1990 rave

thehungryunicorn  asked:

I've got a party soon and the theme is 90's/rave any ideas? 💛💛

Love this!!

90′s Clothes: Wear Bucket hats, neon graphic t-shirts, dresses over t-shirts, overalls, high waisted jeans, doc martens. 

Snacks: Dunk-a-roos, Ring pops, Gushers, Crispy M&Ms, Doritos 3D

Drinks: Capri-Suns, Cosmos, Jello Shots with Capri-Sun, Pop Rocks on the rim

Music: All the classic 90′s hits

Games: Click here for a list of drinking games with movies (there are 90′s movies in the list). I suggest American Pie. Also, have twister out…someone may play haha.

Other: Use a poloroid camera to take pictures! Also, since this is a rave party, buy lots of glowsticks, maybe strobe lights, black lights, and a fog machine.

Hope this helps! Let me know how it goes (: