Inktober Day 19: 1984 by George Orwell, nib pen and ink on paper

I read this book for the first time in 1984: it had been my new year’s resolution that year. It wasn’t an easy read - I was only thirteen when I started it, and barely understood it. The movie came out soon after then and floored me with its dystopian starkness and fantastic soundtrack by The Eurythmics.

I read it again, along with Brave New World, as part of the high school English curriculum, and did my project presentation on both books, as well as the Terry Gilliam film, Brazil, to show how the current Reagan/Thatcher/Mulroney governments were leading us to those dystopias.

I read 1984 again this year, along with many like-minded folk, due to a resurgence of world events resembling the prophesies of this book. Thoughtcrime, alternative facts, war is peace, fake news, doublethink, ignorance is strength, I love the poorly educated, etc., etc…

Quick pose practice with Oceania. I’ve been playing around with ideas for Oceanian military uniforms, and this is one of the thoughts I had. One idea was that the uniforms actually didn’t evolve much from the US military uniforms of WWII, since Oceania formed very shortly after the conclusion of that conflict. Military technology seems to continue to evolve in each superstate (ie. creation of floating fortresses to replace aircraft carriers), but uniform design may not have received the same treatment. This design in particular took inspiration from US Marine combat uniforms from the WWII era since I just finished watching The Pacific lol.


On Friday the 13th, watch the Final Trailer. Once will never be enough…