Let's talk about this last gaming video for a second.

I didn’t even know it was a sponsor video until a few hours later when I watched it again and read the description. Honestly, no one would know if they didn’t read the description. And it really isn’t that big a deal. If your really “mad at them for taking on a sponsor” then there’s a problem. Sponsors pay them to play their games or sell their product or whatever, but the creator can chose what ones they want to do. Clearly Dan and Phil had fun playing the game, so they obviously chose it because it interested them. Stop acting like they are bad people for taking on sponsors when in reality, they are just doing a job. YouTube isn’t gonna cover all life expenses, camera equipment, and other expense. Clearly everyone has to get money from some way if they don’t have a job outside of YouTube.

The Brazen Bull

Also called the Sicilian bull is an ancient Greek torture method. Invented by Perillos of Athens, the device was made of entirely bronze and hollowed out. The person being tortured would be put inside the bull and a fire would be set under the bull. The bull was acoustically designed in a way which made the victim’s screams sound like a bull. The metal was heated until the person inside was roasted to death. 

If the Inquisitor used to be in a relationship with Iron Bull but is now in a relationship with Sera:

Iron Bull: So, you and the Boss huh?
Sera: Oh that’s right. You and she had.. Sorry. right?
Iron Bull: (Chuckles) Hey, no hard feelings. Glad I loosened the lid for you.
Sera: Pfft! (laughs)
Inquisitor: That’s enough both of you!
Iron Bull: Fine fine. Touchy.
Inquisitor: If you are going to gossip, don’t do it when I’m here.
Sera: Oh loosen up you! See what I did? I did it too! (laughs) I think she’s turning purple.
Iron Bull: Not the first time.

(If Solas is in the party)
Solas: I am decidedly uncomfortable.

(If Cassandra is in the party)
Cassandra: Ugh.

(If Cole is in the party)
Cole: Why does she carry a jar down there? Is there something in her hands?

Heya!! Ok, I’ll answer at this 2 questions because they are similar, so, I made so scans to one of the watercolours I’ve done recently to show you how I work! Please, note that I’m not that pro in this tecnique, I just draw and colour the way I love most! C:

Step one: I do the sketch.
I can do that with the normal pencil (I use 2B or 3B mechanical pencils), or with a red/blue pencil and then marked a bit with a pen, or another pencil to make it more visible through the light box.

Then, I use the light box to trace the lines directly with the copic multiliners (the one that I named here), because they are water and alcohol proof! Perfect for both watercolours and copic C:

And last, I colour the drawing!

So yea, copic multiliners are good for me!!!
Basically (and mostly) because I like to put a lot of details in the linearts, before colouring it :)) 

I hope it will be useful for both of you!!
And thank you for you nice words anon ;^; I <3 you. 


I love the Spurs (as much as a rival can), but there’s something to be said about defending a title, something Duncan-Pop’s Spurs have never done.

The 7 Back-to-Back teams in NBA History (pictures above):

  • 1949-50 Lakers
  • 1968-69 Celtics
  • 1987-88 Lakers
  • 1989-90 Pistons
  • 1994-95 Rockets
  • 2009-10 Lakers
  • 2012-13 Heat

Not to mention the far more exclusive club of 5 Threepeating teams (pictures below):

  • 1952-54 Lakers
  • 1959-66 Celtics (eight in a row)
  • 1991-93 Bulls
  • 1996-98 Bulls
  • 2000-02 Lakers