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Kitty Pryde Costume Parade by the incredible Kevin Wada featuring an array of Kitty’s costumes over the years, including (1) my favorite of the batch inspired by Dazzler from Uncanny X-Men #149, (2) her space pirate ensemble from Uncanny X-Men #167, (3) a variation on the traditional school costume from Uncanny X-Men #168, (4) an instant classic in green and brown from Uncanny X-Men #169, (5) an outfit that can only have been inspired by Flashdance from Uncanny X-Men #175, (6) her skating costume from Kitty Pryde & Wolverine Limited Series #1, (7) the Shadowcat costume from the Excalibur era, and (8) her costume from the X-Men Evolution cartoon.

List of films Godfrey Ho directed with the word “ninja” in the title.

This does not include films he directed with non-titular ninjas or films with words like “ninjitsu” in the name.

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