1990's tv shows

Gargoyles (1994-1996)

One of my absolute favorite cartoons of all time, and one I argue with my mom about all the time about whether or not it was syndicated (it was), Gargoyles is about winged creatures, that turn to stone when daylight hits them, being cursed for a thousand years, and coming back to life in New York City to defend it from imminent evil aka humans. It’s all a little bit futuristic, even though much of it’s set in the past via flashbacks or a series of episodes where they’re traveling around the world. There’s crazy technology, robots, magic, interspecies romance…. I mean, it’s great. It reminded me a little of Angel, you know, the Buffy spin-off, and I was really into it. It’s also considered one of the most well-written action cartoons of all time. Apparently, there’s a final season called “The Goliath Chronicles” that was deemed too dark and adult for children, even though it still aired as a Saturday Morning Cartoon…. For kids…. It’s also considered ‘non-canon’ but if you think that’s going to stop me from watching it, you’re out of your mind. I will allow it to be considered a separate show, however.

Verdict: Recommended. The best part was that there was a recurring plot that lasted the entire duration of the show, instead of it being an empty cartoon where each episode was the exact same thing every time (sorry Scooby), although I would have liked to see more of the Gargoyles besides Goliath.

Harley Quinn

I finally have turned out a Harley Quinn piece! Really it’s my own take on the character, with mainly just changing up her clothing and drawing upon her many outfits over the years. Even though I agree that she needed an update from the 1990′s Batman TV show, I always did like her original outfit and wanted to draw from it. And of course I couldn’t her signature mallet. 

I feel like all the present-day criticisms of Friends are the result of 2015 hindsight, looking back at a 1990’s TV show that was groundbreaking in its time

– The show included a fair representation of gay characters. Not only did Carol and Susan get married in what was one of TV’s first onscreen gay weddings, the couple raised Ben as parents. Criticisms of Ross’ jokes about his wife and lesbians are somewhat misplaced since the jokes part of Ross’ character development, with him being resentful towards Carol for ending their marriage.

– The show included an entire narrative around surrogacy and both normalized it and drew attention to its struggles and complications 

– The show includes a discussion about gender determinism when Ross and his ex-wife Carol debate over whether their son Ben should be able to play with Barbie or a GI Joe. Most characters are on Carol’s side, saying it should be up to Ben to choose what toy he plays with.

–The term ‘friendzone’ was originally coined by Joey to refer to the fact Ross waited too long after kissing Rachel to ask her out on a date, meaning she started to think Ross wasn’t interested in dating and just wanted to be friends. The original meaning had nothing to do with the present-day meaning.

And, as an extra note:

– The show was noted for the promotion of safe sex, particularly in a scene where Rachel and Monica fight over the last condom in the apartment. Whoever gets the condom can have sex. The other person can’t.