“I loved and admired him. And was extremely jealous. I would venture to say My Own Private Idaho was the first performance of my generation, where somebody of my era did something, something original. The world since then wonderfully changed, but to be 23 and to play an openly gay character in a mainstream film was very daring, very brave. And he didn’t think twice about it. … And I was so jealous. And all of a sudden he has passed and I am missing him. Missing the challenge of him. And how often do we see ourselves in competition with people around us and don’t understand what we’re doing?” -Ethan Hawke on River Phoenix, 2016. (via


     Free Yourself (1985)

The Untouchables… a soul/mod revival band from the Silver Lake, Los Angeles, California area. Described by original lead singer Kevin Long as “mods who played ska music,” The Untouchables are credited with being America’s first ska band.

     They formed in 1981 as part of the embryonic L.A. mod revival, after being inspired by the ska revival/punk rock band The Boxboys. Since some couldn’t play instruments, they either hastily learned, or became vocalists. The original lineup included: Kevin Long (vocals), Chuck Askerneese (vocals), Terry Ellsworth (rhythm guitar), Clyde Grimes (guitar), Rob Lampron (drums), Herman Askerneese (bass) and Jerry Miller (vocals, timbales).”


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Just reissued: Terminal Sunglasses’ 1985 art-punk classic, “Wrap Around Cool“. Available on vinyl and CD via Toronto’s Artoffact Records.


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Grace Jones 💫
Citroën CX 2. 1985🇫🇷

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