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Depeche Mode ‘Set Me Free’’
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Per come la vedeva lei, la vita era un fatto semplicissimo.
Tu ti volevi divertire, loro te lo volevano impedire,
e allora tu facevi del tuo meglio per infrangere le regole.

“And so it began… I had a long cord that plugged into the Polaroid which I put on a tripod with the button in my hand… I’d be completely dressed – red lipstick and hair and long white gown in the middle of the night… I’d start moving furniture and lamps around and kept changing the lighting… Lots of times I ran out of film and would send people out to buy more in the middle of the night but the end result was I taught myself about lighting and how to take a great picture. I realized the songs and pictures from that time all fit together and from these I would select the art work for the album. They were of a time. I had stored them all in shoe boxes and they still look great. Many have a golden tone to them which is perfect for the title of the album.“

Stevie Nicks’ Polaroid self-portraits were first unveiled on the Morrison Hotel gallery website on September 18, 2014 . Most of them can be seen on Stevie’s official site.