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anonymous asked:

Wait, how old is Barry supposed to be? Because the episode said the flashback was "eighteen years ago," so bb!Barry is nine? Ten?

Barry was born circa 1989 (he’s eleven-years-old as of March 18, 2000, the night Nora Allen was murdered).  Oliver takes Stephen Amell’s birthday, so it’s reasonable to assume Barry takes Grant’s (January 14).  Note: if Barry’s birthday falls after March 18, then he was born in 1988.  Either way, he was born in either 1988 or ‘89.

If we go the Grant route (Barry’s b-day: Jan 14 1989), then Barry’s 28 as of March 21, 2017.  “Eighteen years ago” is Barry as a ten-year-old.

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I'm doing an essay, when was Green Day officially formed? I got three different dates.

hmm it’s kind of a confusing thing but from what i remember 1986 is when billie and mike formed sweet children, 1987 is when they played their first show together as a band, and 1988-89 is when john joined the band and they were signed to lookout!/started recording their first EP/changed their band name!! it totally depends on what you think qualifies as the “beginning” of a band but i usually use 1986 as the date ✨

i teared up in class while we were watching archive footage from 1988-89 while the others around me giggled about how silly the editing was or whatever, how are you guys