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i wasnt around for ot12, and i wanna know more about luhan so i figured why not come to you, LuhanStan69, for information????

ok well first of all, the name luhanstan69 is…. .…. .. .  . horrific and i want it tattooed on my ass .. .. . and second of all …. i was also not around for ot12….. but i can still show u the world (im so sorry just…….click on the bold links,,,,i didnt mean for this 2 happen)

ok so : my man… first name han last name lu and it means dawn deer and he really fucking looks like a deer?? his eyes are so big and sparkly and his features are really delicate and soft but don’t be fooled he really takes no prisoners and will fight literally anyone (here is him yelling at a saesang driver who was recklessly driving, like he really doesn’t take any shit one time at the airport he showed the fancameras that a saesang was calling his phone also the song Roleplay exists in which he basically tells his saesang fans that he will Fuck Them Up if they keep trying him,,,…,.,. a legend if u will) he was born april 20, 1990 and technically he’s a taurus by some calendars and aries by others but he said fuck it im an aries and whatever he says is law so he’s an aries. 

mmmm he’s an extremely talented vocalist and dancer (he was main vocal for m and their lead dancer also the visual). im not sure how familiar you are with exo m but I will recommend moonlight and what is love as songs that really show off luhan’s vocals from his exo era. as far as dance goes this is a classic mmm also his solo from the lost planet for the star is a treasure that must be preserved tbh. um anyways ya luhan was the bomb in exo m but he’s also the bomb solo!! his last exo concert was the 140921 tlp in beijing and he left exo in october of 2014 due to lack of support for luhan’s career and obvious health issues (if u watch fancams from his last stage u can see his face is swollen on one side and pictures of his eye being fucked up and he was having really bad chronic headaches i think i dont remember exactly also he fell down during let out the beast and is clearly in pain sorry im not trying 2 write a defend luhan leaving piece but this info isn’t really circulated now so it’s easy to write off him leaving as for just money or whatever)

and then luhan took a break!! he recovered his health in his home beijing and came back with : That Good Good say what u will abt the song either it’s ur style or not idc but the choreo is nice and his face is….stellar.. from there luhan worked toward releasing his album Reloaded which sold like hotcakes :( my baby :( The Star™️ and he started to truly become The Star™️ once he became a member of Running Man China (now titled Keep Running due to S Korean/Chinese political issues) and began to take on movies like The Witness (he also did the ost for the witness titled Medals which blew tf up and was used for the Rio 2016 Olympics) and Time Raiders. he then held his first !! solo !! concert !! in early 2016 aka the Reloaded series ft. three absolutely beautiful hair colors: mint/blue/green pink purple and some ridiculous wardrobe changes and he kicked ass :( and his fame in china rly skyrocketed like this man….endorses the entire planet (off the top of my head he is/was the spokesperson/endorser for: kfc, crest, lenovo, some bike company thing, puma, cartier, coke, sony, gap, lancome, l’occitane en provence, canon, kung fu panda, star wars (he got his own star wars song like exo has lightsaber but lu got the inner force….iconic), ummmmm what else idk i can’t remember anymore oh wait ADIDAS he literally was just announced for adidas today….an icon mayhaps?) anyways ya hims the Shit in china and he’s like the king of weibo?? like he holds a guinness world record for weibo….amazing

ok moving on to my :( favorite part …. when he put out catch me when i fall in oct 2016. This is it. This is That Song tbh. This is when he became the King of Aesthetics and Music. The MV is beautiful and so are the lyrics (i really encourage you to read the lyrics for the song bc they really show a lot about luhan and i fell absolutely undeniably in love with him when i read them). And from there he litralee cannot be stopped im not gonna make u read my opinion on all of them but his absolute best releases since then (keep in mind im talking abt in the like 7 months….he has put out so many songs AND mv’s for all of them plus teasers it’s really insane) are skin to skin , what if i said , and on call . truly … the mf king of aesthetics. i expect his next full album will come out probably around july/august…he’s really been building up to it with his mini albums so it will probably be more or less a repackage of all of those minis but ya !! keep ur eyes peeled!!

beyond his performance stuff he’s really the most passionate, dedicated, hardworking, and talented guy. He works so hard like it is astounding. He is so incredibly inspirational and i really just think he’s a good person and frankly i would trust him with my life. He really cares for his lufans and wants them to be safe and happy even international lufans like he puts english subtitles on all of his mv’s and now his bts videos also have eng subs like…..he doesn’t have to and yet? he’s there….doing it all. he also has fan events for his bday like one year he had a soccer event on his bday and made it livestreamed so that fans at home could watch too  :( he’s just v thoughtful :(

TL;DR: luhan is the sweetest boy on the planet and he just wants to make aesthetic bops and play w cats and live his life happily and freely. he is the most precious thing to me and he deserves all the love in the world. also he is a human meme and Lu is his magnum opus if u want to see more of lu i highly recommend Running Man (this is his first ep, and these two are my favorites) and episodes 2, 5, and 9 of exo showtime are my favorite lu episodes. u can catch him in the movie The Great Wall w matt damon and a bunch of v famous chinese actors and singers lmfao i just got it from redbox the other day lu is so cute um also he’s in a cdrama rn called Fighter of the Destiny which is all eng subbed on youtube the cgi is like ridiculously cheesy kinda power rangers feel but his face and sweet acting…..it’s enough 4 me….anything luhan does is enough 4 me

Christopher Kerze (born February 19, 1973) disappeared on April 20, 1990. He was an excellent student, who’d been invited to join the National Honor Society and was a National Ment Scholar semi- finalist. His hobbies were playing clarinet, swimming in the school’s swimming team, camping, skiing, reading and laser tag.

Christopher, 17 years old at the time, stayed home from school, and told his mom he was suffering from a bad headache. His parents left him alone in their house and went to work. When they later came home they found out that their family’s car was and Mossberg 20-gaige-bolt-action shotgun were missing but there were no bullets gone. There was a note left behind on the kitchen table from Christopher. The note read:

Mom, Something important came up + feeling somewhat better. Back by six. (Unless I get lost.) Love, Chris.

The word lost was underlined twice.

Christopher never came home. The next day a handwritten note arrive at his parent’s home. The note said Christopher lied about being sick so he could take the family’s car. He also noted that he didn’t know where he was heading. He said he was going to commit suicide and that he was sorry for the pain he was causing to his family and loved ones.

Two days later the car was found, abandoned on the roadside of Itasca Country. Christopher had left a note behind explaining who owned the car. The gun he had taken with him was later found by hunters. What happened next is unknown. The entire locations was being searched, but nothing was found. It is possible that Christopher hitchhiked further on.

The police received an anonymous letter in 2004, indicating that they should stop trying to find Christopher and that he would return home when he is ready. There has been some renewed interest in this case at the start of 2016, after the Jacob Wetterling case got resolved.

The 1920′s // original, edgy, spontaneous

Leo, Capricorn

The 1950′s // classic, simple, elegant

Cancer, Libra

The 1960′s // quirky, intellectual, experimental

Taurus, Virgo

The 1970′s // adventurous, revival, artistic

Sagittarius, Aquarius

The 1980′s // spunky, energetic, broad-minded

Gemini, Scorpio

The 1990′s // eclectic, rebellion, practical

Aries, Pisces

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marsha p johnson wasn't a transwoman, he was a gender non conforming gay man/drag queen, he even said (shortly before his death no less) 'i am a man' like you don't have to strip gay men (especially dead ones, which is incredibly insensitive) of their identities to make a point :/

Miss thing I know the tumblr feminists you hang around with get hyped up on kilos of sherm and bathsalts before they type into this putrid site and whatnot but I am not the one. Marsha was a pre-op transsexual and she wanted to transition, but due to poverty, the criminalization of prostitution, her deteriorating mental health, antiblackness, homophobia, and transmisogyny, she could not. Trans identity politics did not exist in the united states when she was alive as they exist today (because things evolve) and she described her transition in ways that would be considered controversial on tumblr dot com but they ought to be acknowledged. Interesting enough, tumblr feminists like your ilk and some trans activists here both have that refusal to acknowledge complex history in common. You people always want to deny parts of her existence to fit your compartmentalized narratives. Trust me you’re not much better or different than your imagined enemies so jot that down.

Moving on, Marsha was a transsexual woman and she described her biological sex as being male (a trans person describing themselves in this way wasn’t considered as much of a controversial act back then as it is now). She called herself a woman and a man (referring to how she described her sex or lack of access to HORMONES AND SURGERY), and it is clear that her existence was one rife with transmisogynoir and hostility due to her engagement in prostitution so she could have money to support herself and to fund her transition, which, sadly, didn’t happen because of, in part, the very same sentiments expressed in this dumb ass message u sent me girl. She experienced violence in the same patterns as any other transsexual woman in prostitution. Read Viviane Namaste to learn more about how transsexual women specifically are most at risk for violence that results in death when they engage in prostitution.

From Rapping with a Street Transvestite Revolutionary, an interview originally done by Bob Kohler on August 20, 1990, reprinted in Out of the Closets: Voices of Gay Liberation. Can be read in full here for free.

Kohler: When you hustle on 42nd Street, do they know you’re a transvestite, or do they think you’re a woman? Or does it depend? 

Marsha: Some of them do and some of them don’t, because I tell them. I say, “It’s just like a grocery store; you either shop or you don’t shop.” Lots of times they tell me, “You’re not a woman!” I say, “I don’t know what I am if I’m not a woman.” They say, “Well, you’re not a woman.” They say “Let me see your cunt.” I say, “Honey, let me tell you something.” I say “You can either take it or leave it,” because, see, when I go out to hustle I don’t particularly care whether I get a date or not. If they take me, they got to take me as I want ‘em to take me. And if they want to go up my dress, I just charge them a little extra, and the price just goes up and up and up and up. And I always get all of my money in advance, that’s what a smart transvestite does. I don’t ever let them tell me, “I’ll pay you after the job is done.” I say I want it in advance. Because no woman gets paid after their job is done. If you’re smart, you get the money first.

Kohler: What about the term “drag queen?” People in STAR prefer to use the term “transvestite.” Can you explain the difference? 

Marsha: A drag queen is one that usually goes to a ball, and that’s the only time she gets dressed up. Transvestites live in drag. A transsexual spends most of her life in drag. I never come out of drag to go anywhere. Everywhere I go I get all dressed up. A transvestite is still like a boy, very manly looking, a feminine boy. You wear drag here and there. When you’re a transsexual, you have hormone treatments and you’re on your way to a sex change, and you never come out of female clothes.

Kohler: You’d be considered a pre-operative transsexual then? You don’t know when you’d be able to go through the sex change? 

Marsha: Oh, most likely this year. I’m planning to go to Sweden. I’m working very hard to go. 

Kohler: It’s cheaper there than it is at Johns Hopkins? 

Marsha: It’s $300 for a change, but you’ve got to stay there a year.

She wanted to transition. She planned to transition. She was a pre-op transsexual woman and a drag performer. Tryda disrespect a dead black woman in my inbox again girl and I implore you not to come for me if you glean all of your politics off your dashboard and sleazy wordpress blogs.

EXO Astrology: a summary

I keep tagging posts with exo’s aspect placements and forgetting that not everyone just keeps kpop idols astrology charts in their heads at all times so here’s a quick breakdown of the members and their relevant astrology info (you can find a brief explanation of what each aspect means here):

Suho (Kim Junmeon): May 22, 1991

Sun: Gemini/Taurus cusp
Moon: Virgo
Mercury: Taurus
Venus: Cancer
Mars: Cancer

Xiumin (Kim Minseok): March 26, 1990

Sun: Aries
Moon: Pisces
Mercury: Aries
Venus: Aquarius
Mars: Aquarius

Lay (Zhang Yixing): October 7, 1991

Sun: Libra
Moon: Libra
Mercury: Libra
Venus: Virgo
Mars: Libra
(wtf so much Libra)

Beakhyun (Byun Beakhyun): May 6, 1992

Sun: Taurus
Moon: Gemini
Mercury: Aries
Venus: Taurus
Mars: Aries

Chen (Kim Jogndae): September 21, 1992

Sun: Virgo/Libra cusp
Moon: Cancer
Mercury: Libra
Venus: Libra
Mars: Cancer

Chanyeol (Park Chanyeol): November 27, 1992

Sun: Sagittarius
Moon: Capricorn
Mercury: Scorpio
Venus: Capricorn
Mars: Cancer

D.O. (Do Kyungsoo): January 12, 1993

Sun: Capricorn
Moon: Virgo
Mercury: Capricorn
Venus: Pisces
Mars: Cancer

Kai (Kim Jongin): January 14, 1994

Sun: Capricorn
Moon: Aquarius
Mercury: Aquarius
Venus: Capricorn
Mars: Capricorn

Sehun (Oh Sehun): April 12, 1994

Sun: Aries
Moon: Taurus
Mercury: Aries
Venus: Taurus
Mars: Pisces

Kris (Wu Yifan): November 6, 1990

Sun: Scorpio
Moon: Cancer
Mercury: Scorpio
Venus: Scorpio
Mars: Gemini

Luhan (LuHan): April 20, 1990

Sun: Aries
Moon: Aquarius
Mercury: Taurus
Venus: Pisces
Mars: Aquarius

Tao (Huang Zitao): May 2, 1993

Sun: Taurus
Moon: Virgo
Mercury: Aries
Venus: Aries
Mars: Leo

Horóscopo chino = horóscopo occidental

Bueno, me pareció interesante saber esto, así que lo publique ❤

*Aclaración: mientras que la astrología occidental se basa en los meses del año, la astrología china se basa en un ciclo lunar de 12 años*

Aries♈ (21 de marzo al 20 de abril)
Su equivalente es el Dragón (1904, 1916, 1928, 1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000)

Tauro♉ (20 de abril al 21 de mayo)
Su equivalente es la Serpiente (1905, 1917, 1929, 1941, 1953, 1965, 1977, 1989, 2001)

Géminis ♊(21 de mayo al 20 de junio)
Su equivalente es el Caballo (1906, 1918, 1930, 1942, 1954, 1966, 1978, 1990, 2002)

Cáncer ♋(20 de junio al 21 de julio)
Su equivalente es la Cabra (1907, 1919, 1931, 1943, 1955, 1967, 1979, 1991, 2003)

Leo♌(21 de julio al 20 de agosto)
Su equivalente es el Mono (1908, 1920, 1932, 1944, 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992, 2004)

Virgo♍(20 de agosto al 21 de septiembre)
Su equivalente es el Gallo (1909, 1921, 1933, 1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993)

Libra♎(21 de septiembre al 20 de octubre)
Su equivalente es el Perro (1910, 1922, 1934, 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994)

Escorpio ♏(20 de octubre al 21 de noviembre)
Su equivalente es el Cerdo (1911, 1923, 1935, 1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995)

Sagitario ♐(21 de noviembre al 20 de diciembre)
Su equivalente es la Rata (1900, 1912, 1924, 1936, 1948, 1960, 1972, 1984, 1996)

Capricornio ♑(20 de diciembre al 21 de enero)
Su equivalente es el Buey (1901, 1913, 1925, 1937, 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997)

Acuario ♒(21 de enero al 20 de febrero)
Su equivalente es el Tigre (1902, 1914, 1926, 1938, 1950, 1962, 1974, 1986, 1998)

Piscis ♓(20 de febrero al 21 de marzo)
Su equivalente es el Conejo (1903, 1915, 1927, 1939, 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999)

What is the fundamental difference between the Third and First World working classes?

We can see, in general, that the world has been cleaved between a predominantly productive region of the world, and one which is by the day reducing its productive capacity and making way for the new tertiary economy based on the exchange of those goods produced elsewhere. The markets in the First World are flooded with the spoils of both exploited and just taken from the productive world. So in the west, we have people who are generally unproductive laborers (very few laborers are productive, less than 20% since 1990), and the purchasing power and consumer value of wages for First World workers continues to generally climb. It may not be entirely consistent across the board, but generalities tell us much about the class makeup, and even more about the overall international situation. It’s less about discovering “am I a proletarian?” and more about completing a worldview with a workable revolutionary program. The entire existence of people in the First World from top to bottom is generally regulated at a different pace, with a different world outlook and consciousness, and generally set to a rhythm more in line with the petty bourgeoisie than the proletariat. It is not only a factor of relative wealth, but also class subjectivity and interest as defined by concrete political blocs and institutions. It is no exaggeration to say that the “global north” and the “global south” truly do exist worlds apart. This is precisely because of the ongoing development of capitalism as an international system, with international consequences, which we must now answer for. 

To put it simply: the labor aristocracy is the predominant, and consciously political, expression of the growing division in the working class in these two worlds, and a conscious enemy of the proletariat in almost every instance. As more time passes, this division widens with the increasing predominance of the petty bourgeoisie and labor aristocracy in the imperial core, and the proliferation of a super-exploited industrial working class in the world’s periphery.


On this day in music history: March 3, 1990 - “Escapade” by Janet Jackson hits #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 for 3 weeks, also topping the R&B singles chart for 1 week on March 10, 1990. Written by Janet Jackson, James Harris III and Terry Lewis, it is the third pop and eighth R&B chart topper for the youngest member of the Jackson family. The songs initial inspiration comes when Jackson expresses interest in recording a cover version of the Motown classic “Nowhere To Run” by Martha & The Vandellas. Instead the trio write a new song with a similar rhythmic feel. “Escapade” is one of the first three tracks completed for the album. Released as the third single from Janet’s “Rhythm Nation 1814” album in January of 1990, it follows its predecessors up the chart. Entering the Hot 100 at #37 on January 20, 1990, it rockets to the top of the chart six weeks later, becoming the third of four number one pop singles from “Rhythm Nation 1814”. “Escapade” is certified Gold in the US by the RIAA.


German Unity Day / Tag der Deutschen Einheit. 3. Oktober 1990. 

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