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#18 kaner/tazer in the same verse as the other snippet you wrote

this is set in the same verse as my other Jonny mpreg ficlet. can also stand alone if you haven’t read that one. :)

Pat’s just settled into bed with a bowl of popcorn and the latest episode of Law & Order: SVU when Jonny comes out of the bathroom. His sleep pants are riding low on his hips, and his hair is wet from the shower, and Pat can’t help but notice the shadows of exhaustion under his eyes.

It’d been a long road trip, almost a week gone, and it feels good to be home, he thinks, in their own bed. He pulls the blankets back and pats the spot next to him, smiling warmly at Jonny. Nights like this are what he lives for — Jonny curled up against his side, the only thing on both of their minds a good night’s sleep.

Jonny hesitates, though, and Pat cocks his head. “You ok?”

“I’m ovulating,” Jonny grumbles, and oh. That explains the pout on Jonny’s lips.

“Ok,” Pat says, scooting across the bed and sitting up, letting his legs dangle over the edge of the mattress. “C’mere.” His legs falls open and Jonny moves into his space, standing in the open vee of Pat’s thighs. Pat’s fingers skim over Jonny’s ribs, his thumbs swiping Jonny’s nipples, and Jonny sighs. Pat knows him well enough to know that it’s not an “oh that feels good” kind of sigh.

“Hey,” he says, curling his fingers around Jonny’s hips. “We don’t have to.”

“Yes we do,” Jonny says, pushing Pat back a bit and climbing into his lap.

“You don’t have to sound so excited about it,” Pat says, and he’s teasing, Jonny has to know that. But Jonny’s face shutters and he moves out of Pat’s grasp, rolling to the other side of the bed. “Jon,” he says, reaching for him. He fits himself behind Jonny, draping one arm over his waist and nuzzling the back of his neck. “Hey, c’mon. I was kidding.”

“I know,” Jonny says, and Pat hates this. They’ve been trying for a long time, and seeing negative test after negative test was starting to take a toll. “I’m sorry,” he says softly, turning in Pat’s arms. “I just — I’m so fucking tired.”

“I know you are, babe. Me too,” Pat says, and he leans in to kiss Jonny. He’s not trying to start anything — he knows Jonny’s not in the mood, and of course he wants a baby, of course he wants to get Jonny pregnant, but not like this, when Jonny’s so obviously not into it.

But Jonny shifts against him, slipping his thigh between Pat’s, and Pat can feel that he’s half-hard in his pants. “You’re gonna have to do all the work,” Jonny says against his mouth, and Pat winces. He hates it like this, when he feels like Jonny’s just doing this because he feels like he has to.

“We don’t have to,” he repeats. “We can take a break from trying.”

Jonny blinks at him, then shakes his head. “I don’t want to take a break. I want to get pregnant.”

Pat swallows around the sudden lump in his throat. “Me too,” he manages. “I just want it to be good for you.”

Jonny smiles then, reaches to tug at Pat’s pants. “It’s always good for me. It’s you„” he says, and Pat hides his face in Jonny’s neck. Jonny wraps his long, perfect fingers around Pat’s dick and strokes him slowly, a lazy glide of his hand over Pat’s skin.

They do it with Jonny on his side, Pat fucking up into him slowly, mouthing the back of his neck and peppering his shoulder with kisses. “Dr. Anderson said if you have an orgasm at the same time I do, our chances are a little better,” Pat says softly, and Jonny makes a face.

“Don’t talk medical advice when you’re fucking me,” he says. “And don’t say orgasm.”

Pat laughs, giving Jonny another slow roll of his hips. “Fine. If you come at the same time I shoot in your ass, our chances are better. That work for you?”

Jonny nods, and Pat can tell he’s getting close, the way his thighs are tensing, the way he’s slowing his hand on his own cock. “Are you close?” he asks anyway.

“Y-yeah,” Jonny stutters, and Pat thrusts hard, groaning into Jonny’s shoulder.

“Me too,” he breathes, and when Jonny pushes back against him, clenches around him, that’s all it takes to put him over the edge. Jonny’s spilling over his own fist seconds later, and they ride it out together, Jonny already dozing off.

Pat pulls out gently and pulls the covers up over Jonny’s legs before leaning down to kiss the top of his head. “Be right back, gonna get a washcloth.”

“Kay,” Jonny says, on the edge of sleep. “Hey Pat?”

“Yeah, Jon.”

“I think this one’s gonna be it.”

“Me too, babe,” he says. “Me too.”

He doesn’t have the heart to remind Jonny that he’s said that every time.

'George with Little Richard at the induction of The Beatles into the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame held at the Waldorf Hotel in New York, January 20, 1988 

"Richard. Little Richard. That’s who I’d love to record. He’s a fantastic character with a fantastic voice - and whether he’s singing rock or gospel, he’s still great." - George, New Musical Express September 21, 1968


Shōri Tōshu article in the February 1988 issue of Anime V. 

This OVA tells the story of Katsumi, a girl who has been playing baseball by disguising herself as a boy for years but is one day recognized and scouted by an old family friend.


March 5, 2011:  "We come off the ice, and I’m screaming at (Kaner). I’m like, Pass me the **** puck! Next thing you know, he starts yelling at me, and we had about two minutes of us just screaming at each other on the bench. [..] So I’m still givin’ it to him, like, You gotta use me out there. I’m wide open, use me. The next shift we go out, […] Kaner throws one of the nicest passes I’ve ever seen, through two defencemen. It lands right on my tape, I just have to tap it in. I look at him, I point at him, I’m like, Nice pass! He looks at me, so angry, not even happy we just scored a goal, and just starts swearing at me, he goes, SCREW YOU!" — Jonathan Toews’ infamous story about him and Kaner

ETA: video of the goal now here!