“DAN WHITE DEAD: Kills himself at his S.F. home,” pioneers Jack Fertig (Sister Boom Boom), Ben Gardiner, and Arthur Evans react to the suicide of Harvey Milk’s assassin, Harvey Milk Plaza, San Francisco, California, October 1985. [TW] Photo © Rink Foto. In 1978, former San Francisco City Supervisor Dan White assassinated Mayor George Moscone and City Supervisor Harvey Milk; at trial, White’s defense was one of diminished capacity due to depression brought on, in part, by an increased intake of sugary foods and soft drinks. The argument, known as the “Twinkie defense,” worked, and the jury found White guilty of voluntary manslaughter, which carried a seven-year sentence, and not first-degree murder, as the prosecution sought. When news of the lenient conviction and sentencing broke in May 1979, San Francisco’s gay community erupted, sparking the White Night Riots. Dan White served five of his seven years and received parole in early 1984. Because state officials could not guarantee White’s safety in San Francisco, he was transported to Los Angeles, where he served the first year of his parole. White then sought to return to San Francisco and, despite a statement from then-Mayor Dianne Feinstein requesting that he not return, White nonetheless moved home. While he attempted to reconcile with his wife, White’s marriage soon ended. On October 21, 1985, thirty-one years ago today, Dan White killed himself by carbon monoxide poisoning; he was thirty-nine. #lgbthistory #lgbtherstory #lgbttheirstory #lgbtpride #QueerHistoryMatters #HavePrideInHistory (at Harvey Milk Plaza)

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If you want to vote in Florida, you need photo ID.

This is what it takes to get it, thanks to laws passed by Republicans in 2010.

My 75-year-old mother has had a driver’s license in Florida since 1972. In order to keep it, she had to bring in a certified copy of her 1966 marriage license or her 1984 divorce decree, as well as the other requirements in sections 1, 2, and 3 above.

If you are not a homeowner, not the primary name on the rental agreement, not a vehicle owner, not insured, not in school, or if you have EVER changed your name (that’s 90% of the women here who have ever been married or divorced) you have to do a lot more to prove you are a “real” enough person to vote.

It’s almost like rich, white American-born men have much easier access to the means of influencing politics. Huh.

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The Buehr family papers have been fully digitized and are available to view online.

The Buehr family was a prominent Chicago family of artists, which included Karl Albert Buehr, his wife Mary Hess Buehr, their children Kathleen Buehr Granger and George F. Buehr, and Karl Buehr’s brother-in-law, Will Hess. The Buehr family papers documents their lives and includes biographical material, correspondence, writings, printed material, photographs, and artwork.

Image citation: Kathleen Buehr painting outdoors at easel, circa 1955 / unidentified photographer. Buehr family papers, 1880-1984. Archives of American Art, Smithsonian Institution.


On this day in 1797, the USS Constitution launched. The launch was the third try after two failed attempts. Though sailors feared that the failed launches boded poorly for the Constitution’s future, the ship proved herself during the war of 1812, when she defeated the RMS Guerriere, and earned the name “Old Ironsides.”

The USS Constitution is now a museum ship and lives at Charlestown Navy Yard. Here are some of our favorite photos of the USS Constitution!


USS Constitution, 1975 August 7, Boston Landmarks Commission image collection, Collection 5210.004

Mayor Raymond Flynn on USS Constitution with children, circa 1984- 1987, Mayor Raymond L. Flynn records, Collection 0246.001

USS Constitution, 1975 October, Collection 9800.007, Peter H. Dreyer slide collection

Halloween Lifestyle: Your world does not have to end in November

For my fellow Gothic Horror fans who feel like their world begins and ends in the Halloween Season, as our time of year comes winding down I have decided to compile a list of things of our genre that were not actually created by Halloween though have been ensnared by the Halloween season.  This is to remind us and comfort us that the things we love do not have to be relegated to a mere one twelth of the year.  

Fright Night = August 2nd 1985.

Fright Night (remake) = August 19th 2011

Ghostbusters: Answer The Call  = July 11th 2016

Ghostbusters = June 8th 1984

Ghostbusters 2 = June 16th 1989

Dracula (1931) = February 14th (Valentine’s Day) 1931

Frankenstein (1931) = November 21st 1931

Bram Stoker’s Dracula = November 13th 1992 (Friday the 13th)

Interview with the vampire = November 11th 1994

Victor Frankenstein = November 25th 2015

I, Frankenstein = January 24th 2014

Woman in Black = February 3rd 2012

Hocus Pocus = July 16th 1993

Online Halloween themed radio station Halloweenradio.net = Year ‘round

Online Halloween themed radio station Halloweenradio.com = Now also year 'round  (different station than the .net version)

Thriller Single = November 30th 1982

Thriller Music video release date = December 2nd 1983 (A full year after the single)

Dracula (Starring Marc Warren) = December 28th 2006

Corpse Bride = September 16th 2005

The Raven (Vincent Price version) = January 25th 1963

Wolf (Movie) = June 17th 1994

What we do in the Shadows = February 13th 2015

The Wolfman = December 12th 1941

The Wolfman (2010 version)  = February 12th 2010

An American werewolf in London = August 21st 1981

Sleepy Hollow (Movie) = November 17th 1999

Dark Shadows TV series premiered = June 27th 1966

House of Dark Shadows (movie) = September 9th 1970

Night of Dark Shadows (movie) = August 3rd 1971

Dark Shadows (movie) = May 11th 2012

Penny Dreadful TV series premiered = May 11th 2014

Dracula novel publication = May 26th 1897

The Exorcist (movie) = December 26th 1973

Legend of Hell House (movie) = June 15th 1973

The Omen (movie) = June 25th 1976

The Omen (remake) = June 6th 2006 (666)

Pet Semetary (movie) = April 21st 1989

Carrie (Movie) = November 3rd 1976

The Shining (Movie) = May 23rd 1980

The Shining (mini-series) = May 1st 1997

An American werewolf in Paris = December 25th (Christmas Day) 1997

Frankenstein novel publication = Summer of 1818

Strange case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde published = January 5th 1886

Voltaire’s Almost Human = August 1st 2000

Voltaire’s Riding a black unicorn = September 2nd 2011

Voltaire’s Ooky Spooky = July 31st 2007

Voltaire’s Devil’s Bris = June 9th 1998

Voltaire’s Boo Hoo = May 14th 2002

Lucifer TV series = January 25th 2016

Sleepy Hollow TV series = September 16th 2013

Dracula, The musical = Opened on Broadway August 19th 2004

Wicked = Opened on Broadway May 28th 2003

Buffy The Vampire Slayer TV series = March 10th 1997

Blade The Vampire Hunter movie = August 21st 1998

Tomb of Dracula (Marvel comics) = April 1972

Dracula (Frank Langella) = July 13th 1979 (Note: It was a Friday the 13th)

Love at first bite = April 13th 1973 (Note: That was also a Friday the 13th)

Marvel’s Legion of Monsters = February 1976

Goosebumps books = July 1992

Disneyland Haunted Mansion = August 9th 1969 (and open all year)

Disney World Haunted Mansion = Open all year long.

Frankensten’s House of Wax in Lake George = April 16th

Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein (Movie) = November 4th 1994

Tales from the Crypt (TV series) = June 10th 1989

Casper (Movie) = May 26th 1995

Beetlejuice = March 30th 1988

Beetlejuice (Cartoon) = September 9th 1989

Creepshow (movie) = November 12th 1982

            As you can see many, many things of the Gothic or Horror persuasion were not actually released on Halloween or even in October.  And there are plenty more than that.   My point is simple.  Don’t let anyone box you in.  Don’t let anyone tell you the things you love are specifically for Halloween or should only be seen, watched, or experienced during the Halloween season.  Life is too short to only live for one twelfth of the year.


Ministry - Twelve Inch Singles 1981-1984  2 x LP  33rpm  compilation reissue Ltd Ed  numbered  gatefold  clear  tote bag

2014  Cleopatra (orig. 1987 Wax Trax!)


He’s angry
Out of his head
Stop this music before we’re all dead
Full of rage
Out of his mind
Our youth culture is on the decline

Pretty awesome updated reissue of the original compilation.I never cared for the original since I had all the singles anyway, but now it it includes Same Old Madness, He’s Angry, Move and Overkill. These were tracks only recently released on the Early Trax cd in 2004 with the exception of Same Old Madness which is seeing its first vinyl release here, although it did show up on the larger Trax Box. There is a punchier version of it on Youtube, but the one included here is a bit tamer. Beautiful gatefold presentation, with band photo print, clear vinyl and comes in a silk-screened tote bag. No, really! Limited to 1000 copies.

-Beethoven'ın Kroyçer Sonatı'nı çalıyordu, o ilk Presto'yu bilir misiniz ?
“Kroyçer Sonat benim üzerimde dehşetli bir tesir uyandırdı. Sanki içimde yepyeni duygular canlandı, o zamana kadar hiç bilmediğim imkânlar belirdi. "Demek her şey şimdiye kadar düşünüp yaşadığım gibi değil de, böyleymiş..” diye bir ses duyuyordum. Bu yeniliğin ne olduğunu açıklayamamakla beraber, sadece varlığını anlamaktan bile sevinç duyuyordum. Karım ve Truhaçevski de dahil tanıdığım bütün yüzleri bambaşka bir ışık içinde görüyordum.“

Kroyçer Sonat, Lev Nikolayeviç Tolstoy

Monanieba (1984)Tengiz Abuladze

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Rat a Tat by fob gives me joy vibes tbh

Yeah! Also, I feel like the “Cult Campers” from the spoken introduction in the music video are like the Boy Scouts/Girl Guides of the city… It is sort of similar to how the children in George Orwell’s 1984 are taught to act as spies, telling the ruling government of anyone not conforming to society.

What songs remind you of Danger Days?

Omg so I went to the library because I wanted to read 1984, they didn’t have it. I asked the librarian if maybe it was checked out and she had never heard of classic novel 1984 by george orwell. But she checked the system and said the only copy is currently in the library of the next town over and they could send it here. Ok

So today I went to collect it and she hands me this…. very thin book and I’m thinking ok maybe it’s small print and as I’m leaving I check the back and it’s a simplified version for “intermediate readers”