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  • Iida: Rules were made to be followed! Nothing is made to be broken.
  • Midoriya: Uh, piñatas?
  • Jirou: Glow sticks.
  • Ojiro: Karate boards.
  • Uraraka: Spaghetti, when you have a small pot.
  • Bakugou: And rules!
Dark Fate Ruki Ecstasy 05 Translation

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-Scene: Lakeside Forest-

*Yui and Ruki Walking*

Yui: … …*pant*… …*pant*… …

(We’ve walked so much… …and this part of the forest isn’t good for walking, it seems easier to run out of breath… …)

(But, it’s me who’s decided to be with Ruki-kun.  I have to keep up with him… …!)

Ruki: Are you alright?

Yui: Y-Yes! I’m perfectly fine!

Ruki: Let’s slow down a bit. We’ve been going quite fast.

Yui: I-It’s okay! Why don’t we just stay at this pace?

Ruki: If you overdo it too much, you might get hurt.

You have to learn to depend on me more.

Yui: … …Thank you, Ruki-kun.

(I can match his pace now. He’s so kind… …)

(… …Alright! I’ll do my best like he is!)

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  • Aizawa: You wash up on a deserted island alone. Sitting on the sand is a box. What is in that box?
  • Uraraka: Machete.
  • Iida: A sat phone so I can call someone to get me off that island.
  • Kaminari: How big is the box?
  • Aizawa: Just say the first answer that comes into your mind. What's in that box?
  • Kaminari: Jirou.
  • Jirou: That's a hard one. Let me think. The TARDIS.