HUEN002 - Mollified - 1982Brat

Our second relase is actually titled after a relatively unremarkable pickup truck from Subaru. Couldn’t believe it when Mollified submitted it like that. Here’s a short interview with Cassidy H Kane on the subject.

CassidyHKane: So was it like your first car or something? An old jalopy pickup truck your father gave you for your 18th birthday?

Mollified: Dude no, I never even seen one live, in the flesh, or rather in the chassis right, you have to remember I grew up in Milan, not Dayton Ohio, no offense, but I don’t think this kind of car was ever really around in Italy.

CHK: This is weird then, because let me tell you, as a fantasy supercar it’s not like, I mean it’s not like Kavinsky and the Testarossa right? That’s kind of aspirational, Jordan Belfort and the white Ferrari from Miami Vice, that’s the kind of reference that evokes a whole vibe. The Subaru Brat, eh, not so much.

Mollified: Oh but I had the model from Tamiya. Really shitty RC model.

CHK: Still kind of begs the question why though? Couldn’t you have picked up some cooler model, like a dune buggy type of offroad deal with flames decals?

Mollified: Listen, it went down like this. I was like 8, 9 years old, I wanted a popular Nikko RC model car but it was too expensive, or sold out everywhere I think, so my father took me to this really well regarded model toy shop downtown. And it was heaven, they had tamiya models of every conceivable vehicle in existance, and I think then and there I thought, screw RC cars, let me have that model TANK, or that model US NAVY BATTLESHIP. But my dad, always the voice of reason, told me no, I’m not gonna buy you a model with 7000 tiny plastic parts that eventually I’ll have to glue up for you once you start crying, life is too short for that shit. Take one of those cars and let’s go back home.So, enraged, I picked the shittiest one I could find, thinking hey, that’ll show him, but you know, that only showed me since i got stuck with that thing for years while all the other kids laughed at me.

CHK: Great story, you were a little douchey kid. still not sure how any of this has even anything about to do with the music, your music?

Mollified: Look that wasn’t a great car right? So I think, something had to be great about it right? And I bet it was the tape player. It was a japanese car, I’m sure it had an amazing chunky tape player with solid switches that would cla-clunk when pressing rewind or eject. It has to. Don’t ruin my fantasy.

CHK: I think i’ve actually been on a BRAT once, you know, in rural Ohio where *I* grew up, I think I won’t spoil it for you, sometimes it’s better to face reality sooner rather than later, sometimes it’s not.

Mollified: Thanks man.