1. Nobuyoshi Araki, 冬へ Tokyo: A City Headed Towards Death, Magazine House 1990

2,3. Nobuyoshi Araki, 「今年」This Year, WIDES 2005

4. West Shinjuku, May 2016

5. Google Streetview, February 2016

- - - - - - - 

Araki took the first image in the late 1980s- the second is his own re-photograph of the same staircase in the summer of 2005. The third image a picture of him taking the second picture. 

Essentially this is rephotographing Araki rephotography. 

The google car didn’t do such a bad job, either. 


Hans Haacke, Circulation, 1969

[In this work, water and air are shot by circulating pumps from two sources. Then they go through a continuous and interconnected circuit of transparent plastic tubing and connectors. The movement of water and air is kind of mimicking that in arteries. However, two sources create much more possibilities of flowing directions compared to biological blood circulation.] “The artist uses the installation to go more deeply into his analysis of physical and biological systems, which alter as time passes, never repeating the same pattern even though they always have the same nature and the circuit remains unchanged by the artist. The movement of the water and air is like that in a living being, adapting to its surroundings. Yet the way it evolves, while it can be channelled, cannot be predicted totally. The interest in the ‘flow’ of an element clearly separates this from the enclosed, self-contained nature of minimalist sculpture, providing the grounding for investigations into other kinds of flow (capital, human, etc.) that Haacke would develop over the coming years.“