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R.I.P. Prince!

Prince (Prince Rogers Nelson) was found dead inside his home Thursday, April 21, 2016. He was 57

Besides his many award-winning hits, Prince has influenced the comic book genre greatly.

In 1989, Tim Burton asked Prince to write and perform songs for the 1989 “Batman” movie. Prince recorded a nine-track “Batman” movie soundtrack. The album, released on June 20, 1989, peaked at number 1 on the Billboard 200, selling 4.3 million copies. The single “Batdance” topped the Billboard and R&B charts.

Prince was the main character in the 1990s comic book mini-series, “Prince: Alter Ego”, by Dwayne McDuffie.

The character Ianna, from the comic book series “The Wicked and the Divine”, is clearly and without a doubt, based off of Prince, down to the purple rain that welcomes the character’s debut.

He appeared on “Muppets Tonight” as himself in 1997.

Prince’s hit movie, “Purple Rain” also served as the movie homage for DC Comics’ New 52 Batgirl #40 comic book cover.

R.I.P. Prince and thanks!

Watching The Kopit version of The Phantom Of The Opera for the first time

Oh my god, Erik is so adorable, funny and charming in this version! I ship him and Christine harder then I usually do! I know the ending is going to break my heart in some way. Oh god i’m scared!