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bitter sweet bitter(epic?)

The 1990s is an era for music, an era I wished I observed closely… an era where the likes of Nirvana, Smashing Pumpkins, and The Verve took the center stage. The favorite track from The Vere you ask?

Simple… Bitter Sweet Symphony:

2702. Cocteau Twins - ‘Iceblink Luck’ (1990)
I’m happy again
Caught, caught in time

from the album Heaven Or Las Vegas

To say that the Cocteau Twins were a unique band is to state the obvious. Elizabeth Fraser’s voice is routinely described as ethereal and otherworldly, but those terms could never do justice to how truly unconventional her approach to music is, and her bandmates were no mere support act - Robin Guthrie and Simon Raymonde were just as integral to the band’s classic sound as Fraser. Together, the trio created a world that was completely their own, rejecting pre-conceived notions of genre and twisting songwriting conventions to suit their own extraordinary visions.

The most commented-upon aspect of the Cocteau Twins’ work was the way Fraser disregarded any need for the listener to actually know what she was singing, instead focusing on how the words sounded, rather than what they meant. The band were so notorious for unintelligible lyrics, that when ‘Iceblink Luck’ was released, it came as a shock that some of the words could be deciphered. The fact that said lyrics still didn’t make much logical sense proved that they didn’t really matter after all - ‘Iceblink Luck’ is about feeling, and there are few portrayals of love and joy in all of music that are as pure and as sincere as this.

When former Sugababe Siobhan Donaghy released her album Ghosts in 2007, it quickly became one of my favourite records of all time: it was dreamlike, experimental, and, to me, a visionary piece of work, like nothing I had ever known. A short time later, I heard ‘Iceblink Luck’ for the first time and felt like a total idiot. Once I realised how heavily Ghosts had been influenced by the Cocteau Twins, I could hear them in so much of the music I loved, and began to expand my understanding of how emotion could be conveyed in music. I still adore Ghosts - if we looked down upon any music that wasn’t 100% original, we’d be left with very little to listen to - and when my initial embarrassment subsided, tracing the album’s sonic origins became a fantastic journey. ‘Iceblink Luck’, widely considered one of the Cocteau Twins’ greatest songs, holds a particularly special place in my memory: it was the beginning of a deep and rewarding dive into previously uncharted territory.

‘Iceblink Luck’ music video:

Chart peak: UK #38

Written by Richard Eric, 13/10/18


If you’re wanting to know the best era of music, the best era would be the one I was born at the beginning of. I was born on May 15th, 1990 and that was when Sinead O’Connor’s cover of Nothing Compares 2 U was #1 on the Billboard Charts. Yet Sinead at the moment is getting her own post another time… the one I am wanting to bring attention to is Oasis. Specifically, their track that is known as Wonderwall. 

The music video is placed below:


Sister Hazel
All For You
Sister Hazel (1994)


Little Things
Sixteen Stone (1994)