You know that feeling that you’ve done something right?

So far making this record has been terrifying. There are so many things that can go wrong.

Every single note or drum hit played has to be awesome & feel exciting because …
    NO ONE but my mom will care about it if they aren’t or don’t.

So at every stage so far I have felt the prospect of failure.

But here’s what I know so far:

1. The drums sound large and bighuge.
2. Rhythm guitars sound kinda gigantic and intense.

And that makes me feel the prospect of victory.

This video is a glimpse of me losing my mind during two and a half days of tracking guitars with Damon at Oak Recording Studio.

We start tracking bass soon. Darcy is a pretty smooth operator so I’m thinking we’re going to take this whole thing up another notch.

 The thing I’m feeling is that what we’ve done so far is right & good.

A nibble for geeks:
- The drums we used were my Gretsch Maple Renown kit seated at the bottom of a 25 foot stairwell
- The guitar - The Lil’ Yellow Ostrich (Tele Deluxe custom) we ran directly into my tiny little Fender Musicmaster Bass
- Damon’s secret weapon: this beautiful custom-made box containing these vintage McCurdy pre-amps - this is a one of a kind.