow in a Ziplock baggie. She also offers, on bended knee, to fight anybody who has a problem with Tobias being a girl, up to and including the other Animorphs.

The other Animorphs are slightly confused but pretty chill because honestly, their friend who is sometimes a hawk changing her pronouns isn’t even the weirdest thing to happen to them this week. (Perusing Rachel’s Ziplock of information also helps.) Ax just says <<Yes, this is common on Andalite, is it not here?>> and then it’s Ax Learns Disappointing Facts About Earth Hour, as I imagine it is at least once a day.

Sexual orientation headcanon

She’s a lesbian!

Mental illness/neurodivergent headcanon

She has PTSD & depression (that’s just canon) and also is autistic (that’s like 99% canon)

3 random headcanons

-Definitely listens to Nirvana, as sad kids in the 90s were wont to do. Wants to be grunge, even though she was too late for grunge. 

-Aside from Ax & Rachel, the Animorph that Tobias likes the most is Cassie. She’s also the most afraid of Cassie. (Cassie can talk anybody into doing anything, and Tobias doesn’t like to be trapped.)

-Rachel teaches her how to braid hair and after that, sometimes their ‘dates’ are just sitting in the meadow and giving each other new hairstyles. Tobias’ hair isn’t long enough for anything super fancy, but Rachel braids flowers into the front and she keeps them in until she has to morph back into a hawk. Ax discovers this and promptly morphs human so that he too can participate in this human bonding ritual.