Get Inspired! - 1989 Artistic Meme

Taylor Swift’s 1989 album is finally out (AND I LOVE IT!) so I thought about making every single song important in someway. 

Since I’m on tumblr I saw a lot of ‘namecharacter week’, 'nametvshow meme’ and things like that so I thought, why we can’t make the same thing with Taylor, using her song as an ispiration?

The whole idea is about making anything (Drawings, Photographs, edits, gifs or gifsets, typography, literally anything!) on a weekly basis (so we can all have our time to get ready and post our works) for 17 weeks (1 for every song + 1 for the album)

Everyone can tag their work as #1989AM (sounds like a date tbh) so every work can get visibility and maybe we can get Taylor to see it!

I will be joing this project in my art blog, and for any question you can contact me here

Under the cut, there is the calendar of the posting dates, starting from next week! Thank you for your time!

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