199 hero battle

the-last-alicorn  asked:

A friend of mine, who is incredibly attractive and quick witted (it's me lol) got her first exposer to Super Sentai via Goseiger Gokaiger 199 Hero Great Battle. Have you seen this movie? And if so, what did you think of it?

I ADORE this movie!  It’s not only a fantastic team up film but a perfect Anniversary movie!  

It was also directly tied into the continuity of the TV series and showed how the end of the Legend War impacted the teams who had lost their powers.  You had people like Denji Blue decide to become a bread salesman, Deka Pink remained a police officer, RyuRanger perfected his gyoza and the Goseigers were trying to steal their powers back from the Gokaiger team.

That lineup from the beginning though, with all of the past Sentai teams. That was epic!

It was also really great when all of the main robots for the teams showed up for the final fight!

And how about that wonderful homage to the end of Himitsu Sentai Goranger?

I could gush about this movie all day.  The characterization and character interaction was amazing.  The selection of past villains was a lot of fun and the fight scenes were creative and well choreographed.  Going back to the interaction for a minute, I absolutely loved the rivalry and eventual friendship of the two yellows; Luka and Moune.  They were just great playing off of each other!

This is still one of my favorite team up movies of all time and just makes me smile like an idiot anytime I watch it!


I’m not sure if I’m the first person to notice this on Tumblr, or just the first person to blog about it. Either way, this is pretty interesting.

During the credits of Gokaiger Goseiger Super Sentai 199 Hero Great Battle, every Super Sentai team that preceded the Gokaigers flashes on the screen briefly during the credits. Today, after watching the movie for about the 50th time, I noticed during the credits that Big One had a skirt on the uniform when JAKQ came up on screen. I paused it, went back, replayed to that part, and paused again. There it was - white skirt, plain as day, the same way that the uniform is when Luka transforms into Big One!

I then, of course, went through the entire credits, and what do you know - every Sentai team’s uniforms have had their gender assignments changed to match what their member would be in Gokaiger. Some of the teams only have one change, mostly for the Yellow Rangers (although Go-Onger has Go-On Black in a skirt, which is my personal favorite). Some other teams have more than half of the Rangers in gender-changed uniforms, most noticeably Liveman and Hurricaneger.

I’m not sure what the point of this was for the directors, but I personally think it’s awesome to see these alternate versions of the Sentai teams doing their epic poses. Also, sorry if the subtitles seem a bit off - I had a hard time pausing the film at the exact right moment to get all of these screencaps!


Hiroshi Miyauchi (宮内 洋) born 14 June 1947 is a legendary actor in the world of Tokusatsu.  Not only is he famous for his roles as Ao Ranger/Akira Shinmei in Himistu Sentai GoRanger, Big One/Soukichi Banba in J.A.K.Q. Dengeiktai and Chief Miura in Chouriki Sentai OhRanger but he also played Ken Hayakawa in Kaiketsu Zubat and Kamen Rider V3/Kazami Shiro in Kamen Rider V3. 

As well as being an actor, he was also a vocalist working on songs for Kamen Rider V3, Kaiketsu Zubat and Tokkei Winspector. His most recent work was reprising his role as Shoukichi Banba for the Gokaiger, Goseiger 199 Heroes Great Battle movie in 2011, Shiro Kazami in OOOs, Den-O, All-Riders: Let’s Go Kamen Riders the same year and taking over the role of Tachibana Tobei, the Kamen Riders’ mentor, for the 2005 film Kamen Rider The First.