1990's comedy gifs

Colonel Mustard: Is this place for you?
Wadsworth: Indeed no, sir. I’m merely a humble butler.
Colonel Mustard: What exactly do you do?
Wadsworth: I buttle, sir.
Colonel Mustard: Which means what?
Wadsworth: The butler is head of the kitchen and dining room. I keep everything tidy.

Tim Curry co-starring with Martin Mull in Clue (1985). Director: Jonathan Lynn.

“You know the scene on the engine where I’m supposed to feed the fire, I’m supposed to be a little dumb about it. So somebody said I should get hold of a log with a knothole in it, and throw it away. I did that, but I didn’t think the audience would understand it, and then I saw a very small piece of wood, and I picked it up and threw it in. Buster liked it so right away he built it up; I mean he picked up an even smaller piece, just a splinter really to see if I would be dumb enough to use that, too. And of course I did, and so he jumped on me as if he was going to choke me, but at the last moment he really gave me a little peck on the cheek. I think I got that kiss more for thinking of the gag than for anything else. And none of  this was in written form at all.”

-Marion Mack on working with Buster Keaton in The General (1925)