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Françoise Hardy in the Portuguese Press (TV magazine, Semanario da RádioTelevisão Portuguesa, January 23, 1964), when she came to the studies of RTP (Radio Televisão Portuguesa) in January 1964.
This article is about Françoise in Lisbon and her tiring and stressful day of her first visit to Portugal. Françoise arrived late in Lisbon. It was a horrible day of rain, Françoise at the airport exit, she tries to get into the Television car, but is surrounded by many fans, when Françoise finally gets in the car, the fans try to surround her. a fan goes up the roof of the car, another fan broke the window of the car and clung to Françoise, the police appeared and solved the situation. Francoise did not have time to rehearse, in the Portuguese television studio nobody knew how to speak French, finally they found a television host (Carlos Cruz) who could speak French, but Carlos did not know who Françoise was, he Had never listened to her music, Françoise sang without the RTP orchestra, everything failed. A month later, Françoise in an interview with a Portuguese magazine (Cronica Feminina), François says, i have very bad memories of Portugal, and that day was one of the worst days of my life. Françoise returned to Portugal two more times, one in 1964 and another in 1967.