1980s action movies

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So... you're like the only person I see on my dash talking about SvTFoE and that last episode made me feel some feels...I hope you don't mind if I ramble to you...Marco was traveling for 16 years?!?! Like... I feel like that's really gonna affect their character??? I hope marco knows some stuff about magical creatures now? And swordfighting!! There are so many questions...

The general conscious seems to be that the crew just wanted to have an episode where Marco was an 1980’s action movie hero and that the “16 years” bit shouldn’t be taken too seriously.


Following a successful Kickstarter campaign, Swedish filmmaker David Sandberg has made King Fury available for free viewing. The half-hour film is an over-the-top tribute to ‘80s action flicks - and it’s glorious.

Kung Fury is an over-the-top '80s action comedy that was crowd funded through Kickstarter. It features Kung Fury, a Kung Fu renegade cop who travels back in time to kill his Nemesis, Hitler. The film features nazis, dinosaurs, vikings and a lot of cheesy one-liners.