1987 cartoon

The life of Hamato Yoshi

Saki and Yoshi have been established as rivals. Now Saki is pulling a knife out. Well, nice knowing you Yoshi.

Oh, well nevermind I guess? He just stabbed the wall. Anyways, ninja master guy showed up and wants these lower life forms to bow to him.

And he can’t bow because Saki’s evil master plan was to pin his robe to the wall. I mean, you could have just stabbed him. He didn’t seem to notice you pull out the knife.

“Oh, how did this knife get back there? That’s a little concerning.”

Well, the ninja master will probably see that the knife was preventing him from bowing, and so he won’t be in trouble -

What? They’re accusing him of attempted murder now? What kind of murderer pulls out a knife and just stares at it for a solid five seconds?

Yoshi is banished from the clan, and so he reacts like any sane person would and moves across the world to live in the sewers and become Snow White, but with rats.


DuckTales opening theme song, 1987-1990.

anonymous asked:

Hullo! Secret Santa again! (Sorry for all the questions. D8) What is your favorite mask out of all the Phantom adaptations?

Oh, man, I’ve been meaning to do a mask retrospective for a while, and you just gave me the perfect excuse to avoid the rest of the work I’m supposed to be doing!

Well, first there’s the 1925 Julian/Chaney film’s mask, which is probably among the creepiest of all of them:

Amazing bonus points for the creepiness of the painted face, and the almost sad, wistful expression it wears.  It’s also the only film mask I know of that is the barbe du masque, a particular style of mask, that is directly referenced in Leroux’s novel, so once again the 1925 movie may be the most accurate when compared to the original book.  (Check out rjdaae’s post because they are the bearer of these interesting tidings!)  He also has a pretty fantastic Red Death mask, which is literally just a grinning skull (and the excellent cane to match!).

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