1989 world championships

NWA World Tag Team Champions The Varsity Club
[April 2nd, 1989]

A team that weren’t beloved but were undeniable for having incredible mat-based talent were The Varisty Club, the duo of Steve Williams and Mike Rotunda (the stable also included Kevin Sullivan). At NWA-WCW’s Clash Of The Champions VI: Ragin’ Cajun, The Varsity Club defeated The Road Warriors for the NWA World Tag Team Championships by pinfall when referee Teddy Long delivered a fast count, kickstarting his heel turn that would eventually lead to him becoming a manager. Rotunda and Williams were the champs for one month and five days before being stripped by the NWA for attacking special referee Nikita Koloff at WrestleWar ‘89, where they faced The Road Warriors in a rematch for the gold. The pair never regained the titles.


Svetlana Boginskaya’s wonderful floor routine at the 1989 World Championships that helped her win the all-around. Totally unique choreography. 


Olessia Dudnik- 1989 World Championships Beam Event Final.

I just love love this routine. Its packed with difficulty but at the same time it was done with such elegance. Can you believe this was back in 1989? With a full twist on the beam and a triple twist dismount? She may have had a couple of steps on the dismount but still. This routine is just gorgeous.


Today’s classic is Yang Bo’s beam routine during event finals at the 1989 World Championships. It is exquisite until the end. I think even the judges were distraught that she messed up her dismount.