1989 ford

Ding my door, give me a sh!tty look and don't apologize?

This happened many years ago but it popped into my head earlier so I thought I’d share. Back in 1994 I bought a 1989 Ford Escort as a work beater to drive the 25 miles each way back and forth to work. It was in good shape and got great mileage (40 MPG) because it was a 4 spd manual. I try to take care of my vehicles but I not overly anal about them, but when somebody dings it up because they’re careless it chaps my ass.

One day before work (I worked 2nd shift) I went to Best Buy to pick up the then brand new Korn CD. I bought the CD and went out to my car to open it and give it a listen. As I was unwrapping it a lady in a brand new Ford Taurus with paper plates pulled into the parking spot on my right. She flings open her door and bangs the edge of her door into the middle of my passenger door. It didn’t hit real hard, but it was enough that I knew it had to have left at least a small dent or paint chip. I looked up at her expecting her to apologize, instead she just gave me a shitty look, closed her door and walked away. That instantly pissed me off.

I decided if she wanted to act like an entitled bitch I was going to teach her a lesson. I waited until she was about 75 ft away, then leaned over and unlatched my passenger door. I twisted my body in the seat, lifted my right leg over the shifter, then proceeded to kick my passenger door open as hard as I could into her door. It hit so hard it left a crease in her door. No amount of touch-up paint was going to fix it.

It was so loud she turned around to see what happened, immediately realized I’d bashed my door into hers and came marching her fat ass back towards her car swearing up a storm at me. I just started up my car and drove forward out of my parking space before she got closer than 10 feet to my car. I gave her a fake smile, a quick wave and a couple beeps of the horn as I drove away while she stood there fuming and cussing up a storm.