Sometimes I sit and think about the friendship between Cullen and Iron Bull and I just have a lot of feels.

The first thing Bull does when you talk to him is express his respect for Cullen’s ability and leadership.

Consider also the similarities between the Templars and the warriors of the Qun fighting Tevinter. They are about order, about the chain of command and, in large part, about controlling magic.

Questions are discouraged in the ugliest of ways. Those who question are reeducated, or cut off from lyrium, or even branded traitors and cast out of their order.

We see in trespasser how easy it is for the Qun (much like the chantry) to be corrupted. We see (depending on player choices) both warriors who know little else than the rules and guidelines of their order begin to question, begin to break free. Both men who have done unspeakable things in the name of a cause that ultimately betrayed them.

anonymous asked:

Not sure if it's ever directly addressed in the game, but what do you think is Bull's opinion on mages/magic in general?

I know Bull is freaked out by demons. And qunari of course aren’t too nice to their mages (saarebas). Now I can’t remember if he specifically says anything positive or negative about mages in the game. 

As far as approvals/disapprovals: he Disapproves if you ally with mages in “In Hushed Whispers”, and Greatly Approves if you conscript the mages. And in “Champions of the Just”, he Greatly Approves if you ally with the templars, and Disapproves if you conscript them. 

So…I think Iron Bull is definitely wary of mages, likely due to the whole threat-of-demon-possession thing. But it doesn’t seem to affect how he feels about a mage inquisitor, so that’s good.