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Graffiti artist Lady Pink photographed by Lisa Kahane wearing a Jenny Holzer T-shirt,1983.

“The ‘Truisms’ (1977- 79) were perhaps an overly ambitious attempt to make an outline of everything that I wanted to do. I’m not sure I knew that at the time I wrote them, but that’s what I’ve come to recognize. I wanted to have almost every subject represented, almost every possible point of view, and then I had to sort out what those sentences should appear on.” - Jenny Holzer



No Sleep till Brooklyn
Beastie Boys
No Sleep till Brooklyn

Artist: Beastie Boys
Track: No Sleep till Brooklyn
Album: Licensed to Ill
Label: Def Jam
Year: 1986

I never really took to rap or hip hop.  They entered the cultural gestalt just a bit too late to hit my sweet spot.  For the record, your personal sweet spot is everything you liked from the ages of 13 through 18.  This is your base musical taste, the foundation upon which all the subsequent musical taste is built.

Regardless, though, who couldn’t like No Sleep till Brooklyn?

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Tupac Shakur wrote a comment to his friend, Jada Pinkett, in the 1989 Baltimore School for the Arts yearbook. After their Junior year, Tupac reluctantly moved to California with his family in the summer of 1988.