10 notorious Murderers

The following people are ten notorious murderers (8 serial killers, 2 terrorists) ordered by their birthday (youngest to oldest).

I’m posting four pictures of everyone (them as kid, random picture of them, police sketch, mugshot) and a short summary of their crime.

Timothy McVeigh


Timothy James McVeigh was an American terrorist. He is responsible for the Oklahoma City Bombing. He had two accomplices (Terry Nichols, Michael Fortier). With his bomb he killed 168 people.

Richard Ramirez


Ricardo Leyva Muñoz Ramírez, also known as the „Night Stalker“, was an American serial killer. He killed at least 14 people. He often used different weapons and didn’t have any specific targets.

Aileen Wuornos


Aileen Carol Wuornos was an American serial killer. She probably killed 7 men in between 1989 and 1991. She is one of the most notorious female serial killers.

David Berkowitz


David Richard Berkowitz, also known as „Son of Sam“, is an American serial killer. He killed 6 people and wounded 8. Today he is an Christian.

Richard Chase


Richard Trenton Chase, also known as „The Vampire of Sacramento“, was an American serial killer. In just one month he killed 6 people. He drank the blood from some of his victims, ate body parts or had sex with their dead bodies. 

Gary Ridgway


Gary Leon Ridgway, also known as „Green River Killer“, is an American serial killer. He killed at least 49 women and girls. He killed his victims after having sex with them. He strangled them to death. Then he had sex with their dead bodies. Sometimes he came back at night and had sex with them again or mutilated their bodies.

Ted Bundy


Theodore „Ted“ Robert Bundy was an American serial killer. He raped and killed at least 28 young women and girls and cut them into pieces.  He is one of the most notorious serial killers in the history of the USA.

Dennis Rader


Dennis Lynn Rader, also known as „BTK-Killer“ (Bind, Torture, Kill) is an American serial killer. He killed at least 10 people. Most of his victims were female.

Ted Kaczynski


Theodore John „Ted“ Kaczynski, also known as the „Unabomber“ is an American terrorist. In between 1978 and 1995 he sent 16 bombs to different people in the USA. With these bombs he killed 3 people and injured 23.

Andrei Chikatilo


Andrei Romanovich Chikatilo, also known as „Butcher of Rostov“, was a Soviet serial killer. He killed at least 53 people. He often raped his female victims.


In honor of Prince Day, here are my favorite outfits of His Royal Badness over the course of his lifetime starting in 1984 to 2000. I love You 💜.


The most regal looks on royal women → As requested by anonymous


Productores Rock Music

Reinhold Mack

Reinhold Mack (a.k.a. Mack) is a German record producer and sound engineer, mostly known for his collaborations with rock bands Electric Light Orchestra and Queen.[1] Most of this work took place at Giorgio Moroder’s Musicland Studios in Munich, which became famous after Marc Bolan & T.Rex (with producer Tony Visconti) first discovered it for recordings in 1973.[2] In 1981 the Queen album The Game brought Mack and the band a Grammy Award nomination for Producer of the Year (Non-Classical).

Mack’s third son, John Frederick Mack, was named by Freddie Mercury and was a godson of both Mercury and Queen bass guitarist John Deacon.

Mack is referenced in the lyrics of the Queen song “Dragon Attack” on their 1980 album The Game, which he produced with the band: “gonna use my stack/it’s gotta be Mack”

Selected discography

Albums worked on as sound engineer:

Albums produced or co-produced by Mack:



Adriana Caselotti & Snow White (1937) | Ilene Woods & Cinderella (1950) | Mary Costa & Aurora (1959) | Jodi Benson & Ariel (1989) | Paige O'Hara & Belle (1991) | Linda Larkin, Lea Salonga & Jasmine (1992) | Irene Bedard, Judy Kuhn & Pocahontas (1995) | Ming-Na Wen, Lea Salonga & Mulan (1998) | Anika Noni Rose & Tiana (2009) | Mandy Moore & Rapunzel (2010) | Kelly Macdonald & Merida (2012) | Kristen Bell & Anna (2013) | Idina Menzel & Elsa (2013) I made them transparent!


Greats Of The Game - Eric Cantona, Forward


  • Division 1 (2): 1988–89, 1990–91


  • Coupe de France: 1989–90

Leeds United

  • First Division: 1991–92
  • Charity Shield: 1992

Manchester United

  • Premier League (4): 1992–93, 1993–94, 1995–96, 1996–97
  • FA Cup (2): 1993–94, 1995–96
  • Charity Shield (3): 1993, 1994, 1996


  • French Division 1 Rookie of the Year: 1987
  • Ballon d'Or – Third Place: 1993
  • Premier League leader in assists (2): 1992-93, 1996-97
  • BBC Sport Goal of the Month (2): February 1994, December 1996
  • PFA Premier League Team of the Year: 1993–94
  • PFA Players’ Player of the Year: 1993–94
  • FWA Footballer of the Year: 1995–96
  • Premier League Player of the Month: March 1996
  • Sir Matt Busby Player of the Year (2): 1993–94, 1995–96
  • Onze d'Or: 1996
  • ESM Team of the Year: 1995–96
  • Premier League 10 Seasons Awards (1992–93 to 2001–02)
  • Inducted into the inaugural English Football Hall of Fame: 2002
  • UEFA Golden Jubilee Poll: #42
  • FIFA 100 Greatest Living Footballers: 2004
  • PFA Team of the Century (1907–2007):
  • Football League 100 Legends
  • Golden Foot Legends Award: 2012