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The Killing Joke trailer redrawn closer to the Graphic Novel’s original style (Brian Bolland’s) and with colouring closer to the 1988′s version (John Higgins).

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On this day - 20th July, 1988 - Martin Brest’s action-comedy Midnight Run was released, scored by Danny Elfman.

The ‘Main Titles’ above will sound familiar to Oingo Boingo fans. This track is later accompanied by the lyrics during the end credits [skip to 02:23], however, the film version is different to Oingo Boingo’s album release and can only be found on the Midnight Run OST release.

The band were credited as Mosley & the B-men.


The Killing Joke trailer redrawn closer to the Graphic Novel’s original style (Brian Bolland’s) and with colouring closer to the 1988′s version (John Higgins).

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On this day in music history: July 29, 1968 - “Hush” by Deep Purple is released. Written by Joe South, it is the debut single and biggest hit for the British hard rock band from Hertford, Hertfordshire, UK. Formed in March of 1968, the original line up includes guitarist Ritchie Blackmore, keyboardist Jon Lord, drummer Ian Paice, bassist Nick Simper and lead singer Rod Evans. Originally calling themselves Roundabout, the band change their name to Deep Purple taking it from the title of the standard best known in its version by brother and sister duo Nino Tempo and April Stevens. The name is suggested by Ritchie Blackmore, as song is a favorite of his grandmother. Deep Purple are quickly signed by EMI Records in the UK, and to Tetragrammaton Records in the US, a newly formed record label co-owned by comedian Bill Cosby and his manager Roy Silver. Working with producer Derek Lawrence (Outlaws, Wishbone Ash), the band begin recording their first album at Pye Studios in London in April of 1968. Not having enough material of their own, the band fill out their album with several covers including the song “Hush”. Written American guitarist Joe South (“Games People Play”, “Walk A Mile In My Shoes”), it is originally recorded by singer Billy Joe Royal (“Down In The Boondocks”) in 1967. One of the main hooks “hush, hush… though I heard her calling my name…”, South takes inspiration from an old gospel song in which the lyric is originally written as “Hush I thought I heard Jesus calling my name”. Royal’s version stalls at #52 on the Hot 100 in October of 1967. Deep Purple record their version of “Hush” on April 21, 1968, with a dramatic re-arrangement, giving it an aggressive and hard rocking edge. Released first on EMI’s Parlophone Records imprint on June 21, 1968, the record fails to chart in their home country. Issued in the US on Tetragrammaton five weeks later, it fares decidely better. Entering the Hot 100 at #83 on August 17, 1968, it leaps up the chart, peaking at #4 on September 21, 1968. The accompanying album “Shades Of Deep Purple” also performs well, peaking at number twenty four on the Billboard Top 200. An instant classic, “Hush” establishes Deep Purple as one the premier British hard rock bands, paving the way for other iconic British bands that follow including Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath. The band revisit their first hit in 1988, recording a new version of “Hush” for the album “Nobody’s Perfect”, with the remake peaking at #62 on the UK singles chart and #44 on the US Mainstream Rock chart. The original version is used in numerous films including “Apollo 11”, “When Strangers Appear” and “Beyond The Sea”. Deep Purple’s version of “Hush” is also sampled by the Beastie Boys on their single “Hey Ladies” in 1989. Due to threat of a lawsuit, the original sample is removed from the album and single releases of the song, but remains intact on the audio track for the music video.

Identifying The Sextuplets!

I believe that I’ve found a way to identify which of the Sextuplet Matsu Bros is which in the 1988 version of Osomatsu-Kun, but only in one scene.

The scene I speak of is from episode one when their mother is waking them up. She is searching specifically for Osomatsu, ends up cycling through all six of the brothers, each of them saying that they’re not him and in the end she never figures out exactly which sextuplet is Osomatsu.

But when I re-watched the scene to take screenshots I noticed a few subtle details that might’ve been hints to which brother is which. I’m not really sure if their personalities in -San will in anyway relate back to -Kun but I’m using what I know of their personalities in the newer version to help ID them.

The first two brothers we see when their mother tries to wake them up both sleep in the Fetal position. Now let’s look at what the Fetal Sleeping Position tells us about a person’s personality.

Fetal Position: This pose shows a tough outer personality and a soft, insecure personality on the inside.

Now from what I’ve seen in -San this fits both Karamatsu and Ichimatsu pretty well. They’re known to show an external air of toughness, while both hide insecurities albeit for different reasons.

The third brother their mother tries to wake up is revealed to be upside down in his bed, his feet on his pillow. This the Inverted sleeping pose or what I like to call The Bat. What does it mean?

Inverted/The Bat: Is an upside down sleeping pose where the sleeper’s feet end up on the pillow where their head should be. It shows a sweet, innocent and childlike personality.

Again from what I’ve seen in -San this is personality description is reminiscent of Jyushimatsu’s hyper childlike personality and sleeping habits we saw in the “Please Let Me Sleep.” Skit

The fourth Brother to be awoken is sleeping stomach down, and his face is shoved into his pillow as he hugs it. This is called The Free Fall.

The Free Fall: This pose shows a very free personality type.These people are very sociable types but can also be brash at times.

Once again according to -San, this description fits Todomatsu to Capital T.

The Fifth and second to last brother is seen sleeping on his back with what I assume is with his arms straight down by his sides until his mother tugs him out of bed. This position is known as The Soldier pose.

The Soldier: This position shows a neat uniform personality in waking and sleeping life.

According to -San, this definitely fits Choromatsu’s Only Sane One Here character type.

The last brother we see being woken up is found lying diagonally in his futon. This position is just plainly called The Diagonal.

The Diagonal: If a person sleeps like this it indicates that they are the sort of person that cannot stay focused on a topic and are very likely to go off on a tangent. It also indicates a very lazy air.

Once again I say that this fits the personality that Osomatsu displays in -San.

I hope that this guide was helpful and interesting to read. I will most likely doing more posts about the Sextuplets like this in the future.

A pleasant flight.

*This is purely a work of fiction, featuring an imagined version of 1988 Robert Plant.
Thank you to @waywaydowninside and @firethatgrewsolow (who’s also my wonderful beta!) for inspiration and encouragement! ❤*

She’d stowed away all her luggage and was just about to start reading her book, as the plane was getting ready for take-off.
In her head she was reciting her mantra: “Please let the other seats stay vacant, please let the other seats stay vacant…” hoping she’d be able to stretch out across them the moment they hit cruising altitude. So far, it looked very promising. The stewardess had just been down the aisle, checking the overhead lockers, making sure all seat belts were fastened.

She opened “Chain of Chance” – nothing like a bit of ‘70s science fiction to pass a boring flight – and was just getting into the reading groove when suddenly a bag being dropped into the seat next to her made her jump.
Urgh! Just when she was certain this could be a pleasant flight with the whole row to herself!
Annoyed, she sighed and with one eyebrow raised and a rather sour expression on her face, she turned to whomever had spoilt her plans.
He’d just finished stowing his suitcase away. As he ducked his blond, curly head to sit down he smiled so disarmingly that she couldn’t help but let her sour expression fade.
   “Sorry, didn’t mean to startle you. I just made it by the skin of me teeth!”
   “No, no, that’s all right. I was just lost in my book,” she smiled back.
The polite, conversational, civilized part of her brain made her reply politely and calmly. The music loving, rocker chick part of her brain was jumping up and down, waving its hands, shouting: “DO YOU REALISE THAT’S ROBERT PLANT?!?!?!!!”
He took his bag off the middle seat, placing it underneath the seat in front, asking:
  “Do you mind?” As he made to sit right next to her.

   “No, of course not,” she said smiling. Desperately trying to get her heart beat to return to its normal rate.

He buckled his seat belt and sat back in his seat with a contented sigh.

She couldn’t help but smile to herself as she picked up her book and started reading. Very aware that one of the sexiest men she’d ever clapped eyes on was sitting right next to her.

As they taxied along the runway and sped up for take-off, she felt herself relax. She always did when flying. There was something comforting about gliding along above the world and all its worries.

It also didn’t hurt that the book was really interesting and nearly impossible to put down.

She’d registered with half an eye that the man next to her had taken out a book as well, and was apparently engrossed in it.

After about an hour, the stewardess came down the aisle with the drinks trolley. Ordering a glass of white wine, she sipped it while continuing to read.

As the cabin crew slowly made their way with the food, a while later, she could feel a shift in the man beside her. She looked up and found him staring at her. Looking back at him, smiling, she said “What? Did I suddenly sprout a second nose?”

He laughed and said, no, he just liked how she looked when concentrating on her book. She looked so passionate in a quiet way.

She couldn’t help but laugh at that.

   “Thank you. I tend to lose myself in books I like, and this is really engaging.”

He leant over and read the title.

   “Oh, yes, I remember that book. Never read it myself.”
   “What were you reading?”

He held up “Simarillon” and she smiled.

   “I should’ve expected that from you.”

   “Really? So you do know who I am, then?”

   “M-hmm, you’re rather easily recognizable with that mane of yours, you know.” She raised an eyebrow teasingly.

He laughed and just as he was about to reply, the stewardess leaned over and handed them their food.

   “Anything else to drink, sir? Madam?”

   “White wi…” they both started saying and broke off.

   “Two white wines, please,” he said and when he was handed the first glass, he put it on her tray with a wink.

After the stewardess had moved on, he said;

   “Where were we? Oh, yes, my cover had been blown!”

She laughed and then, narrowing her eyes, said in a mock stage whisper

   “Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone.”

He smiled widely, and she could feel that tell-tale flutter in her heart again. He really was quite lethal.

After having eaten the surprisingly good meal and chatting a little, he asked her,

   “So, London. Going for business or pleasure?”

   “A little bit of both, I suppose. I’m going back home to check on the state of my family home and then plan on trawling some old book-and-music shops to hunt for treasure.”

   “Anything in particular?”

   “Well, I’ve been looking for good first editions of a couple of my favourite books, and I’m trying to find some good recordings of Skip James, but they’re really elusive.”

   “Skip James?”

   “Yes, he’s an American blues musician from the ‘20s and ‘30s. He made the song “Devil Got My Woman”…”

   “Yes, I know, he’s one of my favourites.”

   “Really?! Wow, I’ve hardly ever met anyone who knows of him!”

   “I have an original ’78 of “Devil Got My Woman”.”

Her eyes went wide as saucers.

   “No. Way!”

   “Oh, yes, I found it a couple of years ago after having tried to track it down for ages.”

   “That’s just… I mean… Oh, my god! I can’t believe it!” Grinning she said, “I remember hearing it for the first time. It set me on my journey of discovering and loving Delta blues! His voice is just so raw and full of emotion.”

   “Have you ever heard it played on a ‘20s wind-up gramophone? It adds a whole different dimension to it.”

   “No, just a modern turntable, sadly. I can imagine that would be great, though.”

   “You want to come see my record collection?”

She laughed.

   “Did you seriously just say, “Come see my record collection”? I can’t believe you!”

With a wink and a teasing smile, he said,

   “Well, it is a very nice record collection…”

They continued to talk and flirt until the desserts arrived: strudel for her, chocolate mousse for him.

He took a spoonful and closed his eyes in pleasure, moaning softly.

   “Mmmm… Oh, that just hit the spot. Here, you must try some.”

Holding a spoonful out to her. She looked at him like he’d just spoken to her in Greek. He narrowed his eyes at her and said

   “Go on. It’s sinfully good.”

Keeping eye contact with him, she opened her mouth, allowing him to feed her a spoon of the fluffy chocolate treat.

She closed her eyes as her mouth closed around the spoon, not quite believing that she was being fed chocolate mousse by Robert-bloody-Plant!

He slipped the spoon from her and just as she was starting to moan at the taste, she felt something soft and warm against her mouth.

It took a couple of seconds to register that it was a pair of lips, but before she could properly respond, they were gone.

She opened her eyes, only to look straight into his. He had a look of such raw passion in his eyes, her heart nearly stopped and she momentarily lost her breath.”

   “So, was it to your taste?”


   “The mousse?” He said, putting on an angelic face.

   “Oh… oh, yes. It was, um… U-huh.”

He smiled at her temporary struggle with the English language.

   “May I sample your sweet delights?”


   “Your strudel.” He said, innocently.

   “Oh, sure. Here,” she said, holding the plate out to him.

   “No, no, that’s no fun, you feed it to me,” he teased.

With a now slightly shaking hand, she took a forkful of strudel and brought it to his lips. He kept his eyes on her while closing his lips around it, taking his time, and licking his lips after swallowing.

   “Mmm… delicious. Sweet with just a hint of… citrus…”

He held out another spoon of mousse for her and quirking up a corner of her mouth she opened for him to slip it between her lips

She swallowed and he beckoned her with a finger, saying “You’ve got a little…” and when she leaned to closer he captured her lips with his again. This time snaking his left hand into her hair, caressing the back of her head, holding her to him.

Their lips moved slowly over each other, his tongue begging for entrance. She opened for him and their tongues snaked together in perfect harmony.

He was both gentle and firm, with the softest lips she’d ever felt. He tasted of chocolate and apples and the cognac he’d been sipping.

He moaned quietly, sending shivers down her spine, pulling slightly away from her, looking into her eyes with a mixture of lust and wonder.

He briefly captured her lips again, kissing his way down her jaw to her neck, latching on to her pulse point, making her eyes roll back into her head. She tangled her hands in his gorgeous golden mane, making him growl and take a small, playful nip at her.

   “Ladies and gentlemen. We’re making our final approach now into London Heathrow airport. Please make sure your seats are in the upright positions, your bags have been safely stowed and your seatbelt is securely fastened.

They reluctantly broke apart, breathing heavily, fastening their seatbelts.

He ever so smoothly placed his hand on her knee, sliding it slightly up her thigh.

She smiled at him.

He leaned over and whispered in her ear

“I have a car that’ll pick me up when we land, would you like a lift? I could show you my big instrument… 

   “My gramophone!” He said, batting his eyelashes innocently.

   “Sure, I’d love to see your powerful horn…”

He broke into a big grin, making his laughter lines and dimples deepen.


The elusive “Wishing” fabric 

Originally said to be made exclusively for the 1986 musical “Phantom of the Opera”. Woven in India and hand dyed/printed in England, this silk fabric comes from a small husband-and-wife shop outside London. They collect antique fabrics and trims as well as reproducing elaborate materials, and they’re a favourite among film and stage designers. No wonder this specific stripy/floral rococo fabric has appeared in many movies and TV series, as well as on stage.

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WOAHWOAHWOAHWOAHWOAH. There's an ORIGINAL Chibita's Flower???!!!

Yep! There are two originals actually!

There’s the manga version and the 1988 anime version! 

Here’s a neat little post comparing the incarnations of the good flower fairy and the bad flower fairy–It’s neat to see how they’ve changed~