1980s era

It’s November 3rd 1981. 

Sirius Black’s birthday. 

He’s celebrating by drinking firewhisky with Remus, James, Lily, baby Harry and Peter in the Potter’s cottage in Godric’s Hollow. 

They’re all laughing and everyone’s so happy. 

Sirius is cuddling on the couch with Remus and they’re listening to the muggle records that Remus bought him today to add to Sirius’s extensive record collection. 

Peter is sitting on the rug building blocks the muggle way with Harry who is happily giggling, fascinated by the multicolored blocks that Peter builds higher and higher only for Harry to knock them over so the process starts all over again.  

James is telling another story about one of the many times that he and Sirius almost got arrested except this time it was a narrow escape from the muggle police and Lily is trying not to laugh while pretending like she hasn’t heard this story a million times before. 

Sirius is wearing the brand new black leather jacket that James and Lily gave him this afternoon. On his wrist is the watch that the late Mr. and Mrs. Potter gave him for his 17th birthday that he wears everyday. 

On the same wrist he also wears a tattered brown leather bracelet that Regulus gave him for his fourteenth birthday. He’s worn it every day since he discovered that Regulus was missing. 

Sirius feels Remus’s fingers thread through his hair as if he can feel the worrying thoughts for his brother circling around in his head, Remus always did know him too well. 

He’s 22 now and as James has told him several times today, maybe it’s time that he starts to grow up. 

Maybe it’s time that Sirius pulls out the ring box that he’s been hiding behind his hair products in his dresser for the past four months and plucks up the courage to ask Moony to marry him. 

Sirius turns his head and looks up at Remus whose eyes are closed, his back slumped against the couch cushions and if it weren’t for the gentle long fingers running through his hair, Sirius would have easily guessed that Moony had fallen into a peaceful sleep. 

So maybe Sirius won’t propose tonight then, he might wait a while, a few weeks or a month perhaps. 

Christmas might be a good time to do it. 

So Sirius settles into the crook of Remus’s neck and listens intently to the story that James is telling of their wild adventure. 

And even though the war is still raging on, even though his brother is still lost somewhere, Sirius lets himself be happy for just this one night, surrounded by all of the people he loves the most.